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06.27.2018 Huge part of Arctic ocean is shifting to an Atlantic climate, study finds The Independent (U.K.) Basic Full Text
06.13.2018 Antarctica loses three trillion tonnes of ice in 25 years BBC News Basic Full Text
06.06.2018 The scientific method and climate change: How scientists know NASA Climate Change News Basic Full Text
06.01.2018 Something Stirs: What Will Happen as Permafrost Thaws? Discover Magazine Basic Full Text
05.16.2018 The southern ocean meridional overturning in the sea-ice sector is driven by freshwater fluxes Nature Communications Expert Full Text
05.15.2018 NASA completes survey flights to map Arctic ice NASA Climate Change News Basic Full Text
05.09.2018 Here's how rising seas could swallow up these coastal cities NBC News Basic Full Text
05.08.2018 Lasers in Space: Earth Mission Tests New Technology NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory Basic Full Text
05.02.2018 GRACE-FO: Cracking a Cold Case NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory Basic Full Text
04.26.2018 Seventh EU Sentinel goes into orbit BBC News Basic Full Text
04.19.2018 Climate Change Affecting Food Chains In The Ocean, Reducing Number Of Fish Tech Times Basic Full Text
04.18.2018 Study reveals new Antarctic process contributing to sea level rise and climate change ScienceDaily Basic Full Text
04.11.2018 Ocean circulation is changing, and we need to know why Nature Expert Full Text
04.09.2018 Simple Math Trick Helps Scientists Predict Climate Change Basic Full Text
03.28.2018 How cloud data are improving weather forecasts NASA Climate Change News Basic Full Text
03.26.2018 Russia and eastern Europe were blanketed with orange snow in a freak weather event AOL Weather Basic Full Text
03.26.2018 NASA renews focus on Earth's frozen regions NASA Climate Change News Basic Full Text
03.23.2018 Arctic wintertime sea ice extent is among lowest on record NASA Climate Change News Basic Full Text
03.22.2018 Scientists assess potential for super greenhouse effect in Earth's tropics NASA Climate Change News Basic Full Text
03.16.2018 Soot transported from elsewhere in world contributes little to melting of some Antarctic glaciers National Science Foundation Basic Full Text
03.14.2018 Caribbean volcano Kick 'em Jenny: Ships warned off area BBC News Basic Full Text
03.06.2018 Research mission to Larsen C Ice Shelf thwarted by sea ice British Antarctic Survey Basic Full Text
03.01.2018 Drought analysis and water resource availability using standardised precipitation evapotranspiration index Atmospheric Research Expert Summary
02.23.2018 Stagnation in the South Pacific EurekaAlert! Basic Full Text
02.20.2018 New study brings Antarctic ice loss into sharper focus NASA Climate Change News Basic Full Text
02.19.2018 'First hint' of a puzzling change in Southern Ocean revealed by CSIRO Brisbane Times Basic Full Text
02.15.2018 Key to predicting climate change could be blowing in the wind, researchers find Clemson University Basic Full Text
02.07.2018 Inorganic carbon addition stimulates snow algae primary productivity The ISME Journal Expert Summary
02.07.2018 January brought largest drought footprint in nearly 4 years to U.S. NOAA News Basic Full Text
01.29.2018 Climate scientists explore hidden ocean beneath Antarctica's largest ice shelf The Conversation Basic Full Text
01.26.2018 Rainfall and ocean circulation linked in past and present ScienceDaily Basic Full Text
01.24.2018 Century of data shows sea-level rise shifting tides in Delaware, Chesapeake bays Penn State Basic Full Text
01.23.2018 Dust on snow controls springtime river rise in West NCCOS (National Centers for Coastal Ocean Science) Basic Full Text
01.17.2018 Ocean waters prevent release of ancient methane University of Rochester Basic Full Text
01.16.2018 Human Emissions Made Ocean Heat Wave 53 Times More Likely National Geographic Basic Full Text
01.16.2018 Isolating the Liquid Cloud Response to Recent Arctic Sea Ice Variability Using Spaceborne Lidar Observations Journal of Geophysical Research-Atmospheres Expert Summary
01.11.2018 Distribution of Phaeocystis antarctica-dominated sea ice algal communities and their potential to seed phytoplankton across the western Antarctic Peninsula in spring Marine Ecology Progress Series Expert Summary
