Center for Ocean Sciences Education Excellence

Manage Resource Categories

Categories are used for displaying related resources. Users can filter resources by category via the drop-down list in the Filter Resources box on the Resources page and COSEE staff can use categories for constructing content pages that display specific resources so that a user does not have to filter for them (see the "For Educators" list on the COSEE-OS website).

Resource categories are created by all Centers and and are a shared asset on our server.

To view all resource categories, click on the link for Manage Resource Categories located under RESOURCES on the Admin page. This will open the List Resource Categores page (see image at right).

To sort your categores (up or down), click on the header for Category Name.

To add a new category, click on the orange link for Add New Resource Category at the top of the page.

To edit a category, click on the pen and paper icon for the resource you wish to edit. A category can be edited or deleted only by the Center that created it, and only if it is not in use by another Center or Once a category is in use, only a webmaster can edit or delete it. Roll your mouse over the pen and paper icon for Case Studies, which was created by and cannot be edited or deleted by COSEE-OS (see message in black at the top of the page). Conversely, the category for Teaching Resources was created by COSEE-OS and is not in use by another Center so it can be edited.

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