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06.05.2018 A Gas Banned by the Montreal Protocol Has Resurfaced in the Atmosphere The Wire (India) Basic Full Text
05.16.2018 Emissions of an ozone-destroying chemical are rising again NOAA News Basic Full Text
05.15.2018 A major event of Antarctic ozone hole influence in southern Brazil in October 2016: an analysis of tropospheric and stratospheric dynamics Annales Geophysicae (ANGEO) Basic Full Text
05.14.2018 Tracking airborne pollutants, ozone precursors in Boulder University of Colorado | Boulder Basic Full Text
04.24.2018 Tailoring Aerosol Injections to Achieve Desired Climate Effects EOS: Earth & Space Science News Basic Full Text
04.19.2018 Stopping an environmental disaster before it's too late University of California Basic Full Text
03.28.2018 Slow coolant phaseout could worsen warming American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) Basic Summary
03.19.2018 NASA powers on new instrument staring at the Sun NASA Climate Change News Basic Full Text
03.08.2018 Airborne limb-imaging measurements of temperature, HNO3, O3, ClONO2, H2O and CFC-12 during the Arctic winter 2015/16: characterization, in-situ validation and comparison to Aura/MLS Atmospheric measurement Techniques Expert Summary
02.28.2018 Ozone Hole Springer Expert Summary
02.09.2018 As polar ozone mends, UV shield closer to equator thins Science / AAAS Expert Summary
02.07.2018 Monsoon upwelling that gives Mumbai its fish also kills them Times of India Basic Full Text
02.07.2018 Increased UV from ozone depletion sterilizes trees University of California, Berkeley Basic Full Text
02.06.2018 Ozone Layer May Be Thinning Over Earth's Heavily Populated Areas Wall Street Journal Basic Full Text
02.05.2018 Study: People in parts of U.S. and beyond breathe unhealthy ozone pollution more than 2 weeks a year NOAA News Basic Full Text
01.25.2018 A Six-Hour Theatrical Epic About the Hole in the Ozone Layer The New Yorker Basic Full Text
01.11.2018 Impact on short-lived climate forcers increases projected warming due to deforestation Nature Communications Expert Full Text
12.14.2017 Researchers share perspective on key elements of ozone layer recovery Basic Full Text
11.06.2017 JPSS-1 Launch Delayed NOAA News Basic Full Text
10.26.2017 Pakistan to phase out use of ozone-depleting chemicals The Express Tribune (Pakistan) Basic Full Text
10.26.2017 Robert de Zafra, Who Made Key Findings on Ozone, Dies at 85 N.Y. Times Basic Full Text
10.26.2017 First SAGE III atmospheric data released for public use NASA News Basic Full Text
10.12.2017 Study reveals new threat to the ozone layer European Geosciences Union Basic Full Text
10.01.2017 The role of the Mt. Merapi eruption in the 2011 Arctic ozone depletion Atmospheric Environment Expert Summary
09.19.2017 Synchronous volcanic eruptions and abrupt climate change ∼17.7 ka plausibly linked by stratospheric ozone depletion Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America Expert Summary
09.01.2017 Impact of the Montreal Protocol on Antarctic Surface Mass Balance and Implications for Global Sea Level Rise Journal of Climate Expert Summary
08.14.2017 Ozone treaty taking a bite out of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions NOAA News Basic Full Text
08.08.2017 'Dodgy' greenhouse gas data threatens Paris accord BBC News Basic Full Text
07.11.2017 NOAA's Greenhouse Gas Index up 40 percent since 1990 NOAA News Basic Full Text
06.30.2017 Possible new threat to Earth's ozone layer NOAA Office of Oceanic & Atmospheric Research Basic Full Text
06.13.2017 NASA-MIT study evaluates efficiency of oceans as heat sink, atmospheric gases sponge NASA Climate Change News Basic Full Text
06.05.2017 Evidence shows increased risk of ozone loss over the United States in summer Harvard University Basic Full Text
06.01.2017 Tropical circulation and precipitation response to ozone depletion and recovery Environmental Research Letters Expert Summary
05.27.2017 25 years ago, Toronto became the centre of the universe . . . for the UV index Toronto Star Basic Full Text
