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09.16.2016 #askjason3 - Keeping an eye on the ocean surface Deutsche Welle Basic Full Text
10.10.2013 'Stadium Waves' Could Explain Lull in Global Warming ScienceDaily Basic Full Text
02.15.2017 'The blob' of abnormal conditions boosted Western U.S. ozone levels University of Washington Basic Full Text
07.08.2016 'Thousand-year' downpour led to deadly West Virginia floods NOAA Basic Full Text
05.10.2016 'Window Into The Future': Scientists Document Disappearing Islands National Public Radio Basic Full Text
10.20.2014 1934 Dust Bowl was Worst Drought to take place in North America in Last 10 Centuries Maine News Basic Full Text
05.25.2017 2017 hurricane forecast calls for above-normal season in Atlantic CBS News Basic Full Text
08.10.2017 25 years of global sea level data, and counting NASA Climate Change News Basic Full Text
11.04.2016 4 ways the ozone hole is linked to climate, and 1 way it isn't NOAA Basic Full Text
10.01.2015 A comparative study on the dominant factors responsible for the weaker-than-expected El Niño event in 2014 Advances in Atmospheric Sciences Expert Summary
06.05.2008 A cyclone in the desert The National Basic Full Text
01.01.2015 A large ozone-circulation feedback and its implications for global warming assessments Nature Climate Change Expert Summary
06.25.2014 A new view: NASA/NOAA water vapor animations over oceans ScienceDaily Basic Full Text
09.02.2016 A Strange Thing Happened in the Stratosphere NASA Basic Full Text
05.25.2017 Above-normal Atlantic hurricane season is most likely this year NOAA News Basic Full Text
08.19.2016 Aeolus space laser catches a following wind BBC News Basic Full Text
08.20.2015 Aerosol time-series measurements over the tropical Northeast Atlantic Ocean: Dust sources, elemental composition and mineralogy Marine Chemistry Expert Summary
08.22.2012 Agulhas Current Is Said to Attenuate the Effect of Melting Ice ScienceDaily Basic Full Text
12.08.2016 Air Pollution Leads To Crackdown On Cars In Paris National Public Radio Basic Full Text
04.30.2007 Air-Sea Surface Science University of Miami 2 Basic Full Text
07.01.2016 Analysis of meteorological variables in the Australasian region using ground- and space-based GPS techniques Atmospheric Research Expert Summary
03.07.2015 Another Life: Behind the jet stream's weird and wavy weather Irish Times Basic Full Text
11.23.2016 Antarctic glacier may melt on its own, raise sea level 10 feet Portland Press Herald Basic Full Text
10.13.2016 Antici...pation: October 2016 ENSO forecast NOAA Basic Full Text
06.29.2013 Arctic amplification NASA Climate Change News Basic Full Text
12.05.2017 Arctic sea ice loss could dry out California Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Basic Full Text
03.20.2015 Arctic sea ice winter maximum may be smallest on record NOAA Basic Full Text
10.16.2012 Arctic summer wind shift could affect sea ice loss and U.S./European weather NOAA News Basic Summary
07.04.2015 As Parts of Three Continents Bake, Greenland Sees Sudden Spike in Surface Melting Discover Basic Full Text
03.25.2010 Asian Monsoons Spread Pollutants LiveScience Basic Full Text
06.01.2015 Assimilation of ocean wave spectra and atmospheric circulation patterns to improve wave modelling Coastal Engineering Expert Summary
06.29.2015 Atmospheric mysteries unraveling Drexel University Basic Full Text
08.13.2015 August 2015 El Niño update: Supercalifragilisticexpealidocious NOAA Basic Full Text
03.28.2014 Big Changes in the Deep North Atlantic May Erode Defense Against Global Warming Rutgers University Basic Summary
03.26.2015 Bigger thunderstorms are bringing more rain to the tropics NASA Climate Change News Basic Full Text
10.28.2016 Can reducing the incoming energy flux over the Southern Ocean in a CGCM improve its simulation of tropical climate? Geophysical Research Letters Expert Summary
09.11.2015 Carbon Sink Reborn: Oceanic CO2 Uptake Is Back Science 2.0 Basic Full Text
01.01.2012 Caribbean hurricanes: changes of intensity and track prediction Theoretical and Applied Climatology Expert Summary
07.24.2013 Catching aerosols in a CATS eye NASA Basic Full Text
02.05.2014 CATS Earth remote sensing instrument to debut on space station Basic Full Text
09.29.2014 Cause of California drought linked to climate change National Science Foundation Basic Full Text
