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Dissolved iron transport pathways in the Ross Sea: Influence of tides and horizontal resolution in a regional ocean model
Description: Phytoplankton production in the Ross Sea is regulated by the availability of dissolved iron (dFe), a limiting micro-nutrient, whose sources include Circumpolar Deep Water, sea ice melt, glacial melt, and benthic sources (sediment efflux and remineralization). These scientists employ a passive tracer dye to model the benthic dFe sources and track pathways from deep areas of the continental shelf to the surface mixed layer in simulations with and without tidal forcing, and at 5 and 1.5 km horizontal resolution. This, combined with dyes for each of the other dFe sources, provides an estimate of total dFe supply to surface waters. [Source: Journal of Marine Systems]
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Source: Journal of Marine Systems
Publish Date: 2/1/2017
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