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American Lobster
Category: For Educators
Resource Type: Multiple formats
Date Posted: 02/15/2011
Photograph by Brian J. Skerry.
American Lobsters - Teacher Resources
Alignment with standards (PDF, 74 KB)

Hatch to Catch and Hatch to Catch II
Based on research of scientists at Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences, these online educational resources challenge learners to guide juvenile lobsters successfully to maturity. Players make choices about Gulf of Maine settlement areas and foraging patterns. The site provides downloadable Data Tracking Sheets, Educational Exercises, Answer Keys and information about alignment to McREL Educational Standards.

The Lobster Institute
University of Maine’s Lobster Institute offers a website featuring “all things lobster.” Their Education page contains links to resources on natural history, the work of lobstering, video of molting lobsters, landing statistics and oral history interviews with senior lobstermen. Some of the pages are still under construction. Their "Links" page provides access to scientific and other online resources provided by organizations in northeast U.S. and Canada.

National Geographic Society
Provides basic life history and historical information about the family Nephropidae. Also includes an audio file of a lobster vocalizing.

The Lobster Conservancy
This website has a lot of information about biology and physiology of lobsters. It also has a link to a series of lesson plans for Grades 5 – 8.

Maine Dept. of Marine Resources: The Maine Lobster
Includes a comprehensive list of links to sites relating to: Commercial Fishery Management; Research, Monitoring and Assessment; Recreational Lobster Fishing; and other Maine links.

Penobscot Bay Marine Resources Collaborative (Island Institute)
Includes interesting animations (lobster life cycle and current transport of larvae); information about satellite data, sea sampling by fishermen in collaboration with scientists, predictive modeling.

Status of Fishery Resources off the Northeastern US
Includes data, graphs and charts about lobster distribution, biology and management.

Sustaining Lobster Fisheries: A Special GeoImaging Feature Submission from The NOAA Coastal Services Center
A report about the results obtained from combining data from satellites and field sampling with the local knowledge of fishermen. Includes geospatial images and charts with data about lobster distribution, temperature fronts, and predictive modeling.

2000 Massachusetts Lobster Fishery Statistics
A 22-page report about catch reports of lobster fishermen, prepared by the Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries.

Responding to a Resource Disaster: American Lobsters in Long Island Sound
A 26-page report about the 1999 lobster die-off in Long Island Sound and the subsequent research to the determine causes.

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