06.28.2015 Changes in ocean vertical heat transport with global warming Geophysical Research Letters Expert Summary
05.12.2009 Changes In The Sun Are Not Causing Global Warming, New Study Shows ScienceDaily Basic Full Text
06.10.2014 Changes in wind shear accompany shift in latitude where hurricanes reach maximum intensity NOAA Basic Full Text
01.27.2013 Cities change temperatures for thousands of miles University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR) Basic Full Text
10.28.2012 Cities order mass evacuations as Sandy nears CBS News Basic Full Text
07.16.2015 Climate change intensification of horizontal water vapor transport in CMIP5 Geophysical Research Letters Expert Summary
09.28.2016 Climate change jigsaw puzzle: Antarctic pieces missing University of Sheffield (Grantham Centre for Sustainable Futures) Basic Full Text
03.01.2011 Climate Change Makes Major Snowstorms More Likely Union of Concerned Scientists Basic Full Text
12.17.2011 Climate Change May Bring Big Changes Astrobiology Magazine Basic Full Text
02.10.2016 Climate change will delay transatlantic flights University of Reading Basic Full Text
05.01.2014 Climate variability during warm and cold phases of the Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation (AMO) 1871-2008 Journal of Marine Systems Expert Summary
03.16.2014 Climatologists Offer Explanation for Widening of Tropical Belt University of California, Riverside Basic Full Text
10.28.2016 Clouds in Climate Models of a Simulated Water-Covered Earth EOS (American Geophysical Union) Basic Full Text
04.04.2012 CO2 'drove end to last ice age' BBC News Basic Full Text
09.22.2015 Cold patch in northern Atlantic Ocean intrigues scientists Roanoke times Basic Full Text
12.01.2015 Comparing the Impacts of Tropical SST Variability and Polar Stratospheric Ozone Loss on the Southern Ocean Westerly Winds Journal of Climate Expert Summary
10.05.2013 Cool Idea ScienceNews Basic Full Text
12.19.2014 Coral reveals long-term link between Pacific winds, global climate University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR) Basic Full Text
03.13.2017 Could leftover heat from last El Niño fuel a new one? NASA Climate Change News Basic Full Text
01.01.2016 Decadal Changes in Multiscale Water Vapor Transport and Atmospheric River Associated with the Pacific Decadal Oscillation and the North Pacific Gyre Oscillation Journal of Hydrometeorology Expert Full Text
09.26.2017 Deep waters spiral upward around Antarctica MIT News Basic Full Text
05.30.2016 Deep, old water explains why Antarctic Ocean hasn't warmed University of Washington Basic Full Text
09.18.2017 Devilish source of dust in atmosphere of Earth and Mars Europlanet Outreach Basic Full Text
01.01.2015 Diagnostics for Near-Surface Wind Response to the Gulf Stream in a Regional Atmospheric Model Journal of Climate Expert Summary
05.10.2017 Different places warm at different paces University of Bergen Basic Full Text
12.15.2008 Does global warming lead to a change in upper atmospheric transport? EurekaAlert Basic Full Text
02.12.2018 Does this huge warm water blob herald an end to La Niña? Discover Magazine Basic Full Text
02.23.2018 Don't Blame Hurricanes for Most Big Storm Surges in Northeast Rutgers University Basic Full Text
06.30.2015 Drivers of North Atlantic Polar Front jet stream variability International Journal of Climatology Expert Summary
09.24.2012 Dropsondes--Work Horses in Hurricane Forecasting National Science Foundation Basic Full Text
08.09.2017 Early-season storms one indicator of active Atlantic hurricane season ahead NOAA News Basic Full Text
06.15.2016 El Niño is dead but La Niña is coming: Are we ready? CNN Basic Full Text
03.18.2014 El Niño or La Nada? University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR) Basic Full Text
02.02.2016 El Niño warmth continued during January 2016 NOAA Basic Full Text
08.05.2015 El Nino conditions are growing stronger NASA Climate Change News Basic Full Text
12.04.2014 El Nino's 'remote control' on hurricanes in the Northeastern Pacific ScienceDaily Basic Full Text
06.07.2007 El Nino, La Nina Cycle Needs Watching Planet Ark 1 Basic Full Text
10.18.2012 Elusive El Niño challenges NOAA's 2012 U.S. Winter Outlook NOAA News Basic Full Text
03.06.2014 Emerging El Nino raises hopes for another slow hurricane season Tampa Bay Times Basic Full Text
