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The image at right shows the content page for the COSEE-OS Tools page. It was accessed by clicking on the purple Tools link in the List Content Pages on the Admin page.

Click here to see how this page looks on the website. Note that this page has the following:

•  Six second order pages listed in the vertical navigation bar.
•  An image.
•  Bolded text.
•  A bulleted list of purple links for the COSEE-OS Ocean-Climate Interactive and the COSEE-OS Concept Map Builder.
•  A purple link for Oceans in the News in the second to last paragraph.

To edit this content page, click on the orange Edit This Page link at the top of the page. To add a new content page, click on the Add New Page link. To return to the list of content pages, click on the List All Pages link.

To return to the Admin page, click on the orange Return to Main Admin Page link at the bottom of the page. To log out, click on the Logout link.

We will look at the Edit Content page next.

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