Roll your mouse over this image to see what will happen
when you click on these features in the actual OCI.
Home Page

The Home page for the COSEE-Ocean Systems Ocean Climate Interactive (OCI) is shown in the image at right. This page presents three distinct views relative to the OCI:
  • Earth-Sun View
  • Earth View
  • CloseUp View
These views were designed to provide a visually engaging and flexible vehicle for learning about ocean systems.

At right, roll over the Earth-Sun or Earth View panels to enlarge these views. (Rolling over any view on the images in our tutorial shows what would happen if you clicked on these views on the actual OCI website.)

At right, roll over the left, middle, and right portions of the CloseUp View panel to display images of the polar, ocean, and inland regions. Roll over the blue arrows on each of these three panels to display larger views of each area.

The sidebar menu on the right-hand side of the page contains information relevant to the currently displayed view.

To return to the Home page from any of the enlarged views, click on the Home page button located in the horizontal blue menu bar near the top of each page.

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