01.11.2018 Sea floor uplift after last ice age causes methane release in the Arctic today CAGE (Centre for Arctic Gas Hydrate, Environment and Climate) Basic Full Text
01.05.2018 Snow piles up and coastal towns get flooded as blizzard blasts Maine Portland Press Herald Basic Full Text
01.02.2018 Trump thinks climate change isn't real because it's cold out. This map proves him wrong. Vox Basic Full Text
01.01.2018 X-, C-, and L-band SAR signatures of newly formed sea ice in Arctic leads during winter and spring Remote Sensing of Environment Expert Full Text
01.01.2018 Precursor role of winter sea-ice in the Labrador Sea for following-spring precipitation over southeastern North America and western Europe Advances in Atmospheric Sciences Expert Summary
12.29.2017 The Top 7 Climate Findings of 2017 Scientific American Basic Full Text
12.28.2017 Scientists find that a saltier sea is a warning of floods to come Yale Climate Connections Basic Full Text
12.20.2017 Arctic forever changed by rapidly warming climate - UN weather agency United Nations News Centre Basic Full Text
12.20.2017 Algae growth reduces reflectivity, enhances Greenland ice sheet melting American Geophysical Union Basic Full Text
12.11.2017 How a Wayward Arctic Current Could Cool the Climate in Europe Yale Environment 360 Basic Full Text
12.05.2017 Arctic sea ice loss could dry out California Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Basic Full Text
11.23.2017 Ocean floor mud reveals secrets of past European climate Basic Full Text
11.09.2017 How ice in clouds is born University of Utah Basic Full Text
11.06.2017 The Zombie Diseases of Climate Change The Atlantic Basic Full Text
11.06.2017 Highlights of the Findings of the U.S. Global Change Research Program Climate Science Special Report U.S. Global Change Research Program Basic Full Text
11.01.2017 Intensifying Winds Could Increase East Antarctica's Contribution to Sea Level Rise University of Texas at Austin Basic Full Text
10.31.2017 NASA estimates global reach of atmospheric rivers NASA Climate Change News Basic Full Text
10.27.2017 Prolific Earth Gravity Satellites End Science Mission PR Newswire Basic Full Text
10.01.2017 The role of microbes in snowmelt and radiative forcing on an Alaskan icefield Nature Geoscience Expert Summary
09.28.2017 Did rapid sea-level rise drown fossil coral reefs around Hawaii? EurekaAlert! Basic Full Text
09.26.2017 Deep waters spiral upward around Antarctica MIT News Basic Full Text
09.16.2017 Conditions leading to the unprecedented low Antarctic sea ice extent during the 2016 austral spring season Geophysical Research Letters Expert Summary
09.11.2017 Cold region 'tipping point' now inevitable ScienceDaily Basic Full Text
09.06.2017 Unraveling a major cause of sea ice retreat in the Arctic Ocean Hokkaido University Basic Full Text
09.02.2017 Fog catching in Peru Global 3000 (Deutsche Welle) Basic Full Text
08.17.2017 Rain: When a good thing becomes too much of a good thing NOAA News Basic Full Text
08.15.2017 Florida's Sea Level Rose 6x Faster Than Average And It's Not Due To Climate Change Forbes Basic Full Text
08.15.2017 Evidence for ice-ocean albedo feedback in the Arctic Ocean shifting to a seasonal ice zone Nature Scientific Reports Expert Summary
07.27.2017 Where global warming gets real: inside Nasa's mission to the north pole The Guardian Basic Full Text
07.24.2017 Sea level fears as Greenland darkens BBC News Basic Full Text
07.20.2017 The artificial glacier growing in the desert CNN Basic Full Text
07.17.2017 New study shows the Amazon makes its own rainy season NASA Climate Change News Basic Full Text
07.16.2017 Impacts of El Niño and La Niña on interannual snow accumulation in the Andes: Results from a high-resolution 31 year reanalysis Geophysical Research Letters Expert Summary
07.12.2017 Giant iceberg breaks off Antarctica Reuters Basic Full Text
07.05.2017 Krill hotspot fuels incredible biodiversity in Antarctic region Oregon State University Basic Full Text
07.01.2017 Low-Cloud, Boundary Layer, and Sea Ice Interactions over the Southern Ocean during Winter Journal of Climate Expert Summary
06.28.2017 Wildfires can cause glaciers to melt from over a thousand miles away, scientists find Alaska Dispatch News Basic Full Text
