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06.27.2018 Huge part of Arctic ocean is shifting to an Atlantic climate, study finds The Independent (U.K.) Basic Full Text
06.27.2018 Summer Dead Zones in Chesapeake bay Breaking up Earlier University of Maryland Basic Full Text
06.25.2018 'Electrogeochemistry' captures carbon, produces fuel, offsets ocean acidification University of California, Santa Cruz Basic Full Text
06.18.2018 NSF, NASA scientists explore ocean's 'twilight zone' to uncover links between carbon and plankton National Science Foundation Basic Full Text
06.06.2018 The scientific method and climate change: How scientists know NASA Climate Change News Basic Full Text
05.15.2018 Phytoplankton assemblages in coastal waters remain productive, despite variable environmental conditions ScienceDaily Basic Full Text
05.14.2018 Sea-level rise is threatening Everglades restoration Yale Environment 360 Basic Full Text
05.02.2018 GRACE-FO: Cracking a Cold Case NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory Basic Full Text
05.01.2018 Freshwater-Saltwater Mixing Effects on Dissolved Carbon and CO2 Outgassing of a Coastal River Entering the Northern Gulf of Mexico Estuaries and Coasts Expert Summary
04.25.2018 Many Low-Lying Atoll Islands Will Be Uninhabitable by Mid-21st Century U.S. Geological Survey Basic Full Text
04.18.2018 Stanford researchers find that swarms of tiny organisms mix nutrients in ocean waters Stanford University Basic Full Text
04.18.2018 Coral reefs put up "cloud umbrellas" to keep cool New Atlas Basic Full Text
04.18.2018 Study reveals new Antarctic process contributing to sea level rise and climate change ScienceDaily Basic Full Text
04.11.2018 New Ocean Current Discovered Off the Coast of Madagascar LiveScience Basic Full Text
04.11.2018 Ocean circulation is changing, and we need to know why Nature Expert Full Text
04.10.2018 Swarm Tracks Elusive Ocean Magnetism ESA (European Space Agency) News Basic Full Text
04.10.2018 Reversing Earth's Spin Moves Deserts, Reshapes Ocean Currents EOS: Earth & Space Science News Basic Full Text
03.29.2018 Study reveals potential stability of ocean processes despite climate change Basic Full Text
03.01.2018 Influence of Dam-Controlled River Discharge and Tides on Salinity Intrusion in the Godavari Estuary, East Coast of India Journal of Waterway, Port, Coastal, and Ocean Engineering Expert Summary
03.01.2018 Deep Convection in the Irminger Sea Observed with a Dense Mooring Array Oceanography Expert Summary
02.26.2018 New understanding of ocean turbulence could improve climate models Brown University Basic Full Text
02.19.2018 'First hint' of a puzzling change in Southern Ocean revealed by CSIRO Brisbane Times Basic Full Text
02.15.2018 Astronomically paced changes in deep-water circulation in the western North Atlantic during the middle Eocene Earth and Planetary Science Letters Expert Summary
02.12.2018 Sea Surface Salinity Retrieval Under Rain Based on Aquarius Combined Active/Passive Observations IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote Sensing Expert Summary
02.07.2018 Monsoon upwelling that gives Mumbai its fish also kills them Times of India Basic Full Text
02.06.2018 Sea ice algae bloom in the dark ScienceDaily Basic Full Text
01.29.2018 Climate scientists explore hidden ocean beneath Antarctica's largest ice shelf The Conversation Basic Full Text
01.27.2018 Tabasco's homeland fights for survival in Louisiana against storms and rising seas Times-Picayune Basic Full Text
01.26.2018 Rainfall and ocean circulation linked in past and present ScienceDaily Basic Full Text
01.04.2018 The density-salinity relation of standard seawater Ocean Science Expert Full Text
01.01.2018 Variations in tolerance to climate change in a key littoral herbivore Marine Biology Expert Summary
12.28.2017 Scientists find that a saltier sea is a warning of floods to come Yale Climate Connections Basic Full Text
12.24.2017 Costa Rica Begins to Use a Desalination Plant The Costa Rica News Basic Full Text
12.11.2017 How a Wayward Arctic Current Could Cool the Climate in Europe Yale Environment 360 Basic Full Text