04.27.2017 Fifty years ago, a historic balloon launch that changed the way we see the ozone layer NOAA News Basic Full Text
04.19.2017 Rowland Hall earns chemical landmark status University of California, Irvine Basic Full Text
04.10.2017 Understanding Earth's climate NASA Climate Change News Basic Full Text
03.07.2017 SAGE III installed on its new home on the International Space Station NASA Climate Change News Basic Full Text
02.15.2017 'The blob' of abnormal conditions boosted Western U.S. ozone levels University of Washington Basic Full Text
02.09.2017 Transient response of the Southern Ocean to changing ozone: Regional responses and physical mechanisms Journal of Climate Expert Summary
02.07.2017 NASA Langley ozone sensor set for launch to space station NASA Climate Change News Basic Full Text
02.01.2017 Ozone watch EurekaAlert! Basic Full Text
01.09.2017 Why R-32 May Be the Refrigerant of the Future ACHR (Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration) News Basic Full Text
01.09.2017 Short-lived greenhouse gases cause centuries of sea-level rise Massachusetts Institute of Technology Basic Full Text
12.15.2016 Ralph J. Cicerone (1943-2016) Nature Expert Full Text
11.04.2016 4 ways the ozone hole is linked to climate, and 1 way it isn't NOAA Basic Full Text
10.26.2016 Size of 2016 Antarctic ozone hole is nearly average, as expected NOAA News Basic Full Text
10.15.2016 Climate change: 'Monumental' deal to cut HFCs, fastest growing greenhouse gases BBC News Basic Full Text
10.01.2016 Number-size distribution of aerosol particles and new particle formation events in tropical and subtropical Pacific Oceans Atmospheric Environment Expert Full Text
09.26.2016 Methane Muted: How Did Early Earth Stay Warm? University of California, Riverside Basic Full Text
09.19.2016 NOAA "reels in" data on Utah's winter ozone problem NOAA Office of Oceanic & Atmospheric Research Basic Full Text
09.18.2016 Ozone talks head to Rwanda East African Business Week Basic Full Text
09.02.2016 A Strange Thing Happened in the Stratosphere NASA Basic Full Text
08.10.2016 Tighter air pollution standards may save thousands of lives, greatly improve public health EurekaAlert! Basic Full Text
08.02.2016 How Did We Save The Ozone Layer? The Inquiry _ BBC Basic Full Text
07.18.2016 Helping refrigerators save the climate Thomson Reuters Basic Full Text
07.17.2016 Good News: Earth's Ozone Hole is Healing Voice of America Basic Full Text
07.04.2016 Surviving but not thriving: inconsistent responses of zooxanthellate jellyfish polyps to ocean warming and future UV-B scenarios Nature Scientific Reports Expert Full Text
06.20.2016 Remember the Ozone Layer? New York Times Basic Full Text
05.18.2016 Warming due to carbon dioxide jumped by half in 25 years NOAA News Basic Full Text
04.27.2016 On the trail of a hazy global killer NASA Climate Change News Basic Full Text
03.01.2016 Observation of surface ozone in the marine boundary layer along a cruise through the Arctic Ocean: From offshore to remote Atmospheric Research Expert Summary
03.01.2016 Studying Earth in the New Millennium: NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory's Contributions to Earth Science and Applications Space Agencies NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory Expert Summary
02.27.2016 Tropical fires fuel elevated ozone levels over western Pacific Ocean NASA Climate Change News Basic Full Text
02.01.2016 The impact of cut-off lows on ozone in the upper troposphere and lower stratosphere over Changchun from ozonesonde observations Advances in Atmospheric Sciences Expert Summary
01.27.2016 Antarctic winter mercury and ozone depletion events over sea ice Atmospheric Environment Expert Summary
01.13.2016 Fires Burning in Africa and Asia Cause High Ozone in Tropical Pacific University of Maryland Basic Full Text
12.10.2015 Ozone and Climate: With the HALO Research Aircraft to the North Pole Karlsruhe Institute of Technology Basic Full Text
12.01.2015 Comparing the Impacts of Tropical SST Variability and Polar Stratospheric Ozone Loss on the Southern Ocean Westerly Winds Journal of Climate Expert Summary