06.27.2017 Arctic subsea permafrost is thawing faster than thought Stockholm University Basic Full Text
06.26.2017 Water exists as two different liquids EurekaAlert! Basic Full Text
06.19.2017 Earth has 2nd warmest year to date and 3rd warmest May on record NOAA News Basic Full Text
06.19.2017 Freshwater from salt water using only solar energy Rice University Basic Full Text
06.15.2017 As the North Slope of Alaska warms, greenhouse gases have nowhere to go but up NOAA Basic Full Text
06.05.2017 Sun and sky, snow and ice NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory Basic Full Text
05.11.2017 5 myths about oceans and why you should care Dallas News Basic Full Text
05.10.2017 Different places warm at different paces University of Bergen Basic Full Text
05.08.2017 Southern California beaches get bacteria warnings after rain Monterey Herald Basic Full Text
05.04.2017 Long-dormant bacteria and viruses, trapped in ice and permafrost for centuries, are reviving as Earth's climate warms BBC News Basic Full Text
05.01.2017 Researchers develop radar simulator to characterize scattering of debris in tornadoes National Science Foundation Basic Full Text
04.28.2017 Drought plaguing Maine since last summer finally over Bangor Daily News Basic Full Text
04.19.2017 In new paper, scientists explain climate change using before/after photographic evidence University of Kansas Basic Full Text
04.06.2017 Solving the mystery of the Arctic's green ice Harvard University Basic Full Text
03.27.2017 Local cooling value of forests affirms need for greater forest conservation and protection AlphaGalileo Basic Full Text
03.09.2017 Is Spring Getting Longer? UNH Research Points to a Lengthening "Vernal Window" University of New Hampshire Basic Full Text
03.09.2017 New research shows ocean acidification is spreading rapidly in the Arctic NOAA News Basic Full Text
03.01.2017 The World's Oldest Fossils Unearthed in Canada Popular Mechanics Basic Full Text
02.24.2017 In Siberia there is a huge crater and it is getting bigger BBC Earth News Basic Full Text
02.23.2017 Melting Sea Ice May Be Speeding Nature's Clock in the Arctic University of California, Davis Basic Full Text
02.22.2017 Inside the destructive forces at work in atmospheric river storms CBS News Basic Full Text
02.17.2017 Unprecedented Arctic weather has scientists on edge NOAA News Basic Full Text
02.10.2017 The effect of spatial averaging and glacier melt on detecting a forced signal in regional sea level Environmental Research Letters Expert Summary
02.08.2017 Greenland ice sheet melting can cool subtropics, alter climate University of Michigan Basic Full Text
02.01.2017 Antarctic Bottom Waters Freshening at Unexpected Rate Scripps Institution of Oceanography Basic Full Text
01.07.2017 Monster Winter Storm Cripples South, Kills Four Across U.S. NBC News Basic Full Text
01.04.2017 Theory Provides Roadmap in Quest for Quark Soup 'Critical Point' Brookhaven National Laboratory Basic Full Text
01.01.2017 Phase transition: Cold as ice Nature Reviews Chemistry Expert Full Text
12.23.2016 Water In Space: Does It Freeze Or Boil? Forbes Basic Full Text
12.21.2016 Methane: The Arctic's Buried Treasure Marine Technology Reporter Basic Full Text
12.16.2016 Top Eight Ocean Stories That Made Waves in 2016 The Smithsonian Basic Full Text
12.12.2016 What satellites can tell us about how animals will fare in a changing climate NASA Climate Change News Basic Full Text
12.07.2016 Blocks of Ice Demonstrate Levitated and Directed Motion American Institute of Physics (AIP) Newsroom on Newswise Basic Full Text
11.30.2016 Bangladesh: Resisting the Tide NHK World (Japan) Basic Full Text
11.28.2016 Inside tiny tubes, water turns solid when it should be boiling Massachusetts Institute of Technology News Basic Full Text
11.23.2016 Antarctic glacier may melt on its own, raise sea level 10 feet Portland Press Herald Basic Full Text
11.05.2016 Giant snowballs appear on Russian beach in Siberia BBC News Basic Full Text
11.04.2016 Climate change is turning into a race between politics and physics Washington Post Basic Full Text
11.04.2016 Arctic Makes Ice at Record Slow Pace Scientific American Basic Full Text
11.04.2016 My contribution to Arctic sea ice melt Max Planck Gesellschaft Basic Full Text
11.01.2016 Ancient Ocean Floor Seashells Improve Model of Past Glaciers EOS (American Geophysical Union) Basic Full Text