11.08.2017 NSF awards $2.8 million grant to develop advanced ocean and atmosphere simulator National Science Foundation Basic Full Text
10.17.2017 A Massive Hole Just Opened Up In Antarctica's Ice And Scientists Don't Know Why Forbes Basic Full Text
10.16.2017 Why Storm Ophelia turned the sky orange across London and UK London Evening Standard Basic Full Text
10.01.2017 Salinity Variability Associated with the Positive Indian Ocean Dipole and Its Impact on the Upper Ocean Temperature Journal of Climate Expert Summary
10.01.2017 Effects of algal enrichment and salinity on sediment particle reworking activity and associated nutrient generation mediated by the intertidal polychaete Hediste diversicolor Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology Expert Summary
09.29.2017 Study: Warmer ocean raises threat of Vibrio bacteria Cape Cod Times Basic Full Text
09.20.2017 Restoring tides to reduce methane emissions in impounded wetlands: A new and potent Blue Carbon climate change intervention Scientific Reports Expert Summary
09.08.2017 Mountain ice records North Pacific storm intensification through windblown sea salt University of Maine Basic Full Text
08.24.2017 Potential salinity and temperature futures for the Chesapeake Bay using a statistical downscaling spatial disaggregation framework. Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory (NOAA) Basic Full Text
08.08.2017 On the Persistence and Coherence of Subpolar Sea Surface Temperature and Salinity Anomalies Associated with the Atlantic Multidecadal Variability Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory (NOAA) Basic Full Text
07.31.2017 Loss of Arctic sea ice impacting Atlantic Ocean water circulation system Yale University Basic Full Text
07.20.2017 Ancient Italian Fossils Reveal Risk of Parasitic Infections Due to Climate Change University of Missouri Basic Full Text
07.18.2017 South Africa: Why Deeper Insights Into the Agulhas Current Can Shed Light On Climate Patterns Basic Full Text
07.06.2017 The giant undersea rivers we know very little about BBC News Basic Full Text
07.01.2017 Modification of the deep salinity-maximum in the Southern Ocean by circulation in the Antarctic Circumpolar Current and the Weddell Gyre Ocean Dynamics Expert Summary
06.21.2017 NASA test: Jet biofuel may reduce climate-warming clouds NASA Climate Change News Basic Full Text
06.19.2017 Freshwater from salt water using only solar energy Rice University Basic Full Text
06.06.2017 Can Ocean Tides Be Powerful Indicators of Climate Change? EOS (American Geophysical Union) Basic Full Text
05.08.2017 Scientists Launch Flights to Gather Detailed Data on Aerosols and Clouds Brookhaven National Laboratory Basic Full Text
05.08.2017 Where the rivers meet the sea: Harnessing the energy generated when freshwater meets saltwater Penn State Basic Full Text
04.21.2017 As the seas around them rise, fishermen deny climate change CNN Basic Full Text
04.19.2017 Trillions of Plastic Bits, Swept Up by Current, Are Littering Arctic Waters New York Times Basic Full Text
04.10.2017 North America's freshwater lakes are getting saltier Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies Basic Full Text
04.03.2017 Graphene-based sieve turns seawater into drinking water BBC News Basic Full Text
03.15.2017 Growing algae bloom in Arabian Sea tied to climate change Laredo Morning Times Basic Full Text
02.13.2017 The influence of closed brine pockets and permeable brine channels on the thermo-elastic properties of saline ice Philosophical transactions. Series A, Mathematical, physical, and engineering sciences Expert Summary
02.09.2017 Transient response of the Southern Ocean to changing ozone: Regional responses and physical mechanisms Journal of Climate Expert Summary
02.01.2017 Antarctic Bottom Waters Freshening at Unexpected Rate Scripps Institution of Oceanography Basic Full Text
01.24.2017 Why the sea is salty The Economist Basic Full Text
01.09.2017 NASA taps ESA satellite Swarm for salty ocean temperature tales The Register Basic Full Text
01.04.2017 Overlooked possibility of a collapsed Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation in warming climate Science Advances Expert Full Text
