Center for Ocean Sciences Education Excellence

Vertical Navigation

When accessed, each of the first order pages will open to display custom content and a vertical navigation bar for second order pages (subpages) if they exist. Clicking on the links in the vertical navigation bar will open the second order pages.

Under their Tools menu, COSEE-OS has created custom, second order pages for the following:
  • Ocean Climate Interactive
  • Concept Map Builder
  • Oceans in the News
  • Using Our Tools
  • Tutorials
  • Case Studies
Roll your mouse over these links to see what would appear if you clicked on these on the actual COSEE-OS website.

The Case Studies page has third order pages for three case studies. Links for these appear in the vertical navigation bar when the Case Studies page is open.

The vertical navigation bar will not display if you do not have second order pages. COSEE-OS has not created second order pages for their About Us page (roll your mouse over the About Us link in the horizontal menu to see that the vertical navigation bar does not display).

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