01.01.2018 ENSO and the recent warming of the Indian Ocean International Journal of Climatology Expert Summary
08.24.2013 Every six years, Earth spins slightly faster and then slower ScienceNews Basic Full Text
05.01.2017 Evidence of global warming impact on the evolution of the Hadley Circulation in ECMWF centennial reanalyses Climate Dynamics Expert Summary
01.15.2017 Exceptionally extreme drought in Madeira Archipelago in 2012: Vegetation impacts and driving conditions Agricultural and Forest Meteorology Expert Summary
05.05.2016 Expanding tropics are pushing high altitude clouds towards poles NASA Climate Change News Basic Full Text
03.27.2017 Experts Say Climate Change May Be Making African Drought Worse Voice of America Basic Full Text
01.01.2016 Extreme Research Shows How Arctic Ice Is Dwindling National Geographic Basic Full Text
06.11.2014 Extreme weather to occur more often around Indian Ocean rim Science/AAAS News Basic Full Text
02.08.2018 February 2018 La Niña update: tuned in NOAA Basic Full Text
01.13.2016 Fires Burning in Africa and Asia Cause High Ozone in Tropical Pacific University of Maryland Basic Full Text
03.02.2015 First global rainfall and snowfall map from new Earth mission released NASA Climate Change News Basic Full Text
09.29.2016 Flights probe jet stream role in floods BBC News Basic Full Text
07.07.2016 Flights to track greenhouse gases across eastern U.S. NASA Climate Change News Basic Full Text
08.15.2017 Florida's Sea Level Rose 6x Faster Than Average And It's Not Due To Climate Change Forbes Basic Full Text
11.13.2014 Four decades of sea ice from space: The future Global Climate Change - NASA Basic Full Text
12.30.2015 Freak storm pushes North Pole 50 degrees above normal to melting point Washington Post Basic Full Text
03.01.2015 From Salty to Fresh-Salinity Processes in the Upper-ocean Regional Study-2 (SPURS-2): Diagnosing the Physics of a Rainfall-Dominated Salinity Minimum Oceanography Expert Summary
03.26.2012 Game Changer Research Aims to Forecast Tornadoes National Science Foundation Basic Full Text
06.22.2015 Gasping for air: nutrients, warming trigger ocean oxygen deficit Smithsonian Science News Basic Full Text
12.01.2015 Generation of waves by jet-stream instabilities in winter polar stratosphere/mesosphere Journal of Atmospheric and Solar-Terrestrial Physics Expert Summary
01.11.2018 GeoCarb: A new view of carbon over the Americas NASA Climate Change News Basic Full Text
10.09.2017 Geophysical potential for wind energy over the open oceans Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America Expert Summary
01.13.2017 Giant Middle East dust storm caused by a changing climate, not human conflict Princeton University Basic Full Text
01.24.2008 Giant Storm Eruption at Jupiter Unearths a Buried Past NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory 1 Basic Summary
08.19.2013 Global sea level rise temporarily dampened by 2010-11 Australia floods National Science Foundation Basic Full Text
12.05.2011 Global Winds Could Explain Record Rains, Tornadoes ScienceDaily Basic Full Text
06.23.2015 Gorgeous Night-Shining Clouds Glow in New Earth Images LiveScience Basic Full Text
02.08.2016 Gravitational Waves vs. Gravity Waves: Know the Difference! Discovery News Basic Full Text
03.03.2016 Greenland's Ice Is Getting Darker, Increasing Risk of Melting Earth Institute (Columbia University) Basic Full Text
03.28.2017 Grim warning as Debbie bears down: 'This is a monster cyclone' (Australia) Basic Full Text
02.01.2013 Hadley Circulation Response to Orbital Precession. Part I: Aquaplanets Journal of Climate Expert Summary
05.18.2015 Heat is Piling Up in the Depths of the Indian Ocean Climate Central Basic Full Text
12.11.2017 How a Wayward Arctic Current Could Cool the Climate in Europe Yale Environment 360 Basic Full Text
06.09.2015 How Atmospheric Rivers Form American Institute of Physics (AIP) Newsroom on Newswise Basic Full Text
09.29.2017 How does the jet stream work, and how is it changing as fall sets in? Washington Post Basic Full Text
07.23.2016 How Fast Is Earth Moving? News Basic Full Text
08.24.2017 How have changing ENSO forecasts impacted Atlantic seasonal hurricane forecasts for 2017? NOAA Basic Full Text
06.19.2016 How meltwater from the ice sheets disturbed the climate 10,000 years ago Ruhr-Universität Bochum Basic Full Text
