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Oxygen Minimum Zones
Date: 05/07/15 7:00 PM Eastern - 05/07/15 8:00 PM Eastern
Location: Online

When we think of the shoreline, we think of the beach, but researchers investigate shelf and "near shore" processes miles out into the ocean. This webinar focuses on trace metals and their role in creating oxygen minimum zones - both naturally occurring and influenced by humans. The exacerbating effect of mercury pollution on ocean processes will be highlighted.

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GEOTRACES Webinar Series
Seawater's composition reflects our planet’s history, along with traces of human impacts. The chemistry of trace elements - found in such small concentrations that they can be difficult to detect - can be studied to uncover the past, present and the future of the ocean and life within it. Using rigorous methods to ensure measurements are both accurate and consistently collected, the GEOTRACES program has mapped the large-scale distribution of trace elements (such as iron, lead, zinc, and cobalt) across the world’s oceans.

This four-part GEOTRACES webinar series will focus on several trace elements and what they can tell us about biogeochemical processes, the carbon cycle, and climate. Nine scientists, each studying a unique facet of the ocean’s chemistry, will share their work and the importance of researching these rare and vital “clues” from the ocean.

Carl Lamborg 

Carl Lamborg is an assistant professor in the PBSci-Ocean Sciences Department, Institute of Marine Sciences, University of California Santa Cruz. He holds a Ph.D. in Oceanography from the University of Connecticut and an M.S. in environmental chemistry from the University of Michigan. His specialties include atmospheric and aquatic chemistry, biogeochemistry, and trace element cycling in the environment.

Dan Ohnemus 

Dan Ohnemus is a post-doctoral researcher in the Twining Laboratory, Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences. He received a Ph.D. in chemical oceanography from MIT/WHOI and a B.A. in biology and chemistry from Williams College. His research interests focus on the interactions between biotic and abiotic marine particles.

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