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We've gathered feedback from users like you through workshops, webinars, emails and other interactions – and we've been listening to your suggestions. The latest version of the Concept Linked Integrated Media Builder (CLIMB) includes a re-working of the concept map building experience – designed to make it easier, faster and more useful.

With this new version, you will be able to:
  • Make and edit concept maps more quickly. Tools to place concepts and other objects with a simple double-click, as well as the ability to draw out a new pre-attached concept from another, have been added.
  • Select and edit multiple objects at once. Change concept colors, text size or shape for many concepts or text boxes in just a few clicks.
  • Upload your own images to use in your concept maps. Add your own assets to concepts in your maps without having to go through an administrator.
  • Choose from more color, shape and size options. Concept shapes and colors are now more flexible, including the ability to stretch out concepts into ovals or rectangles, and a brand-new color palate is waiting for you.
  • Create linking phrases more easily. All lines come with a blank linking phrase field, so you can just click and type to fill it in.
User names and passwords for existing users will not change, and all of your maps and profile information will be accessible to you when you log in to CLIMB.

CLIMB Tutorial

Click here to take our web-based tutorial on how to use CLIMB.

Looking for the old Concept Map Builder tutorial? We've merged it into our CLIMB tutorial. Click here to begin at the Map Builder portion of the new tutorial.

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