10.20.2016 Oasis of life in the ice-covered central Arctic Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research Basic Full Text
10.19.2016 Back to the Basics: Precipitation Patterns NOAA Basic Full Text
10.13.2016 Season of intense melting in Antarctica offers insights into continent's future National Science Foundation Basic Full Text
10.03.2016 Historical records may underestimate global sea level rise ScienceDaily Basic Full Text
10.01.2016 Number-size distribution of aerosol particles and new particle formation events in tropical and subtropical Pacific Oceans Atmospheric Environment Expert Full Text
09.26.2016 Methane Muted: How Did Early Earth Stay Warm? University of California, Riverside Basic Full Text
09.19.2016 Working together to save the Arctic: 20 years of Arctic Council Deutsche Welle Basic Full Text
09.16.2016 #askjason3 - Keeping an eye on the ocean surface Deutsche Welle Basic Full Text
09.06.2016 Arctic Ocean shipping routes 'to open for months' BBC News Basic Full Text
09.05.2016 Mega-study on oceans predicts super-storms, massive life loss Haaretz Basic Full Text
08.24.2016 By Mid-Century, More Antarctic Snowfall May Help Offset Sea-Level Rise Earth Institute (Columbia University) Basic Full Text
07.21.2016 Historical Records Miss a Fifth of Global Warming: NASA NASA News Basic Full Text
07.19.2016 NASA science flights target melting Arctic Sea ice ScienceDaily Basic Full Text
07.19.2016 June marks 14 consecutive months of record heat for the globe NOAA News Basic Full Text
07.14.2016 Oceans Eating Away at Yet Another Part of Antarctica Climate Central Basic Full Text
07.13.2016 July 2016 ENSO discussion: Enjoy neutral while it lasts! NOAA Basic Full Text
07.11.2016 Climate change may shrink Adélie penguin range by end of century NASA Climate Change News Basic Full Text
07.08.2016 The role of springtime Arctic clouds in determining autumn sea ice extent NOAA Climate Program Office Basic Full Text
06.27.2016 Using timing of ice retreat to predict timing of fall freeze-up in the Arctic Geophysical Research Letters Expert Summary
06.23.2016 Harpswell residents urged to plan for rising tides The Forecaster Basic Full Text
06.19.2016 How meltwater from the ice sheets disturbed the climate 10,000 years ago Ruhr-Universität Bochum Basic Full Text
06.15.2016 AWI Scientists to Deploy New Equipment in Arctic Study Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research Basic Full Text
06.08.2016 Observatories, long-term greenhouse gas data retrieved from the Arctic Ocean CAGE (Centre for Arctic Gas Hydrate, Environment and Climate) Basic Full Text
06.01.2016 Antarctic images reveal decades of ice loss University of Edinburgh Basic Full Text
05.06.2016 Study Offers Clues to Better Rainfall Predictions Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute Basic Full Text
05.06.2016 Understanding tiny droplets can make for better weather forecasts Norwegian University of Science & Technology Basic Full Text
05.04.2016 Engineers create a better way to boil water, with industrial, electronics applications ScienceDaily Basic Full Text
05.04.2016 Melting ice is causing the Earth's axis to shift direction Public Radio International Basic Full Text
05.01.2016 Transient boiling of water under exponentially escalating heat inputs. Part I: Pool boiling International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer Expert Summary
04.25.2016 UGA researchers discover fate of melting glacial ice in Greenland UGA Today (University of Georgia) Basic Full Text
04.22.2016 ORNL researchers discover new state of water molecule Oak Ridge National Laboratory Basic Full Text
04.10.2016 Simulating the Ocean and Sea Ice Demystifying Climate Models Expert Summary
04.01.2016 Influence of melt-pond depth and ice thickness on Arctic sea-ice albedo and light transmittance Cold Regions Science and Technology Expert Summary
04.01.2016 Earth's internal heat drives rapid ice flow and subglacial melting in Greenland Helmholtz Centre Potsdam - GFZ German Research Centre for Geosciences Basic Full Text
03.31.2016 Reduced Oxygen During Ice Age Sheds Light on 'Missing' Carbon Dioxide Syracuse University Basic Full Text
03.28.2016 The Arctic sets yet another record low maximum extent National Snow and Ice Data Center Basic Full Text