11.03.2015 HFC greenhouse gases: a tale of two (or more) futures NOAA News Basic Full Text
10.29.2015 Cold winter leads to large, late Antarctic ozone hole in 2015 NOAA Basic Full Text
10.19.2015 Studying 2015 El Niño event as never before NASA Climate Change News Basic Full Text
09.28.2015 New England Had More Unhealthy Air Quality Days during Summer Ozone Season EPA Basic Full Text
09.18.2015 Air pollution could kill 6.6M people a year by 2050 CNN Phillipines Basic Full Text
09.16.2015 #OzoneDay: UN marks '30 years of healing the ozone together' - but the job's not done Deutsche Welle Basic Full Text
09.01.2015 Ozone trends and their relationship to characteristic weather patterns Journal of Exposure Science and Environmental Epidemiology Expert Summary
08.19.2015 The Montreal Protocol: the precedent for change Technician (North Carolina State University) Basic Full Text
08.10.2015 Nature, Chinese Pollution Offset U.S. West Ozone Gains NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory Basic Full Text
08.01.2015 Identification of influential events concerning the Antarctic ozone hole over southern Brazil and the biological effects induced by UVB and UVA radiation in an endemic treefrog species Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety Expert Summary
07.15.2015 CFC most likely major driver of climate change, not CO2: Exper EurekaAlert! Basic Full Text
06.29.2015 Atmospheric mysteries unraveling Drexel University Basic Full Text
06.03.2015 Lessons from ozone hole patching The Statesman (India) Basic Full Text
06.02.2015 Fourteen years of carbon monoxide from MOPITT NASA Climate Change News Basic Full Text
06.01.2015 The Montreal Protocol Is Healing Earth's Ozone Hole Chemical & Engineering News Basic Full Text
05.21.2015 Sudden onset of ice loss in Antarctica so large it affects Earth's gravity field ScienceDaily Basic Full Text
05.12.2015 High albuterol inhaler costs linked to chlorofluorocarbon ban Clinical Advisor Basic Full Text
03.31.2015 From the archive, 31 March 1995: First ozone hole found over Arctic The Guardian Basic Full Text
03.26.2015 Deadly Japan quake and tsunami spurred global warming, ozone loss American Geophysical Union Basic Full Text
02.18.2015 Short-lived chemicals that burn a hole in the ozone layer are on the rise ZME Science Basic Full Text
01.02.2015 Scientists and Politicians worked together to solve global warming crisis GlobeNewswire Basic Full Text
01.01.2015 Effects of stratospheric ozone depletion, solar UV radiation, and climate change on biogeochemical cycling: interactions and feedbacks Photochemical & Photobiological Sciences Expert Summary
01.01.2015 Ozone depletion and climate change: impacts on UV radiation Photochemical & Photobiological Sciences Expert Summary
01.01.2015 A large ozone-circulation feedback and its implications for global warming assessments Nature Climate Change Expert Summary
11.26.2014 EPA Releases Long-Awaited New Rules Limiting Ozone Newsweek Basic Full Text
10.28.2014 Cold chemistry: Extent of the Antarctic ozone hole influenced by cold temperatures NOAA Basic Full Text
10.23.2014 'Pulse of Our Planet': Watching Earth's vital signs Global Climate Change - NASA Basic Full Text
10.01.2014 The potential impact of changes in lower stratospheric water vapour on stratospheric temperatures over the past 30 years Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society Expert Summary
09.16.2014 White House teams with private sector on plan to reduce HFC emissions Science / AAAS Basic Full Text
09.11.2014 China blamed for U.S. ozone Science/AAAS News Basic Summary
09.05.2014 Ozone pollution in India kills enough crops to feed 94 million in poverty American Geophysical Union Basic Full Text
08.25.2014 Study: Cutting emissions pays for itself R & D magazine Basic Full Text
08.21.2014 Ozone-Depleting Chemical Persists in Atmosphere, Source Unknown U.S. Global Change Research Program Basic Full Text
07.17.2014 Regional rainfall decline in Australia attributed to anthropogenic greenhouse gases and ozone levels Nature Geoscience Expert Summary