07.27.2012 How ocean currents affect global climate is a question oceanographer may be close to answering Florida State University Basic Full Text
07.31.2013 Huge African dust storm squashes Atlantic hurricane potential Washington Post Basic Full Text
01.16.2018 Human Emissions Made Ocean Heat Wave 53 Times More Likely National Geographic Basic Full Text
08.29.2017 Human influence may prolong ocean cycle that gave birth to Harvey Science / AAAS Basic Full Text
08.04.2016 Hurricane Earl makes landfall in Belize CNN Basic Full Text
09.02.2016 Hurricane Hermine hits Florida, weakens into tropical storm CNN Basic Full Text
08.30.2015 Hurricane Ignacio about 400 miles east of Hilo Star Advertiser (Honolulu) Basic Full Text
06.03.2015 Hurricane Knowledge WKRG (Mobile, Alabama) Basic Full Text
10.06.2016 Hurricane Matthew Death Toll Climbs to 108 in Haiti NBC News Basic Full Text
10.28.2012 Hurricane Sandy (Atlantic Ocean) NASA Basic Summary
05.30.2017 Hurricane sweeps across central Russia wreaking havoc on 180 roofs and 2,000 cars TASS Basic Full Text
09.08.2017 Hurricanes Are Sweeping The Atlantic. What's The Role Of Climate Change? MPBN (Maine Public Broadcasting Network) Basic Full Text
08.29.2017 Identification of atmospheric transport and dispersion of Asian dust storms Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences Expert Full Text
01.01.2015 Identification of dust storm source areas in West Asia using multiple environmental datasets Science of The Total Environment Expert Summary
11.07.2013 If a tree falls in Brazil...? Amazon deforestation could mean droughts for western U.S. Princeton University Basic Full Text
02.12.2018 Impact of Gulf Stream SST biases on the global atmospheric circulation Climate Dynamics Expert Full Text
07.01.2012 Impacts of multi-scale solar activity on climate. Part I: Atmospheric circulation patterns and climate extremes Advances in Atmospheric Sciences Expert Summary
01.23.2014 Impacts of the north and tropical Atlantic Ocean on the Antarctic Peninsula and sea ice Nature Expert Summary
01.01.2016 Impacts of Wind Stress Changes on the Global Heat Transport, Baroclinic Instability, and the Thermohaline Circulation Advances in Meteorology Expert Summary
05.01.2013 Important factors for long-term change in ENSO transitivity International Journal of Climatology Expert Summary
08.06.2015 In Africa, More Smoke Leads to Less Rain, NASA Shows NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory Basic Full Text
01.24.2014 Increased Dust Deposition in the Pacific Southern Ocean During Glacial Periods Science / AAAS Expert Summary
08.06.2015 Increased likelihood of below-normal Atlantic hurricane season NOAA News Basic Full Text
03.13.2008 Influence of the Gulf Stream on the troposphere Nature Expert Summary
02.22.2017 Inside the destructive forces at work in atmospheric river storms CBS News Basic Full Text
02.18.2015 Intensification and spatial homogenization of coastal upwelling under climate change Nature Expert Summary
01.01.2015 Interannual variability of sea fog frequency in the Northwestern Pacific in July Atmospheric Research Expert Summary
04.01.2017 Interannual variability of the frontal activity in the Southern Hemisphere: relationship with atmospheric circulation and precipitation over southern South America Climate Dynamics Expert Summary
05.16.2016 Iron Fertilization Won't Work in Equatorial Pacific, Study Suggests Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory (Columbia University) Basic Full Text
02.24.2016 Is El Niño AWOL? NOAA Basic Full Text
01.12.2012 Jet Lag: What's Causing One of the Driest, Warmest Winters in History? Scientific American Basic Full Text
01.20.2017 Jet Stream Bringing In Pacific Air Causes January Thaw WXPR (Rhinelander, WI.) Basic Full Text
01.31.2013 Johns Hopkins scientist says ozone thinning has changed ocean circulation John Hopkins University Basic Full Text
02.15.2018 Key to predicting climate change could be blowing in the wind, researchers find Clemson University Basic Full Text
01.26.2015 La Nina Events May Spike with Climate Change LiveScience Basic Full Text
01.01.2010 Large-scale atmospheric circulation changes are associated with the recent loss of Arctic sea ice Tellus A Expert Summary
11.08.2010 Life in San Francisco Bay influenced by factors far out at sea U.S. Geological Survey Basic Full Text
03.27.2017 Local cooling value of forests affirms need for greater forest conservation and protection AlphaGalileo Basic Full Text