03.22.2016 World-Renowned Climate Scientist Makes Dire Warning About Sea Level Rise, Storms Huffington Post Basic Full Text
03.21.2016 Northwest Passage cruise plans not without risk Deutsche Welle Basic Full Text
03.03.2016 Greenland's Ice Is Getting Darker, Increasing Risk of Melting Earth Institute (Columbia University) Basic Full Text
03.01.2016 Studying Earth in the New Millennium: NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory's Contributions to Earth Science and Applications Space Agencies NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory Expert Summary
02.25.2016 Implications of North Atlantic Sea Surface Salinity for Summer Precipitation over the US Midwest: Mechanisms and Predictive Value Journal of Climate Expert Summary
02.24.2016 Is El Niño AWOL? NOAA Basic Full Text
02.22.2016 Should desalination play a bigger role in California's water future? Pasadena Star-News Basic Full Text
02.22.2016 New Research Introduces 'Pause Button' for Boiling Syracuse University Basic Full Text
02.17.2016 Here's what El Nino's storms meant for Lake Mead's water levels Las Vegas Review-Journal Basic Full Text
02.15.2016 Thirsty continents are slowing down expected sea level rise, scientists say Los Angeles Times Basic Full Text
02.12.2016 Glacial lake drainage in Patagonia (13-8 kyr) and response of the adjacent Pacific Ocean Nature Scientific Reports Expert Full Text
02.12.2016 Scientists reveal new ice with record-low density University of Nebraska - Lincoln Basic Full Text
02.08.2016 Study: Long-term global warming needs external drivers Global Climate Change - NASA Basic Full Text
02.03.2016 Rains return to California to start 2016 NOAA Basic Full Text
02.01.2016 Explicitly-coupled cloud physics and radiation parameterizations and subsequent evaluation in WRF high-resolution convective forecasts Atmospheric Research Expert Summary
01.18.2016 Explosive volcanism drove major changes in 'Snowball Earth' ocean chemistry University of Southampton Basic Full Text
01.15.2016 Experimental characterization of the opposition surge in fine-grained water-ice and high albedo ice analogs Icarus Expert Summary
01.01.2016 On the warm inflow at the eastern boundary of the Weddell Gyre Deep Sea Research Part I: Oceanographic Research Papers Expert Summary
01.01.2016 Extreme Research Shows How Arctic Ice Is Dwindling National Geographic Basic Full Text
01.01.2016 Decadal Changes in Multiscale Water Vapor Transport and Atmospheric River Associated with the Pacific Decadal Oscillation and the North Pacific Gyre Oscillation Journal of Hydrometeorology Expert Full Text
12.21.2015 Salty sea spray affects the lifetimes of clouds, researchers find Colorado State University Basic Full Text
12.18.2015 Life exploded on Earth after slow rise of oxygen University College London Basic Full Text
12.15.2015 Warmer air and sea, declining ice continue to trigger Arctic change NOAA News Basic Full Text
12.08.2015 NCAR develops method to predict sea ice changes years in advance NCAR (National Center for Atmospheric Research) Basic Full Text
11.19.2015 Warm water is mixing up life in the Arctic Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research Basic Full Text
11.18.2015 Warming Ocean Worsened Australia's Fatal 2010/2011 Floods Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute Basic Full Text
11.13.2015 Ghosts of oceans past Science / AAAS Expert Summary
11.13.2015 The silent services of the world ocean Science / AAAS Expert Summary
11.12.2015 In Greenland, Another Major Glacier Comes Undone NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory Basic Full Text
10.31.2015 Is desalination the future of drought relief in California? PBS News Hour Basic Full Text
10.26.2015 Learning from the past - behavior of the Antarctic Ice Sheet University of Maine Basic Full Text
10.23.2015 Hurricane Patricia: Mexico awaits 'strongest ever' storm BBC News Basic Full Text
10.20.2015 Formation of coastal sea ice in North Pacific drives ocean circulation and climate University of California, Santa Cruz Basic Full Text
10.14.2015 Declassified Spy Maps Show Melting Arctic Ice Smithsonian Basic Full Text
10.05.2015 South Carolina Flooding Is Devastatingly Remarkable Accuweather Basic Full Text