07.16.2014 Ten-Year Endeavor: NASA's Aura Tracks Pollutants NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory Basic Full Text
05.02.2014 Study resolves controversy over nitrogen's ocean "exit strategies" (Science) Princeton Journal Watch Basic Full Text
04.28.2014 NASA puzzles out ozone's ups and downs NASA Basic Full Text
04.11.2014 Greenland ice cores show industrial record of acid rain, success of U.S. Clean Air Act University of Washington Basic Full Text
03.09.2014 Newly detected ozone-depleting substances in the atmosphere Nature Geoscience Expert Summary
03.09.2014 Inhomogeneous forcing and transient climate sensitivity Nature Climate Change Expert Summary
03.09.2014 UEA research reveals four new man-made gases in the atmosphere University of East Anglia Basic Full Text
03.03.2014 The Surface of the Sea is a Sink for Nitrogen Oxides at Night University of California, San Diego Basic Full Text
01.26.2014 Tropospheric ozone trends at Mauna Loa Observatory tied to decadal climate variability Nature Geoscience Expert Summary
01.07.2014 Scientists to study Pacific Ocean's "global chimney" National Science Foundation Basic Full Text
01.01.2014 Prediction of future disposal of end-of-life refrigerators containing CFC-11 Waste Management Expert Summary
11.21.2013 'Cinderella' gas a threat to climate and ozone layer BBC News Basic Full Text
11.06.2013 Greenhouse Gas Concentrations in Atmosphere Reach New Record World Meteorological Organization Basic Full Text
10.28.2013 Antarctic ozone hole slightly smaller than average this year NASA Climate Change News Basic Full Text
10.05.2013 Cool Idea ScienceNews Basic Full Text
09.27.2013 El Niño cycle has a big effect on a major greenhouse gas MIT News Basic Full Text
09.16.2013 Human Fingerprints Visible in Atmospheric Changes Climate Central Basic Full Text
08.05.2013 Ozone-Protection Treaty Had Climate Benefits, Too, Study Says Earth Institute (Columbia University) Basic Full Text
06.26.2013 Fast Action to Cut HFCs Avoids Up to 0.5°C of Warming by End of Century Scripps Institution of Oceanography Basic Full Text
05.30.2013 Global warming caused by CFCs, not carbon dioxide, study says University of Waterloo Basic Full Text
05.01.2013 Reconciling NOx emissions reductions and ozone trends in the U.S., 2002-2006 Atmospheric Environment Expert Summary
04.19.2013 Sunlit Snow Triggers Atmospheric Cleaning, Ozone Depletion in the Arctic National Science Foundation Basic Full Text
04.09.2013 Don't let this happen to your planet NASA Climate Change News Basic Full Text
02.15.2013 Ten years of continuous observations of stratospheric ozone depleting gases at Monte Cimone (Italy) - Comments on the effectiveness of the Montreal Protocol from a regional perspective Science of The Total Environment Expert Summary
02.13.2013 The contributions of chemistry and transport to low arctic ozone in March 2011 derived from Aura MLS observations Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres Expert Summary
02.11.2013 A satellite's view of ship pollution NASA Basic Full Text
02.01.2013 Recent Changes in the Ventilation of the Southern Oceans Science / AAAS Expert Summary
01.31.2013 Johns Hopkins scientist says ozone thinning has changed ocean circulation John Hopkins University Basic Full Text
01.31.2013 Ozone depletion trumps greenhouse gas increase in jet-stream shift Penn State News Basic Full Text
01.22.2013 Solar variability and terrestrial climate NASA Climate Change News Basic Full Text
01.16.2013 NASA Ozone Study May Benefit Air Standards, Climate NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory Basic Full Text
01.09.2013 NASA Chases Climate Change Clues Into the Stratosphere ScienceDaily Basic Full Text
10.24.2012 Antarctic ozone hole second smallest in 20 years NOAA News Basic Full Text
09.18.2012 Discovering the ozone hole NASA Basic Full Text
08.01.2012 Skin cancer identified for the first time in wild fish populations Newcastle University Basic Full Text
07.26.2012 Unexpected Ozone Loss Observed above United States Harvard Magazine Basic Full Text
07.25.2012 Ozone hole UV impacting marine life: study The University of Western Australia Basic Full Text