01.03.2017 3D ocean map tracks ecosystems in unprecedented detail Nature | News Expert Full Text
01.01.2017 Latitudinal environmental gradients and diel variability influence abundance and community structure of Chaetognatha in Red Sea coral reefs Systematics and Biodiversity Expert Summary
12.27.2016 Krill Contribute to Ocean Carbon Storage in Patagonia GlacierHub Basic Full Text
11.28.2016 Idea to cut NASA's role in climate science could be major loss for Maine, scientists say Portland Press Herald Basic Full Text
11.02.2016 'Jacuzzi of Despair' Found in Gulf of Mexico Voice of America Basic Full Text
10.24.2016 Reconstructing Ocean Climate History EOS: Earth & Space Science News Basic Full Text
10.05.2016 Atlantic Ocean's slowdown tied to changes in the Southern Hemisphere University of Washington Basic Full Text
09.21.2016 SPURS-2 Initial Results NASA Earth Observatory Basic Full Text
09.13.2016 Spartina alterniflora Biomass Allocation and Temperature: Implications for Salt Marsh Persistence with Sea-Level Rise Estuaries and Coasts Expert Summary
09.12.2016 Down to the Mariana Trench: 11 facts about our mysterious oceans and marine life Deutsche Welle Basic Full Text
09.06.2016 Why the ocean is key to climate protection Deutsche Welle Basic Full Text
09.05.2016 Mega-study on oceans predicts super-storms, massive life loss Haaretz Basic Full Text
08.30.2016 Generating Steam from the Sun Sustainably Masdar Institute (United Arab Emirates) Basic Full Text
08.26.2016 For Marshes Impacted by Drought and Hurricanes, Salty is Better National Centers for Coastal Ocean Science Basic Full Text
08.25.2016 NASA flies to Africa to study climate effects of smoke on clouds NASA Climate Change News Basic Full Text
08.23.2016 Saltwater towns worry about freshwater supplies Working Waterfront Basic Full Text
08.18.2016 Mussel flexing: Bivalves save drought-stricken marshes, research finds University of Florida Basic Full Text
08.09.2016 Ocean salt, temperature can barricade phytoplankton, impact food web UMaine News Basic Full Text
08.04.2016 Scientific Report States Poseidon Desalination Plans Will Destroy Microscopic Life OC Weekly (Orange County, Ca.) Basic Full Text
08.01.2016 Effects of sea-level rise and climatic changes on mangroves from southwestern littoral of Puerto Rico during the middle and late Holocene Catena Expert Summary
07.12.2016 Gulf stream slowdown to spare Europe from worst of climate change University of Sussex Basic Full Text
07.12.2016 Cape Cod susceptible to potential effects of sea-level rise U.S. Geological Survey Basic Full Text
07.06.2016 Gov. Rick Scott asks Obama to declare state of emergency for thick algae blooms that threaten coasts Naples Daily News Basic Full Text
07.01.2016 ESA's Soil Moisture and Ocean Salinity mission: From science to operational applications Remote Sensing of Environment Expert Summary
07.01.2016 Variability of Winter-Spring Bloom Phaeocystis pouchetii Abundance in Massachusetts Bay Estuaries and Coasts Expert Summary
07.01.2016 Is Salinity Variability a Benthic Disturbance in Estuaries? Estuaries and Coasts Expert Summary
06.09.2016 Even with average dead zone forecast in Gulf of Mexico, problems 'huge,' not enough being done, researcher says The Advocate Basic Full Text
06.01.2016 Ocean and Coastal Acidification off New England and Nova Scotia Oceanography Expert Full Text
05.06.2016 Study Offers Clues to Better Rainfall Predictions Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute Basic Full Text
05.01.2016 Effects of multiple climate change stressors: ocean acidification interacts with warming, hyposalinity, and low food supply on the larvae of the brooding flat oyster Ostrea angasi Marine Biology Expert Summary
04.19.2016 Importance of ocean salinity for climate and habitability Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America Expert Summary
04.10.2016 Simulating the Ocean and Sea Ice Demystifying Climate Models Expert Summary
03.10.2016 Major Source of Methanol in the Ocean Identified Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute Basic Full Text
