Center for Ocean Sciences Education Excellence

Posting a Shared Resource

To post a resource pushed to you from another Center or, click on the link for List All Resources located under RESOURCES on the Admin page to open the List Resources page.

The bottom of the List Resources page contains a box for shared resources, shown in the image at top right for COSEE-OS.

One Center and have shared resources with COSEE-OS; one is pending and nine are active. Only the active resources are currently visible on the COSEE-OS website. In this tutorial, we'll post (publish) the pending item from

To post a shared resource, click on the resource title to open the Show Resource page (see middle image at right). Click on the orange link for Publish Resource to This Site at the top of the page. You can also remove a resource, add a resource, or list all resources from this page. If you remove a shared resource, you cannot get it back.

The status for this resource now reads Active (see image at bottom right).

Click here to see this resource on the COSEE-OS website. The DOWNLOAD link at the end of the description opens a document.

Shared resources can be edited only by the originating Center, and if deleted by them, will disappear from your site.

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