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Dominance of the Southern Ocean in Anthropogenic Carbon and Heat Uptake in CMIP5 Models
Description: The authors assess the uptake, transport, and storage of oceanic anthropogenic carbon and heat over the period 1861-2005 in a new set of coupled carbon-climate Earth system models conducted for the fifth phase of the Coupled Model Intercomparison Project (CMIP5), with a particular focus on the Southern Ocean. Simulations show that the Southern Ocean south of 30°S, occupying 30% of global surface ocean area, accounts for 43% ± 3% (42 ± 5 Pg C) of anthropogenic CO2 and 75% ± 22% (23 ± 9 × 1022 J) of heat uptake by the ocean over the historical period. [Source: Journal of Climate]
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Source: Journal of Climate
Publish Date: 2/27/2015
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