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Add an Event

The image at right shows the Add Event page. It was accessed by clicking on the link for Add Event located under EVENTS on the Admin page. This page is similar to the Edit Event page described previously except that it does not have a drop-down list for Status. All new events are automatically assigned pending status so that you may preview your work and correct any errors before posting.

Using the image at right, we will add an event (Summer 2009 Community College Faculty Institute) to the COSEE-OS website. Beginning with the Event Title field, roll your mouse over the text boxes and drop-down lists as if you were adding information to this form.

Event Title. Enter a title for your event. Try to keep this short - full sentence descriptions are better left for the short blurb.

Short Blurb. Enter a brief description of the event (usually one or two sentences). This field will be posted on the Events page beneath the date.

Start Date. Enter the date that the event takes place (if a single day event) or that it begins (if a multi-day event.) You may type the date in or click on the calendar icon to pick a date with your mouse. Default is the current date.

Start Time. Enter the time of day that the event begins.

End Date. If a multi-day event, enter the date that the event ends.

End Time. Enter the time of day that the event ends.

Location. Enter the event location.

Attendance. Enter a description of the group(s) of people invited to the event.

Description. Enter a full description of the event. You may include links and images in your description. Here we've included a link to an internal page (entered using the [[LINK]] tag) and a bulleted list as denoted by asterisks.

Contact Name. Enter the name of a person who can be contacted for further information on the event.

Contact Phone. Enter the contact person's phone number.

Contact Email. Enter the contact person's Email address.

Event URL. Enter an external URL containing more information about the event, if available.

Keywords. Enter a list of comma-separated words that describes the topic of this page. Click here for more information on META keywords.

Submit/Cancel. Click the Submit button at the bottom of the page to upload your information. To cancel your changes, click on the Cancel button.

Clicking on the submit button will open the Show Event page. Note that the current status of the event is pending. If the page looks ok, click on the orange link for Publish This Event at the top of the page to post your item to the website. You may also edit or delete this event, add a new event, or list all events from this page.

Click here to see this event on the COSEE-OS website. The MORE link opens the full description.

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