03.01.2016 Studying Earth in the New Millennium: NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory's Contributions to Earth Science and Applications Space Agencies NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory Expert Summary
02.25.2016 How Northern European waters soak up carbon dioxide BBC News Basic Full Text
02.25.2016 Implications of North Atlantic Sea Surface Salinity for Summer Precipitation over the US Midwest: Mechanisms and Predictive Value Journal of Climate Expert Summary
02.25.2016 Tracing deep ocean currents ScienceDaily Basic Full Text
02.22.2016 Should desalination play a bigger role in California's water future? Pasadena Star-News Basic Full Text
01.26.2016 Variations of Upper Ocean Salinity Associated with ENSO from PEODAS Reanalyses Journal of Climate Expert Summary
01.01.2016 On the warm inflow at the eastern boundary of the Weddell Gyre Deep Sea Research Part I: Oceanographic Research Papers Expert Summary
01.01.2016 Extreme Research Shows How Arctic Ice Is Dwindling National Geographic Basic Full Text
01.01.2016 Impacts of Wind Stress Changes on the Global Heat Transport, Baroclinic Instability, and the Thermohaline Circulation Advances in Meteorology Expert Summary
12.21.2015 Salty sea spray affects the lifetimes of clouds, researchers find Colorado State University Basic Full Text
12.17.2015 Oceanographers use super-computers to help farmers in Bangladesh National Oceanographic Centre _ UK Basic Full Text
12.03.2015 Role of Organic Coatings in Regulating N2O5 Reactive Uptake to Sea Spray Aerosol Journal of Physical Chemistry A Expert Summary
10.31.2015 Is desalination the future of drought relief in California? PBS News Hour Basic Full Text
10.20.2015 Formation of coastal sea ice in North Pacific drives ocean circulation and climate University of California, Santa Cruz Basic Full Text
10.08.2015 MacGyver this! New DYI experiment shows students the physics of climate change Queensland University of Technology Basic Full Text
09.30.2015 Gulf Stream Ring Water Intrudes onto Continental Shelf Like "Pinocchio's Nose" Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute Basic Full Text
09.28.2015 Chemical oceanography: The ocean's pressure cooker Nature Geoscience Expert Summary
09.22.2015 Cold patch in northern Atlantic Ocean intrigues scientists Roanoke times Basic Full Text
09.21.2015 Into the mix: Harnessing the energy when freshwater meets the sea ScienceDaily Basic Full Text
09.01.2015 Precession and obliquity forcing of the freshwater budget over the Mediterranean Quaternary Science Reviews Expert Summary
08.14.2015 Could the smell of the sea help cool a warming planet? BBC News Basic Full Text
07.17.2015 Marine plankton brighten clouds over Southern Ocean UW Today (University of Washington) Basic Full Text
07.16.2015 Carbon Dioxide Pools Discovered in Aegean Sea Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute Basic Full Text
06.23.2015 NASA Mission to Measure Ocean Salinity Ends with Success Santa Barbara Independent Basic Full Text
06.01.2015 Evaluation of Aquarius Sea Surface Salinity With Argo Sea Surface Salinity in the Tropical Indian Ocean Geoscience and Remote Sensing Letters, IEEE Expert Summary
05.21.2015 Salinity key to reefs in Gulf, study suggests The National (United Arab Emirates) Basic Full Text
05.11.2015 Solving corrosive ocean mystery reveals future climate Penn State Basic Full Text
05.08.2015 Discovered deep under Antarctic surface: Extensive, salty aquifer and potentially vast microbial habitat National Science Foundation Basic Full Text
05.02.2015 Changes to ocean currents unprecedented Providence Journal Basic Full Text
04.28.2015 Ocean currents disturb methane-eating bacteria CAGE (Centre for Arctic Gas Hydrate, Environment and Climate) Basic Full Text
04.01.2015 Winter runoff into streams on par with ocean salinity Cornell Chronicle (Cornell University) Basic Full Text
03.31.2015 Deep Ocean Current May Slow Due to Climate Change Astrobiology Magazine Basic Full Text
03.16.2015 East Antarctica Melting Could be Explained by Oceanic Gateways University of Texas at Austin Basic Full Text
03.12.2015 Global Warming May Boost Dead Zones in Oceans Scientific American Basic Full Text