10.01.2015 Aerosol effect on the land-ocean contrast in thunderstorm electrification and lightning frequency Atmospheric Research Expert Summary
10.01.2015 Scientists use holography to peer into clouds National Science Foundation Basic Full Text
09.22.2015 Cold patch in northern Atlantic Ocean intrigues scientists Roanoke times Basic Full Text
09.21.2015 Photos Thawing permafrost threatens food security in Jean Marie River, N.W.T. CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) Basic Full Text
09.11.2015 Burning all fossil fuels will melt entire Antarctic ice-sheet, study shows The Guardian Basic Full Text
09.11.2015 Tens Of Thousands Of Walruses Come Ashore As Sea Ice Melts Off Alaska BuzzFeed News Basic Full Text
09.10.2015 Atmospheric science: Sea-spray particles cause freezing in clouds Nature News Basic Full Text
09.07.2015 Arctic sea ice is not recovering Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research Basic Full Text
08.28.2015 The Earth Is Now "Locked In" To A 3 Foot Sea Level Rise, NASA Says BuzzFeed News Basic Full Text
08.27.2015 Sea levels will rise, experts warn, and 'it's not going to stop' Los Angeles Times Basic Full Text
08.10.2015 Scientists Pioneer Method to Track Water Flowing Through Glaciers UT News (University of Texas) Basic Full Text
08.01.2015 Responses of surface heat flux, sea ice and ocean dynamics in the Chukchi-Beaufort sea to storm passages during winter 2006/2007: A numerical study Deep Sea Research Part I: Oceanographic Research Papers Expert Summary
07.16.2015 Climate change intensification of horizontal water vapor transport in CMIP5 Geophysical Research Letters Expert Summary
07.09.2015 Study: Global sea levels have risen six meters or more with just slight global warming Oregon State University Basic Full Text
07.08.2015 Satellites track Earth's water movements to help complete climate picture NASA Basic Full Text
07.04.2015 As Parts of Three Continents Bake, Greenland Sees Sudden Spike in Surface Melting Discover Basic Full Text
07.01.2015 Variation in blood serum antifreeze activity of Antarctic Trematomus fishes across habitat temperature and depth Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology: Part A: Molecular & Integrative Physiology Expert Summary
06.29.2015 Retreating sea ice linked to changes in ocean circulation, could affect European climate EurekaAlert! Basic Full Text
06.23.2015 NASA Mission to Measure Ocean Salinity Ends with Success Santa Barbara Independent Basic Full Text
06.16.2015 Snow cover retreats further environmentalresearchweb Basic Full Text
06.15.2015 Clouds Over Peru: Upwelling Causes 'Bumpy' Fog Along Coastline LiveScience Basic Full Text
06.09.2015 How Atmospheric Rivers Form American Institute of Physics (AIP) Newsroom on Newswise Basic Full Text
06.09.2015 Estimation of annual variation of water vapor in the Arctic Ocean between 80°-87°N using shipborne GPS data based on kinematic precise point positioning Acta Oceanologica Sinica Expert Summary
05.21.2015 Sudden onset of ice loss in Antarctica so large it affects Earth's gravity field ScienceDaily Basic Full Text
05.19.2015 NASA: Big Antarctica Ice Shelf Is Disintegrating Voice of America Basic Full Text
05.19.2015 When's the Last Time Our CO2 Levels Were This High? Pacific Standard Basic Full Text
05.16.2015 Frequency and causes of failed MODIS cloud property retrievals for liquid phase clouds over global oceans Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres Expert Full Text
04.10.2015 Millions of Indian Farmers Hit by Spell of Unseasonable Rains Voice of America Basic Full Text
03.31.2015 Deep Ocean Current May Slow Due to Climate Change Astrobiology Magazine Basic Full Text
03.20.2015 Arctic Sea Ice's Winter Peak Is Lowest on Record LiveScience Basic Full Text
03.20.2015 Arctic sea ice winter maximum may be smallest on record NOAA Basic Full Text
03.16.2015 Meteorology 101 Vocabulary: Albedo WBTV News (Charlotte, N.C.) Basic Full Text
03.16.2015 East Antarctica Melting Could be Explained by Oceanic Gateways University of Texas at Austin Basic Full Text
03.03.2015 On thin ice: Combined Arctic ice observations show decades of loss University of Washington Basic Full Text
03.02.2015 First global rainfall and snowfall map from new Earth mission released NASA Climate Change News Basic Full Text
02.19.2015 Arctic ice warms from below Nature Expert Summary
