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Add a New Content Page

To add a new content page, click on the link for Add New Content page located under CONTENT PAGES on the Admin page. This page is similar to the Edit Content page described previously except that it does not have drop-down lists for Child Pages (which cannot be assigned until after your parent page is created) or Status (all new pages are automatically assigned pending status so that you may preview your work and correct any errors before posting).

Using the image at right, we will add a new page to the COSEE-OS website entitled CASE STUDY NO. 4, a third order page under Case Studies (Case Studies is a second order page under Tools). Beginning with the Page Title field, roll your mouse over the text boxes and drop-down lists as if you were adding information to this form.

Site. Center name, in this case Ocean Systems, which is automatically supplied by the CMS.

Page Title. Enter a title for your page. The page title will appear in the browser's title bar, the URL, and the dark orange header located below the horizontal navigation bar.

Directory Name. Enter a name for the folder or subfolder in which your page is to be stored on your server. This is used by the CMS to access your page for posting on the web.

Show/Hide in Nav. Select Show from the drop-down list. We want this page to appear in the vertical navigation bar on the Case Studies page. If we wanted to access this page from a link located within a content page, we would select Hide.

Subpage Of. The Subpage drop-down list is used to select an existing page under which to store this page, if applicable. The default is "none selected" for first order pages. This page will be a subpage under Case Studies so we'll select Case Studies from the drop-down list.

Page Content. Enter the content of your page. The Page Content field can contain text, inset boxes, images, tables, and links.

Links to External URL. Rather than entering content, you can elect to link your page to an external URL. For example, clicking on the second order page for Alaska in the vertical navigation bar on the Center Links page will take you to the COSEE-Alaska website. Click here to see how the Edit Content page for the Alaska page looks. If your page is linked to an externa URL, any text in the Page Content field will not display. We want our content to show, so we'll leave this field blank.

META Description. Enter a brief description of your page for use by search engines and SEO rankings. Click here for more information on META descriptions.

META Keywords. Enter a list of comma-separated words that describe the topic of your page. Click here for more information on META keywords.

META Author. Enter the name of the person who developed this page.

Submit/Cancel. To submit your input, click on the Submit button at the bottom of the page. To cancel your changes and return to the Show page, click on the Cancel button.

Click here to see the submitted page for Case Study No. 4. Note that the status of the page is pending and that you must click on the link for Publish This Page for it to be visible on the website. You may also edit or delete this page, add a new page, or list all pages from this window.

To change the status of your page back to pending, click on the Edit This Page link at the top of the page and select Pending in the drop-down Status list box located at the bottom of the page.

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