09.05.2017 Longer, stronger summers in the Gulf of Maine University of Maine Basic Full Text
09.17.2017 Maria expected to be a hurricane Sunday Miami Herald Basic Full Text
08.27.2013 Mercury levels in Pacific fish likely to rise in coming decades EurekaAlert! Basic Full Text
11.15.2015 Meridional position biases of East Asian subtropical jet stream in CMIP5 models and their relationship with ocean model resolutions International Journal of Climatology Expert Summary
01.21.2011 Meteorologists Identify Cause of Cold and Warm Periods During Winter ScienceDaily Basic Full Text
07.20.2014 Mixing it up: Study provides new insight into Southern Ocean behaviour e! Science News Basic Full Text
04.01.2013 Modeling of deep magnetovariation soundings on the rotating earth Acta Geophysica Expert Summary
07.20.2017 Monsoon causes deadly flash flood in Arizona NOAA Basic Full Text
02.01.2018 Multi-scale linkages of winter drought variability to ENSO and the Arctic Oscillation: A case study in Shaanxi, North China Atmospheric Research Expert Summary
02.15.2018 Mystery of phytoplankton survival in nutrient-poor pacific ScienceDaily Basic Full Text
06.28.2012 NASA Cancels Climate Study Project In Thailand National Public Radio Basic Full Text
09.15.2010 NASA Data Track Seasonal Pollution Changes Over India NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory Basic Full Text
10.31.2017 NASA estimates global reach of atmospheric rivers NASA Climate Change News Basic Full Text
12.30.2014 NASA finds good news about forests and carbon dioxide NASA News Basic Full Text
07.09.2015 NASA finds oceans slowed global temperature rise NASA Basic Full Text
01.04.2012 NASA Finds Russian Runoff Freshening Canadian Arctic NASA Basic Full Text
01.10.2008 NASA Observes La Niña: This 'Little Girl' Makes a Big Impression NASA Press Release 2 Basic Summary
04.28.2014 NASA puzzles out ozone's ups and downs NASA Basic Full Text
01.12.2011 NASA Research Finds 2010 Tied For Warmest Year On Record NASA News Basic Full Text
03.17.2008 Nasa Satellite Measures Pollution From East Asia To North America NASA Earth Observatory Basic Full Text
07.25.2017 NASA solves a drizzle riddle NASA Climate Change News Basic Full Text
10.01.2012 NASA's Global Hawk mission begins with flight to Hurricane Leslie NASA Basic Full Text
11.28.2016 NASA's ISS-RapidScat Earth science mission ends NASA Climate Change News Basic Full Text
07.17.2014 NASA's RapidScat to Unveil Hidden Cycles of Sea Winds (July, 2014) NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory Basic Full Text
11.16.2017 New Research Could Predict La Niña Drought Years in Advance University of Texas at Austin Basic Full Text
02.20.2018 New research offers potential to predict atmospheric river activity up to 5 weeks ahead NOAA Climate Program Office Basic Full Text
02.11.2013 New Simulations Question the Gulf Stream's Role in Tempering Europe's Winters Scientific American Basic Full Text
10.23.2015 New study explains Monsoon oscillations generated by El Niño University of Hawaii at Manoa Basic Full Text
03.12.2014 New Study Shows that Oceanic Lee-Waves Make an Impact on Large-Scale Circulation and Climate -- Indicating the Importance of Including this Process in Climate Models Princeton University Basic Full Text
07.17.2017 New study shows the Amazon makes its own rainy season NASA Climate Change News Basic Full Text
08.22.2014 New theory may help explain global warming pause CBS News Basic Full Text
06.22.2014 New Understanding of Key Ocean Passageway Could Aid Climate Change Forecasts Scripps Institution of Oceanography Basic Full Text
08.28.2009 Nitrous Oxide Now Top Ozone-depleting Emission ScienceDaily Basic Full Text
10.24.2016 No, 'Honeycomb' Clouds Don't Explain Bermuda Triangle Mystery LiveScience Basic Full Text
05.22.2014 NOAA predicts near-normal or below-normal 2014 Atlantic hurricane season NOAA News Basic Full Text
08.08.2013 NOAA: Atlantic hurricane season on track to be above-normal NOAA News Basic Full Text
08.08.2013 North Atlantic Oscillation 'amplifies' uplands rainfall BBC News Basic Full Text
10.01.2016 Number-size distribution of aerosol particles and new particle formation events in tropical and subtropical Pacific Oceans Atmospheric Environment Expert Full Text
07.30.2014 Nutrient transport via the Indonesian Throughflow Australian Research Council's (ARC) Centre of Excellence for Climate System Science Basic Full Text