02.06.2015 Earth Orbit Plus Seafloor Volcanoes Yield Climate Swings Science 2.0 Basic Full Text
02.05.2015 Science tells the story of salt and ice WISH-TV (Indianapolis, Ind.) Basic Full Text
02.01.2015 Assessment of Sea Ice Albedo Radiative Forcing and Feedback over the Northern Hemisphere from 1982 to 2009 Using Satellite and Reanalysis Data Journal of Climate Expert Summary
01.28.2015 Raging snow, howling wind: The meteorological evolution of the Blizzard of 2015 Washington Post Basic Full Text
01.16.2015 Atmospheric Rivers, Cloud-Creating Aerosol Particles, and California Reservoirs University of California, San Diego Basic Full Text
01.16.2015 Evaluating biases in simulated snow albedo feedback in two generations of climate models Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres Expert Summary
01.07.2015 State braces for another year of drought Albuquerque Journal Basic Full Text
01.01.2015 Effects of stratospheric ozone depletion, solar UV radiation, and climate change on biogeochemical cycling: interactions and feedbacks Photochemical & Photobiological Sciences Expert Summary
01.01.2015 Earth science: Ocean circulation and rapid climate change Nature Expert Summary
12.30.2014 Satellites measure increase of sun's energy absorbed in the Arctic NASA News Basic Full Text
12.24.2014 Man-made pollutants significantly influence how tree emissions form aerosol particles Georgia Tech Basic Full Text
12.23.2014 Salinity matters Space Daily Basic Full Text
12.22.2014 Methane is leaking from permafrost offshore Siberia EurekaAlert! Basic Full Text
12.16.2014 Reflectivity of Greenland Ice Sheet in late summer hit new low in 2014 NOAA Basic Full Text
12.16.2014 Summer 2014 brought above-average warmth to western Arctic waters NOAA Basic Full Text
12.16.2014 Analysis: 11 trillion gallons needed to replenish California drought losses Global Climate Change - NASA Basic Full Text
12.12.2014 Water Vapor's Role in Climate Change Quest Basic Full Text
12.02.2014 Looking at El Nino's past to predict its future Georgia Tech Basic Full Text
12.01.2014 Variation of upper tropospheric clouds and water vapour over the Indian Ocean International Journal of Climatology Expert Summary
11.20.2014 Modeling the sky: How scientists use equations to understand Earth's clouds Global Climate Change - NASA Basic Full Text
11.13.2014 Four decades of sea ice from space: The future Global Climate Change - NASA Basic Full Text
11.10.2014 Robotic Ocean Gliders Aid Study of Melting Polar Ice Caltech Basic Full Text
10.30.2014 Centennial-scale changes in the global carbon cycle during the last deglaciation Nature Expert Summary
09.30.2014 Half of Earth's water formed before the sun was born Science / AAAS Basic Full Text
09.26.2014 The drought you can't see Science Basic Summary
08.27.2014 NASA scientist: 2014 Arctic minimum likely to be among lowest NASA Basic Full Text
08.08.2014 From pole to pole, NASA's flying laboratories study our world NASA Basic Full Text
08.04.2014 Melt ponds shine in NASA laser altimeter images ScienceDaily Basic Full Text
07.31.2014 Universality of Tip Singularity Formation in Freezing Water Drops Physical Review Letters Expert Summary
07.28.2014 Shifting ocean surface saltiness from 2004-2013 NOAA Basic Full Text
07.17.2014 Jet Engineer Designs a Saucepan That Boils Water Ridiculously Fast Wired Basic Full Text
07.12.2014 2013 State of the Climate: Humidity NOAA Basic Full Text
07.10.2014 What's the Mystery Behind West Antarctica's Disappearing Ice? NOAA Basic Full Text
07.07.2014 Study reveals strong links between Antarctic climate, food web Virginia Institute of Marine Science Basic Full Text
06.24.2014 Warming climate claims chunks of Alaska's northern coast NOAA Basic Full Text
06.15.2014 Melting and Refreezing of Deep Greenland Ice Speeds Flow to Sea, Study Says Earth Institute (Columbia University) Basic Full Text
06.10.2014 Researchers Find Major West Antarctic Glacier Melting from Geothermal Sources University of Texas at Austin Basic Full Text
05.11.2014 Ocean winds keep Antarctica cold, Australia dry EurekaAlert! Basic Full Text
05.06.2014 FACT SHEET: What Climate Change Means for Regions across America and Major Sectors of the Economy The White House Basic Full Text
05.06.2014 The Randolph Glacier Inventory: a globally complete inventory of glaciers Journal of Glaciology Expert Full Text
