Center for Ocean Sciences Education Excellence

List Events

To view all events, click on the link for List Events located under EVENTS on the Admin page. This will open the List Calendar Events page (see image at right).

The List Calendar Events page shows events entered by your Center in the top box and any events "pushed" to you (i.e. shared) by other Centers or in the bottom box. COSEE-OS has nine active events of their own, six active events pushed to them by and COSEE-California, and one pending event shared by COSEE-Coastal Trends.

To sort your events (up or down), click on any of the header names (title, start date, end date, status, and, in the bottom box only, origin site).

To view an event, click on the title (roll your mouse over Climate and Events - Using Ocean Based Data).

Editing and adding events are described on the next two pages. Sharing events with other Centers and is described separately.

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