03.01.2015 Ocean Salinity and the Global Water Cycle Oceanography Expert Summary
03.01.2015 Sharing the Importance of Ocean Salinity Beyond the Scientific Community Oceanography Expert Summary
03.01.2015 Variability and Interleaving of Upper-Ocean Water Masses Surrounding the North Atlantic Salinity Maximum Oceanography Expert Summary
03.01.2015 From Salty to Fresh-Salinity Processes in the Upper-ocean Regional Study-2 (SPURS-2): Diagnosing the Physics of a Rainfall-Dominated Salinity Minimum Oceanography Expert Summary
02.15.2015 Salinity from Space Unlocks Satellite-Based Assessment of Ocean Acidification Environmental Science & Technology Expert Summary
02.02.2015 Can Sun and Wind Make More Salt Water Drinkable? National Geographic Basic Full Text
02.01.2015 The North Atlantic subpolar circulation in an eddy-resolving global ocean model Journal of Marine Systems Expert Full Text
01.15.2015 Satellite and Argo Observed Surface Salinity Variations in the Tropical Indian Ocean and Their Association with the Indian Ocean Dipole Mode Journal of Climate Expert Summary
01.01.2015 Evaluating trophic cascades as drivers of regime shifts in different ocean ecosystems Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B | Biological Sciences Expert Summary
01.01.2015 Enhancing Earth Observation Networks From Space Sea Technology Expert Full Text
12.23.2014 Salinity matters Space Daily Basic Full Text
12.08.2014 Study finds early warning signals of abrupt climate change ScienceDaily Basic Full Text
12.01.2014 Baltic sea: Climate change counteracts decline in eutrophication ScienceDaily Basic Full Text
11.10.2014 Robotic Ocean Gliders Aid Study of Melting Polar Ice Caltech Basic Full Text
10.02.2014 Satellites detect 'thousands' of new ocean-bottom mountains BBC News Basic Full Text
09.18.2014 Marshall Islands leader posts climate video plea News24 Basic Full Text
08.27.2014 AP PHOTOS: Storm-roiled waves hit beach towns San Diego Union-Tribune Basic Full Text
08.22.2014 New theory may help explain global warming pause CBS News Basic Full Text
08.20.2014 The power of salt MIT News Basic Full Text
08.03.2014 Researchers investigate remarkable approach to desalination National Science Foundation Basic Full Text
07.30.2014 Nutrient transport via the Indonesian Throughflow Australian Research Council's (ARC) Centre of Excellence for Climate System Science Basic Full Text
07.28.2014 Warnings About Flesh-Eating Ocean Bacteria Issued by Florida Health Officials New Times Broward-Palm Beach Basic Full Text
07.28.2014 Shifting ocean surface saltiness from 2004-2013 NOAA Basic Full Text
07.12.2014 2013 State of the Climate: Ocean salinity NOAA Basic Full Text
07.07.2014 Study reveals strong links between Antarctic climate, food web Virginia Institute of Marine Science Basic Full Text
06.22.2014 New Understanding of Key Ocean Passageway Could Aid Climate Change Forecasts Scripps Institution of Oceanography Basic Full Text
06.12.2014 Gibraltar Currents Show Proof Of Past Climate Changes Tamu Times (Texas A&M University) Basic Full Text
05.30.2014 Israel solves water woes with desalination NewsDaily Basic Full Text
04.28.2014 R.I. nitrogen cycle differs in bay and sound Brown University Basic Full Text
04.14.2014 Long-term predictions for Miami sea level rise could be available relatively soon National Science Foundation Basic Full Text
03.26.2014 Corals track strongest Indian Ocean Current SeaCurrents Basic Full Text
03.04.2014 Mapping climate change in the oceans NOAA Research News Basic Full Text
03.03.2014 The Surface of the Sea is a Sink for Nitrogen Oxides at Night University of California, San Diego Basic Full Text
03.03.2014 Climate Change Felt in Deep Waters of Antarctica Smithsonian Basic Full Text
01.16.2014 NASA finds reducing salt is bad for glacial health NASA Climate Change News Basic Full Text
01.01.2014 Ebullition and storm-induced methane release from the East Siberian Arctic Shelf Nature Geoscience Expert Summary
01.01.2014 High-resolution dynamics of the spring bloom in the Gulf of Finland of the Baltic Sea Journal of Marine Systems Expert Summary
01.01.2014 Nineteen-year changes in surface salinity in the Southern Ocean south of Australia Journal of Marine Systems Expert Summary