05.11.2014 Ocean winds keep Antarctica cold, Australia dry EurekaAlert! Basic Full Text
08.07.2014 Ocean's most oxygen-deprived zones to shrink under climate change University of Washington Basic Full Text
06.01.2016 Oceanography: Leading the hiatus research surge Nature Climate Change Expert Full Text
06.13.2013 Odd Martian Thermal Rhythm Environmental News Network Basic Full Text
07.01.2016 On the ability of statistical wind-wave models to capture the variability and long-term trends of the North Atlantic winter wave climate Ocean Modelling Expert Summary
01.01.2016 On the warm inflow at the eastern boundary of the Weddell Gyre Deep Sea Research Part I: Oceanographic Research Papers Expert Summary
12.10.2015 Ozone and Climate: With the HALO Research Aircraft to the North Pole Karlsruhe Institute of Technology Basic Full Text
01.31.2013 Ozone depletion trumps greenhouse gas increase in jet-stream shift Penn State News Basic Full Text
04.21.2011 Ozone Hole Linked to Climate Change All the Way to the Equator ScienceDaily Basic Full Text
02.06.2018 Ozone Layer May Be Thinning Over Earth's Heavily Populated Areas Wall Street Journal Basic Full Text
08.05.2013 Ozone-Protection Treaty Had Climate Benefits, Too, Study Says Earth Institute (Columbia University) Basic Full Text
07.08.2015 Particles from dust cloud over Houston pose hazards to your health abc13 News -- KTRK Houston and Southeast Texas News Basic Full Text
03.27.2017 Planetary Waves, First Found on Earth, Are Discovered on Earth University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR) Basic Full Text
01.10.2018 Poleward propagation of near-inertial waves induced by fluctuating winds over a baroclinically unstable zonal jet Journal of Fluid Mechanics Expert Summary
05.10.2012 Potential aerosol indirect effects on atmospheric circulation and radiative forcing through deep convection GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH LETTERS Expert Summary
10.12.2015 Powerful winds ablate Antarctica's snow surface in a previously unrecognized way National Snow and Ice Data Center Basic Full Text
01.01.2018 Precursor role of winter sea-ice in the Labrador Sea for following-spring precipitation over southeastern North America and western Europe Advances in Atmospheric Sciences Expert Summary
04.27.2016 Punishing Heat Wave Sets Records Across Asia Voice of America Basic Full Text
06.20.2016 Q&A: What do Arctic ice and Atlantic hurricanes have in common? NOAA News Basic Full Text
01.28.2015 Raging snow, howling wind: The meteorological evolution of the Blizzard of 2015 Washington Post Basic Full Text
02.01.2013 Recent Changes in the Ventilation of the Southern Oceans Science / AAAS Expert Summary
02.14.2014 Recent intensification of wind-driven circulation in the Pacific and the ongoing warming hiatus Nature Climate Change Expert Summary
07.17.2014 Regional rainfall decline in Australia attributed to anthropogenic greenhouse gases and ozone levels Nature Geoscience Expert Summary
06.22.2014 Regional weather extremes linked to atmospheric variations EurekaAlert! Basic Full Text
07.14.2016 Relationship between regional fire activity in Scandinavia and North Atlantic ocean circulation Scandinavian Journal of Forest Research Basic Full Text
01.15.2015 Relationship between the Indian summer monsoon and the large-scale circulation variability over the Mediterranean Atmospheric Research Expert Summary
07.28.2016 Researchers Pinpoint Abrupt Onset of Modern Day Indian Ocean Monsoon System University of Miami Basic Full Text
08.01.2015 Responses of surface heat flux, sea ice and ocean dynamics in the Chukchi-Beaufort sea to storm passages during winter 2006/2007: A numerical study Deep Sea Research Part I: Oceanographic Research Papers Expert Summary
09.16.2010 Return of La Niña Nature News Basic Full Text
05.11.2015 River of desert dust feeds Amazon forests NASA Climate Change News Basic Full Text
08.01.2016 Role of Indian Ocean SST variability on the recent global warming hiatus Global and Planetary Change Expert Summary
08.02.2017 Sahara dust nears Slovakia The Slovak Spectator Basic Full Text
01.15.2015 Satellite and Argo Observed Surface Salinity Variations in the Tropical Indian Ocean and Their Association with the Indian Ocean Dipole Mode Journal of Climate Expert Summary
