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The image at right shows the Edit Event page for the COSEE-OS item "Climate and Oceans - Using Ocean Based Data". It was accessed by clicking on the title for this event on the List Calendar Events page, which opens the Show Event page, and then clicking on the orange link for Edit This Event located at the top of the page.

The fields and elements on this page are described as follows:

Event Title. The title of the event. Try to keep this short - full sentence descriptions are better left for the short blurb.

Short Blurb. A brief description of the event (usually one or two sentences). This field will be posted on the Events page.

Start Date. The date that the event takes place (if a single day event) or that it begins (if a multi-day event.) You may type the date in or click on the calendar icon to pick a date with your mouse. Default is the current date.

Start Time. The time of day that the event begins.

End Date. If a multi-day event, the date that the event ends.

End Time. The time of day that the event ends.

Location. The name of a place where the event is located.

Attendance. A description of the group(s) of people invited to the event.

Description. A full description of the event. You may include links and images in your description.

Contact Name. The name of a person who can be contacted for further information on the event.

Contact Phone. The contact person's phone number.

Contact Email. The contact person's Email address.

Event URL. An external URL containing more information about the event.

Keywords. A list of comma-separated words that describe the topic of this page. Click here for more information.

Event Status. A drop-down list for characterizing the event page as active, pending, or deleted. You must make your event page active for it to be visible on the website.

Submit/Cancel. Click the Submit button at the bottom of the page to upload your changes. To cancel your changes, click on the Cancel button.

Click here to see this event on the COSEE-OS website.

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