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The Search box allows users to search the CMS database, including other Center websites. Roll your mouse over the GO button.

The Feature Story rotator is used to display an image, accompanying information, and a link to a news article, event, or resource. The MORE link will take you to the featured item; the numbered links will halt the rotator and display the selected story.

The About Us box contains a short blurb about your Center; the MORE link in this box will take you to the About Us page.

The News box contains a short blurb of the most recent news article added to your Center's database, along with a thumbnail image and a MORE link that connects you to the News page.

The three link boxes can display text or an image optionally linked to content pages within your website, other documents, or an outside URL. COSEE-OS has chosen to exhibit an image in each box, two of which are linked to content pages. The third box connects to their Events page.

The bottom banner can display images and/or text. Most Centers have elected to post NSF and partner logos, a contact address, and grant information here.

Roll your mouse over the MORE and numbered links to see what would appear if you clicked on these on the actual COSEE-OS Home page.

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