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Bacterioplankton niche partitioning in the use of phytoplankton-derived dissolved organic carbon: quantity is more important than quality
Description: Some prokaryotes are known to be specialized in the use of phytoplankton-derived dissolved organic carbon (DOCp) originated by exudation or cell lysis; however, direct quantification measurements are extremely rare. Here researchers applied an adapted version of the MAR-FISH protocol to calculate a specialization index (d') for large bacterioplankton phylogenetic groups using DOCp from different phytoplankton species and at different concentrations to elucidate to what extent the bacterial response to DOCp is driven by resource quantity (different DOCp concentrations) or by quality (DOCp from different phytoplankton species). [Source: The ISME Journal]
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Source: The ISME Journal
Publish Date: 11/1/2016
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