01.01.2014 An Update on the Aquarius Mission: Two-and-a-Half Years and Going Strong The Earth Observer Expert Full Text
11.13.2013 Ancient Brine Flows Beneath Virginia Science/AAAS News Basic Full Text
11.11.2013 AQUARIUS detects effects of an extreme Mississippi river flooding event (November, 2013) NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory Basic Full Text
10.31.2013 Global Warming as Viewed from the Deep Ocean Rutgers University Basic Full Text
10.15.2013 How Earth's Rotation Affects Vortices in Nature American Institute of Physics (AIP) Newsroom on Newswise Basic Full Text
09.23.2013 Chasing the black holes of the ocean Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich Basic Full Text
09.19.2013 No significant changes in the status of the Gulf of Finland's coastal waters compared to last year; oxygen situation on deep open-sea bottoms has deteriorated Baltic Sea Portal Basic Full Text
09.12.2013 Algae and bacteria in sea ice are important for the carbon budgets of frozen oceans Baltic Sea Portal Basic Full Text
09.01.2013 Rising Seas National Geographic Basic Full Text
08.01.2013 Multidecadal Ocean Temperature and Salinity Variability in the Tropical North Atlantic: Linking with the AMO, AMOC, and Subtropical Cell Journal of Climate Expert Summary
05.31.2013 Mapping sea salt from orbit University of South Carolina Basic Full Text
05.29.2013 Arctic Current Flowed Under Deep Freeze of Last Ice Age, Study Says Earth Institute (Columbia University) Basic Full Text
05.24.2013 Life Discovered in Earth's Coldest Environment Yet U.S. News & World Report Basic Full Text
05.01.2013 Assessment of Satellite-Derived Sea Surface Salinity in the Indian Ocean Geoscience and Remote Sensing Letters, IEEE Expert Summary
04.19.2013 Sunlit Snow Triggers Atmospheric Cleaning, Ozone Depletion in the Arctic National Science Foundation Basic Full Text
03.25.2013 How salty is that seawater? Ask the Aquarius satellite Ars Technica Basic Full Text
03.08.2013 Formation of salinity maximum water and its contribution to the overturning circulation in the North Atlantic as revealed by a global GCM Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans Expert Summary
03.01.2013 Space Satellite Collects Flood of Ocean Data Embassy of the United States _ London, U.K. Basic Full Text
02.27.2013 NASA's Aquarius sees salty shifts NASA Basic Full Text
02.24.2013 New Source Found For Cold, Deep Antarctic Currents Our Amazing Planet Basic Full Text
01.31.2013 Cyclone did not cause 2012 record low for Arctic sea ice University of Washington Basic Full Text
01.16.2013 Salt menaces coastal water supplies Basic Full Text
12.17.2012 Alarmingly warm water in Gulf of Maine bringing changes Bangor Daily News Basic Full Text
11.30.2012 Ancient Microbes Survive Beneath the Icy Surface of Antarctic Lake National Science Foundation Basic Full Text
11.07.2012 Microfossils Reveal Secrets of Ancient Ocean Changes LiveScience Basic Full Text
10.17.2012 Why Are Coastal Salt Marshes Falling Apart? National Science Foundation Basic Full Text
10.17.2012 Mathematics and the ocean: Movement, mixing and climate modeling EurekaAlert! Basic Full Text
10.16.2012 SMOS has a better look at salinity ESA (European Space Agency) News Basic Full Text
10.15.2012 Climate Change: The Past of the Atlantic Heat Pump Heidelberg University Basic Full Text
09.26.2012 The Thermosalinograph, The Bow Of The Knorr, And The Chase For Highest Salinity NASA Earth Observatory Basic Full Text
09.05.2012 NASA to Explore Link Between Sea Saltiness, Climate NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory Basic Full Text
09.03.2012 Crops in India Wilt in a Weak Monsoon Season New York Times Basic Full Text
08.22.2012 Agulhas Current Is Said to Attenuate the Effect of Melting Ice ScienceDaily Basic Full Text
08.13.2012 Fresh water breathes fresh life into hurricanes Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Basic Full Text
08.02.2012 Texas suffers hypoxic areas of its own making Texas Sea Grant Basic Full Text
06.13.2012 Got Salt? NASA's Salt Mapper Toasts First Birthday NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory Basic Full Text
