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Air-Water CO2 Fluxes and Net Ecosystem Production Changes in a Baja California Coastal Lagoon During the Anomalous North Pacific Warm Condition
Description: This study examines temporal variability of air-water CO2 fluxes and seawater carbonate chemistry in a Baja California coastal lagoon during an exceptionally warm anomaly during 2014. This oceanographic condition led to a summer-like season (weak upwelling condition) during the study period, which reached a maximum surface temperature anomaly of 2 °C in September 2014. San Quintín Bay acts as a source of CO2 to the atmosphere in 2014 with the higher positive fluxes mainly observed in summer months. [Source: Estuaries and Coasts]
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Source: Estuaries and Coasts
Publish Date: 5/1/2017
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