07.01.2012 The exceptional ozone depletion over the Arctic in January-March 2011 Remote Sensing Letters Expert Summary
06.01.2012 Possible dynamical mechanisms for Southern Hemisphere climate change due to the ozone hole Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences Expert Summary
04.27.2012 Cooling with Less Warming: Time to Get the Climate-Changing Pollution Out of New Fridges and Freezers Switchboard (National Resources Defense Council) Basic Full Text
03.12.2012 F. Sherwood Rowland, Cited Aerosols' Danger, Is Dead at 84 New York Times Basic Full Text
02.23.2012 NOAA, NASA activate new satellite instrument to monitor health and recovery of Earth's ozone layer NOAA News Basic Full Text
01.12.2012 How mysterious molecules may help cool Earth MSNBC Basic Full Text
11.08.2011 Contrasting the concerns over climate and ozone loss ScienceNews Basic Full Text
10.20.2011 NOAA, NASA: Significant ozone hole remains over Antarctica NOAA News Basic Full Text
10.02.2011 NASA Leads Study of Unprecedented Arctic Ozone Loss NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory Basic Full Text
05.20.2011 Future climate change in the Southern Hemisphere: Competing effects of ozone and greenhouse gases GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH LETTERS Expert Summary
04.21.2011 Ozone Hole Linked to Climate Change All the Way to the Equator ScienceDaily Basic Full Text
04.06.2011 Arctic's ozone thinner by 40% 'Sudden, unusual,' says US scientist The Boston Globe Basic Full Text
03.31.2011 Human impacts on the marine ecosystems of Antarctica National Oceanographic Centre _ UK Basic Full Text
03.14.2011 Arctic on the Verge of Record Ozone Loss ScienceDaily Basic Full Text
02.28.2011 EPA Approves New Coolant for Car Air Conditioning Systems / Better climate protection without harming the ozone layer EPA Basic Full Text
01.01.2011 Solar Irradiance of the Earth's Atmosphere Climate Change and Food Security in South Asia Expert Summary
09.16.2010 UN: Efforts to Save Ozone Layer a Success Voice of America Basic Full Text
09.02.2010 Method to trace persistent CFCs BBC News Basic Full Text
07.30.2010 EPA Report: 22 Million Cataract Cases Will Be Prevented by Stronger Ozone Layer Protection EPA Basic Full Text
07.27.2010 Extreme sunbathing: Three weeks of small total O3 columns and high UV radiation over the southern tip of South America during the 2009 Antarctic O3 hole season GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH LETTERS Expert Summary
03.16.2010 Chemicals That Eased One Environmental Problem May Worsen Another ScienceDaily Basic Full Text
08.28.2009 Nitrous Oxide Now Top Ozone-depleting Emission ScienceDaily Basic Full Text
08.10.2009 A new study finds that hydrofluorocarbons could become a significant factor in future warming. Christian Science Monitor Basic Full Text
06.08.2009 Skin Lesion Leads To More Cancer Types Than Once Believed ScienceDaily Basic Full Text
06.01.2009 To Spread, Skin Cancer Attacks Immune Dendritic Cells ScienceDaily Basic Full Text
05.04.2009 Dermatologists Encourage People To Screen The One You Love For Skin Cancer American Academy of Dermatology Basic Full Text
05.04.2009 Consumer Alert: Dermatologists Warn Skin Cancer Is An Equal-Opportunity Health Threat American Academy of Dermatology Basic Full Text
03.19.2009 Ozone: New Simulation Shows Consequences Of A World Without Earth's Natural Sunscreen ScienceDaily Basic Full Text
01.16.2009 Report Calls Aerosol Research Key to Improving Climate Predictions NASA Press Release 1 Basic Full Text
11.06.2008 2008 Sees Fifth Largest Ozone Hole ScienceDaily Basic Full Text
04.25.2008 Climate 'fix' could deplete ozone BBC News Basic Summary
04.07.2008 Massive global ozone loss predicted following regional nuclear conflict Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America Expert Summary
02.05.2008 Human Impacts on Climate American Geophysical Union 1 Basic Summary
09.19.2007 NASA and NOAA Announce Ozone Hole is a Double Record Breaker NASA 2 Basic Full Text
05.18.2007 Southern ocean carbon sink weakened Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) 2 Basic Full Text