06.11.2012 Changes imperil Gulf of Maine's food chain The Boston Globe Basic Full Text
05.21.2012 Atmospheric warming altering ocean salinity and the water cycle Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Basic Full Text
05.05.2012 Eddy contributions to the meridional transport of salt in the North Atlantic Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans Expert Summary
04.27.2012 Ocean Salinities Reveal Strong Global Water Cycle Intensification During 1950 to 2000 Science / AAAS Expert Summary
04.12.2012 Creation of a Heat and Salt Flux Dataset Associated with Sea Ice Production and Melting in the Sea of Okhotsk Journal of Climate Expert Summary
03.23.2012 A Newfound Cog in the Ocean Conveyor Oceanus - Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute Basic Summary
03.01.2012 NASA Finds Sea Ice Driving Arctic Air Pollutants NASA News Basic Full Text
01.04.2012 NASA Finds Russian Runoff Freshening Canadian Arctic NASA Basic Full Text
12.07.2011 Characteristics of the seasonal cycle of surface layer salinity in the global ocean Ocean Science Expert Full Text
12.07.2011 NASA's Aquarius Detects Possible Effects of Tropical Storm Lee in Gulf NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory Basic Full Text
09.22.2011 Aquarius Yields NASA's First Global Map of Ocean Salinity NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory Basic Full Text
09.01.2011 Aquarius Makes First Ocean Salt Measurements NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory Basic Full Text
06.10.2011 NASA'S "Age Of Aquarius" Dawns With Launch From California NASA Basic Full Text
04.07.2011 What governs the North Atlantic salinity maximum in a global GCM? Geophysical Research Letters Expert Summary
04.06.2011 For NASA's Aquarius, Quest for Salt a Global Endeavor NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory Basic Full Text
04.05.2011 Gulf Stream could be threatened by Arctic flush New Scientist Basic Full Text
02.25.2011 Bloom with a View: Robot Subs Help Researchers Study Mysterious Antarctic Sea Life Scientific American Basic Full Text
02.18.2011 World race yields salinity data for ESA's SMOS mission ESA (European Space Agency) News Basic Full Text
01.24.2011 NASA's Salt-Seeking Instrument Gets a Silvery Blanket NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory Basic Full Text
01.22.2011 Estimation of Surface Heat/Salt Fluxes Associated with Sea Ice Growth/Melt in the Southern Ocean Scientific Online Letters on the Atmosphere (SOLA) Expert Full Text
11.23.2010 NASA's Savory Sea Salt Sensor to Get Cooked, Chilled NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory Basic Full Text
07.05.2010 Why is the sea salty and rivers and lakes aren't? The Boston Globe Basic Full Text
06.01.2010 Warmer Climate Makes Baltic More Salty, New Research Suggests ScienceDaily Basic Full Text
05.24.2010 Mediterranean Sea heating up and getting saltier Christian Science Monitor Basic Full Text
04.01.2010 The role of mean ocean salinity in climate DYNAMICS OF ATMOSPHERES AND OCEANS Expert Summary
06.20.2009 Modeling the dynamics of the freshwater-saltwater interface in response to construction activities at a coastal site International Journal of Environmental Science and Technology Expert Full Text
05.28.2009 New Mission Will Provide Global Maps Of Soil Moisture And Ocean Salinity ScienceDaily Basic Full Text
05.27.2009 Sea Salt Holds Clues To Climate Change ScienceDaily Basic Full Text
04.29.2009 With a Pinch of Salt NASA Press Release Basic Full Text
04.07.2009 Brine-Loving Microbes Reveal Secrets To Success In Chemically Extreme Environments ScienceDaily Basic Full Text
03.04.2008 On the history of meridional overturning circulation schematic diagrams Progress in Oceanography Expert Summary
01.23.2008 Antarctic Ice Loss Speeds Up, Nearly Matches Greenland Loss NASA Earth Observatory 1 Basic Full Text
04.20.2007 Scientists Give Odds on Arctic Sea Ice Shrinkage LiveScience 2 Basic Full Text
01.01.2007 Saltwater intrusion into the Changjiang River: A model-guided mechanism study Journal of Geophysical Research-Oceans Expert Summary