07.08.2015 Satellites track Earth's water movements to help complete climate picture NASA Basic Full Text
02.08.2017 Science on Ice: Bigelow Team Studies Antarctic Phytoplankton Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences Basic Full Text
09.06.2017 Scientists brave Hurricane Harvey's fierce winds and pelting rain -- Irma is next National Science Foundation Basic Full Text
12.28.2017 Scientists find that a saltier sea is a warning of floods to come Yale Climate Connections Basic Full Text
06.02.2010 Scientists increase hurricane season prediction The Tampa Tribune Basic Full Text
04.06.2017 Scientists link California droughts and floods to distinctive atmospheric waves NOAA Climate Program Office Basic Full Text
09.22.2011 Scientists probe Indian Ocean for clues to worldwide weather patterns University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR) Basic Full Text
05.09.2016 Scientists scrutinize Arctic gas flaring pollution NASA Climate Change News Basic Full Text
01.07.2014 Scientists to study Pacific Ocean's "global chimney" National Science Foundation Basic Full Text
04.18.2007 Scientists Track Impact of Asian Dust and Pollution on Clouds, Climate Change National Science Foundation Basic Full Text
12.31.2017 Sea level anomaly in the North Atlantic and seas around Europe: Long-term variability and response to North Atlantic teleconnection patterns Science of the Total Environment Expert Summary
07.16.2010 Sea-level increases may be worse for some areas than others Los Angeles Times Basic Full Text
01.01.2016 Seasonal flows of international British Columbia-Alaska rivers: The nonlinear influence of ocean-atmosphere circulation patterns Advances in Water Resources Expert Summary
12.17.2015 Second Saharan dust cloud to hit England and Wales this weekend The Guardian Basic Full Text
06.16.2016 See NASA's Spectacular Image of a Dust Storm Blanketing the Red Sea Time Basic Full Text
09.08.2016 September 2016 ENSO update: Cooling our heels NOAA Basic Full Text
01.09.2017 Short-lived greenhouse gases cause centuries of sea-level rise Massachusetts Institute of Technology Basic Full Text
08.01.2013 Simulated impacts of the South Atlantic Ocean Dipole on summer precipitation at the Guinea Coast Climate Dynamics Expert Summary
07.01.2014 Simulating the Role of Subtropical Stratocumulus Clouds in Driving Pacific Climate Variability Journal of Climate Expert Summary
04.25.2014 Slow slosh of warm water across Pacific hints El Niño is brewing NOAA Basic Full Text
11.15.2017 Smog descends on India and Pakistan in mid-November 2017 NOAA Basic Full Text
01.22.2013 Solar variability and terrestrial climate NASA Climate Change News Basic Full Text
07.18.2017 South Africa: Why Deeper Insights Into the Agulhas Current Can Shed Light On Climate Patterns Basic Full Text
08.26.2013 Space, on a shoestring NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory Basic Full Text
01.15.2016 Spatial and temporal distributions of aerosol concentrations and depositions in Asia during the year 2010 Science of the Total Environment Expert Summary
09.24.2012 Stratospheric Winds Environmental News Network Basic Full Text
11.11.2013 Study finds climate link to atmospheric-river storms NASA Climate Change News Basic Full Text
09.28.2016 Study of North Atlantic Ocean reveals decline of leaded petrol emissions Imperial College London Basic Full Text
05.06.2016 Study Offers Clues to Better Rainfall Predictions Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute Basic Full Text
05.14.2014 Study: Dangerous storms peaking further north, south than in past MIT News Basic Full Text
02.08.2016 Study: Long-term global warming needs external drivers Global Climate Change - NASA Basic Full Text
03.01.2016 Studying Earth in the New Millennium: NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory's Contributions to Earth Science and Applications Space Agencies NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory Expert Summary
05.21.2015 Sudden onset of ice loss in Antarctica so large it affects Earth's gravity field ScienceDaily Basic Full Text
03.09.2014 Sun's energy influences 1,000 years of natural climate variability in North Atlantic ScienceDaily Basic Full Text
06.16.2015 Sustained growth of the Southern Ocean carbon storage in a warming climate Geophysical Research Letters Expert Summary
