Roll your mouse over this image to see what will happen
when you click on these features in the actual OCI.

Resources present a brief summary of educational materials related to the selected concept (e.g., Upload Date, Source, Type, Cost, etc). At right, roll over the titles of the resources or the green double-arrows to access more information (e.g., full resource, instructions on how to access the resource).

At right, roll over the blue arrow to the left of the "Open Sortable List" to see a new window with available resources that can be sorted by date, title, source, type, etc.

Use the "Keyword Search" to find resources by searching titles, content, and source for specific words. In this example, roll over the "Search" button to see a resource found by searching the "Sun" concept for the keyword "flux".

To see the full list of resources again, select "View All".

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