04.24.2014 Today's Antarctic region once as hot as California, Florida Yale News Basic Full Text
04.15.2014 UMaine Researcher: Ocean Stratification Drove Disintegration of Scotland Ice Cap UMaine News Basic Full Text
03.31.2014 Arctic melt season lengthening, ocean rapidly warming ScienceDaily Basic Full Text
03.18.2014 Future Flood Zones for New York City NOAA Basic Full Text
03.05.2014 Warm rivers play role in Arctic sea ice melt NASA Basic Full Text
03.04.2014 Heavy downpours more intense, frequent in a warmer world NOAA Basic Full Text
03.03.2014 Global warming felt to deepest reaches of ocean McGill University Basic Full Text
03.03.2014 Climate Change Felt in Deep Waters of Antarctica Smithsonian Basic Full Text
02.27.2014 NASA and JAXA Launch New Satellite to Measure Global Rain and Snow NASA Basic Full Text
02.18.2014 Troubled waters in Arctic The Denver Post Basic Full Text
01.24.2014 Increased Dust Deposition in the Pacific Southern Ocean During Glacial Periods Science / AAAS Expert Summary
01.16.2014 NASA finds reducing salt is bad for glacial health NASA Climate Change News Basic Full Text
01.06.2014 It's So Cold in the Midwest, a Pot of Boiling Water Turned Instantly to Snow Slate Magazine Basic Full Text
01.01.2014 On the persistent spread in snow-albedo feedback Climate Dynamics Expert Summary
01.01.2014 High temporal resolution estimations of the Arctic sea ice albedo during the melting and refreezing periods of the years 2003-2011 Remote Sensing of Environment Expert Summary
12.22.2013 Extensive liquid meltwater storage in firn within the Greenland ice sheet Nature Geoscience Expert Summary
12.11.2013 Arctic Cyclones More Common than Previously Thought Ohio State University Basic Full Text
11.11.2013 AQUARIUS detects effects of an extreme Mississippi river flooding event (November, 2013) NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory Basic Full Text
11.01.2013 Boiling Point National Geographic Basic Full Text
10.20.2013 Global ocean currents explain why Northern Hemisphere is the soggier one University of Washington Basic Full Text
09.27.2013 Climate Models Show Potential 21st Century Temperature, Precipitation Changes NASA Basic Full Text
09.20.2013 Why is Sea Ice Increasing in the Antarctic? Accuweather Basic Full Text
09.11.2013 Unprecedented Rate and Scale of Ocean Acidification Found in the Arctic U.S. Geological Survey Basic Full Text
08.19.2013 Can 'powdered rain' make drought a thing of the past? BBC News Basic Full Text
08.19.2013 Dusting the Virtues of Snow NASA Earth Observatory Basic Full Text
07.29.2013 Will Earth's Ocean Boil Away? National Geographic Basic Full Text
07.24.2013 Catching aerosols in a CATS eye NASA Basic Full Text
07.23.2013 NSF-Funded Research Sheds New Light on How Surface Water Lubricates the Bottom of the Greenland Ice Sheet National Science Foundation Basic Full Text
07.22.2013 Sea Level Rise: New Iceberg Theory Points to Areas at Risk of Rapid Disintegration ScienceDaily Basic Full Text
07.11.2013 A potential barrier to deep Antarctic circumpolar flow until the late Miocene? Geology Expert Summary
07.03.2013 2001-2010, A Decade of Climate Extremes World Meteorological Organization Basic Full Text
05.29.2013 Arctic Current Flowed Under Deep Freeze of Last Ice Age, Study Says Earth Institute (Columbia University) Basic Full Text
04.29.2013 Climate change will raise the sea level in the Gulf of Finland Finnish Meteorological Institute Basic Full Text
04.22.2013 Biological Activity Alters the Ability of Particles from Sea Spray to Seed Clouds Scripps News Basic Full Text
04.03.2013 Thin, low Arctic clouds played an important role in the massive 2012 Greenland ice melt NOAA News Basic Full Text
03.31.2013 Important role for ocean warming and increased ice-shelf melt in Antarctic sea-ice expansion Nature Geoscience Expert Summary
03.10.2013 Greenland meltwater as a significant and potentially bioavailable source of iron to the ocean Nature Geoscience Expert Summary
03.06.2013 Dynamics of a Snowball Earth ocean Nature Expert Summary
02.24.2013 New Source Found For Cold, Deep Antarctic Currents Our Amazing Planet Basic Full Text
02.14.2013 Icy Algae in a Changing Arctic The Scientist Basic Full Text
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