09.19.2017 Synchronous volcanic eruptions and abrupt climate change ∼17.7 ka plausibly linked by stratospheric ozone depletion Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America Expert Summary
08.01.2016 Ten interesting things about Earth NASA Climate Change News Basic Full Text
05.07.2015 The atmospheric surf zone NASA Climate Change News Basic Full Text
01.22.2016 The Benguela Upwelling System: Quantifying the Sensitivity to Resolution and Coastal Wind Representation in a Global Climate Model CLIVAR (Climate and Ocean: Variability, Predictability and Change) Basic Full Text
01.15.2017 The circulation pattern and day-night heat transport in the atmosphere of a synchronously rotating aquaplanet: Dependence on planetary rotation rate Icarus Expert Summary
12.01.2010 The Effect of Milankovitch Variations in Insolation on Equatorial Seasonality Journal of Climate Expert Summary
08.02.2016 The Gulf of Mexico's sea surface temperature could help predict the likelihood of summer storm activity, study says NOAA Basic Full Text
01.01.2017 The impact of Mount Etna sulfur emissions on the atmospheric composition and aerosol properties in the central Mediterranean: A statistical analysis over the period 2000-2013 based on observations and Lagrangian modelling Atmospheric Environment Expert Summary
12.16.2012 The impact of polar mesoscale storms on northeast Atlantic Ocean circulation Nature Geoscience Expert Summary
02.22.2018 The Madden Julian Oscillation has been active so far this winter. Here is why it matters. NOAA Basic Full Text
10.28.2016 The mid-October windstorm in the Pacific Northwest NOAA Basic Full Text
08.08.2012 The New Face of El Niño ScienceDaily Basic Full Text
10.01.2014 The potential impact of changes in lower stratospheric water vapour on stratospheric temperatures over the past 30 years Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society Expert Summary
09.14.2015 The regions most at-risk for Atlantic hurricanes in 3 maps Washington Post Basic Full Text
11.01.2013 The role of ENSO in global ocean temperature changes during 1955-2011 simulated with a 1D climate model Asia-Pacific Journal of Atmospheric Sciences Expert Summary
07.08.2016 The role of springtime Arctic clouds in determining autumn sea ice extent NOAA Climate Program Office Basic Full Text
10.01.2015 The storm king Science / AAAS Expert Summary
01.01.2015 The Tropical Precipitation Response to Andes Topography and Ocean Heat Fluxes in an Aquaplanet Model Journal of Climate Expert Summary
12.01.2017 Theories on formation of an anomalous anticyclone in western North Pacific during El Niño: A review Journal of Meteorological Research Expert Summary
02.13.2018 Tonga parliament building flattened by Cyclone Gita BBC News Basic Full Text
08.28.2012 Tracking shuttle exhaust reveals more information about atmospheric winds NASA Basic Full Text
12.19.2014 Trade Winds ventilate the Tropical Oceans GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel Basic Full Text
02.09.2017 Transient response of the Southern Ocean to changing ozone: Regional responses and physical mechanisms Journal of Climate Expert Summary
12.02.2014 Transition from geostrophic turbulence to inertia-gravity waves in the atmospheric energy spectrum Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America Expert Summary
06.28.2011 Tropical atmospheric circulation and precipitation changing EOS, TRANSACTIONS AMERICAN GEOPHYSICAL UNION Expert Summary
06.01.2017 Tropical circulation and precipitation response to ozone depletion and recovery Environmental Research Letters Expert Summary
02.27.2016 Tropical fires fuel elevated ozone levels over western Pacific Ocean NASA Climate Change News Basic Full Text
11.14.2012 Tropical Indo-Pacific climate shifts to a more El Niño-like state EurekaAlert! Basic Full Text
01.26.2014 Tropospheric ozone trends at Mauna Loa Observatory tied to decadal climate variability Nature Geoscience Expert Summary
01.02.2018 Trump thinks climate change isn't real because it's cold out. This map proves him wrong. Vox Basic Full Text
08.04.2017 Typhoon Noru approaches Amami, Kyushu NHK World (Japan) Basic Full Text
07.05.2012 U of S-led satellite research reveals smaller volcanoes could cool climate University of Saskatchewan Basic Full Text
04.10.2017 Understanding Earth's climate NASA Climate Change News Basic Full Text
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