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Add a Resource

The image at right shows the Add Resource page. It was accessed by clicking on the link for Add New Resource located under RESOURCES on the Admin page. This page is similar to the Edit Resources page described previously except that it does not have a drop-down list for Status. All new resources are automatically assigned pending status so that you may preview your work and correct any errors before posting.

Using the image at right, we will add a resource entitled "Mapping the Oceans - Helping Students Make Connections" to the COSEE-OS website. Beginning with the Category field, roll your mouse over the text boxes and drop-down lists as if you were adding information to this form.

Site. Center name, in this case Ocean Systems, which is automatically supplied by the CMS.

Category. Select a category for your resource from the drop-down list so that a user can narrow down a search. Hold down the Ctrl key to select multiple categories. If you do not wish to categorize your resource, leave this field on "none selected" - it will still post on the main Resources page when a user clicks on the link for Resources in the horizontal navigation bar. In our example, we're categorizing our new resource as something of interest to Educators.

Type. Select a type for your resource from the drop-down list so that a user can filter by format. Types are described here. You cannot leave this field blank. Our resource is a PDF.

Date. Enter a date that you'd like posted adjacent to your title when a user sorts by date. You may type the date in or click on the calendar icon to pick a date with your mouse. COSEE-OS uses publication dates for their resources so that a user can find new information uploaded since the last time they visited the website.

Title. Enter a title for your resource (try to keep this short).

Description. Enter a description for your resource for posting on the Resources page. This field will also display in the META Description tag in the source code. The description field will not support links or images added via the [[LINK]] and [[IMAGE]] tag, but you may add these manually. For our resource, we're adding an image of a concept map by manually entering it via the IMG tag (<img src="/images/coseeos/essv_cm200.jpg." />) and then uploading the image to our server separately using the [[IMAGE]] tag on a dummy content page. We're also embedding our image in a table using the following code to give us some space between image and text:

<table border="1" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="5">
<tr><td><img src="/images/coseeos/essv_cm200.jpg" alt="Concept map"></td></tr>

You can increase or decrease the space between text and image by editing the cellpadding number.

We've also added a link to the Ocean-Climate Interactive in the second paragraph of our description (not seen in the image above):

<a href="">Ocean-Climate Interactive</a>

File. To upload our document, we'll click on the Browse button to find the file on our hard drive. The file will upload when the page is submitted.

External URL. If your resource is located on someone else's website, you would enter the URL for that page here. We're linking to a document on our server so we'll leave this field blank.

Page. If your resource is located on a content page on your website, you would select that page from the drop-down list here. We're linking to a document, so we'll leave this field on "none selected".

META Keywords. Enter a list of comma-separated words that describes the topic of this page. Click here for more information on META keywords.

META Author. Enter the name of the person who created or posted this resource.

Submit/Cancel. Click the Submit button at the bottom of the page to upload your information and file. To cancel your changes, click on the Cancel button. Click here to see the completed Show Resource page that appears upon submittal. Note that the status of this resource is Pending. Since the page looks ok, we'll click on the orange link for Publish This Resource at the top of the page to post the resource to the COSEE-OS website. The DOWNLOAD link opens the PDF.

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