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06.14.2018 June 2018 ENSO Update: El Niño Watch! NOAA Basic Full Text
06.05.2018 Two decades of Earth data NASA Climate Change News Basic Full Text
05.04.2018 Was the Earth ever frozen solid? Basic Full Text
04.24.2018 Tailoring Aerosol Injections to Achieve Desired Climate Effects EOS: Earth & Space Science News Basic Full Text
04.20.2018 Tiny particles high up in the sky give insight into climate change Basic Full Text
04.19.2018 Climate Change Affecting Food Chains In The Ocean, Reducing Number Of Fish Tech Times Basic Full Text
04.18.2018 Coral reefs put up "cloud umbrellas" to keep cool New Atlas Basic Full Text
04.16.2018 Insights into the diurnal cycle of global Earth outgoing radiation using a numerical weather prediction model Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics Expert Full Text
04.09.2018 Simple Math Trick Helps Scientists Predict Climate Change Basic Full Text
03.28.2018 How cloud data are improving weather forecasts NASA Climate Change News Basic Full Text
03.23.2018 Arctic wintertime sea ice extent is among lowest on record NASA Climate Change News Basic Full Text
03.16.2018 Soot transported from elsewhere in world contributes little to melting of some Antarctic glaciers National Science Foundation Basic Full Text
02.20.2018 Land use change has warmed the Earth's surface European Commission Basic Full Text
02.07.2018 Inorganic carbon addition stimulates snow algae primary productivity The ISME Journal Expert Summary
02.07.2018 Snowblind? Fresh snow cover's bright "albedo" MPN (Minnesota Public Radio) Basic Full Text
02.01.2018 Light-absorbing impurities in a southern Tibetan Plateau glacier: Variations and potential impact on snow albedo and radiative forcing Atmospheric Research Expert Summary
01.23.2018 An interactive ocean surface albedo scheme (OSAv1.0): formulation and evaluation in ARPEGE-Climat (V6.1) and LMDZ (V5A) Geoscientific Model Development Expert Full Text
01.23.2018 Dust on snow controls springtime river rise in West NCCOS (National Centers for Coastal Ocean Science) Basic Full Text
01.11.2018 Impact on short-lived climate forcers increases projected warming due to deforestation Nature Communications Expert Full Text
12.20.2017 Algae growth reduces reflectivity, enhances Greenland ice sheet melting American Geophysical Union Basic Full Text
12.12.2017 How fires are changing the tundra's face ScienceDaily Basic Full Text
10.18.2017 Thirteen Innovative Ways Humans Use Drones EOS: Earth & Space Science News Basic Full Text
10.01.2017 The role of microbes in snowmelt and radiative forcing on an Alaskan icefield Nature Geoscience Expert Summary
09.06.2017 Unraveling a major cause of sea ice retreat in the Arctic Ocean Hokkaido University Basic Full Text
08.15.2017 Evidence for ice-ocean albedo feedback in the Arctic Ocean shifting to a seasonal ice zone Nature Scientific Reports Expert Summary
08.10.2017 NASA airborne mission returns to Africa to study smoke, clouds NASA Climate Change News Basic Full Text
08.09.2017 RAVAN CubeSat measures Earth's outgoing energy NASA Climate Change News Basic Full Text
07.27.2017 Where global warming gets real: inside Nasa's mission to the north pole The Guardian Basic Full Text
07.24.2017 Study: Indian monsoons have strengthened over past 15 years Massachusetts Institute of Technology Basic Full Text
07.24.2017 Sea level fears as Greenland darkens BBC News Basic Full Text
07.06.2017 Coupling between marine boundary layer clouds and summer-to-summer sea surface temperature variability over the North Atlantic and Pacific Climate Dynamics Expert Summary
07.05.2017 Reconciling predictions of climate change Harvard University Basic Full Text
06.28.2017 Wildfires can cause glaciers to melt from over a thousand miles away, scientists find Alaska Dispatch News Basic Full Text
06.13.2017 Smoke from wildfires can have lasting climate impact NASA Climate Change News Basic Full Text
06.05.2017 Sun and sky, snow and ice NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory Basic Full Text
05.08.2017 Scientists Launch Flights to Gather Detailed Data on Aerosols and Clouds Brookhaven National Laboratory Basic Full Text
04.30.2017 The angle on summer's warmth and winter's cold Walla Walla Union-Bulletin Basic Full Text
04.10.2017 Understanding Earth's climate NASA Climate Change News Basic Full Text
04.06.2017 Solving the mystery of the Arctic's green ice Harvard University Basic Full Text
03.27.2017 Local cooling value of forests affirms need for greater forest conservation and protection AlphaGalileo Basic Full Text
02.15.2017 Snow Job University of California, Santa Barbara Basic Full Text
02.09.2017 Transient response of the Southern Ocean to changing ozone: Regional responses and physical mechanisms Journal of Climate Expert Summary
02.01.2017 Coal mine dust hastens Arctic snow melt University of Colorado | Boulder Basic Full Text
01.15.2017 Surface albedo raise in the South American Chaco: Combined effects of deforestation and agricultural changes Agricultural and Forest Meteorology Expert Summary
01.12.2017 The G4Foam Experiment: global climate impacts of regional ocean albedo modification Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics Expert Summary
11.30.2016 North Korea's 'millennium eruption' flooded the skies with sulfur, but left little climate trace Science / AAAS Basic Full Text
11.01.2016 Ancient Ocean Floor Seashells Improve Model of Past Glaciers EOS (American Geophysical Union) Basic Full Text
10.01.2016 Number-size distribution of aerosol particles and new particle formation events in tropical and subtropical Pacific Oceans Atmospheric Environment Expert Full Text
09.28.2016 Study of North Atlantic Ocean reveals decline of leaded petrol emissions Imperial College London Basic Full Text
08.30.2016 Coherence among the Northern Hemisphere land, cryosphere, and ocean responses to natural variability and anthropogenic forcing during the satellite era Earth System Dynamics Expert Summary
08.25.2016 NASA flies to Africa to study climate effects of smoke on clouds NASA Climate Change News Basic Full Text
08.10.2016 Volcanic eruption masked acceleration in sea level rise National Science Foundation Basic Full Text
07.25.2016 The Tiny World of Glacier Microbes Has an Outsized Impact on Global Climate Smithsonian Basic Full Text
07.19.2016 NASA science flights target melting Arctic Sea ice ScienceDaily Basic Full Text
07.12.2016 Better views with smaller satellites MIT News Basic Full Text
07.11.2016 Scientists find evidence for climate change in satellite cloud record Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Basic Full Text
06.27.2016 Using timing of ice retreat to predict timing of fall freeze-up in the Arctic Geophysical Research Letters Expert Summary
06.19.2016 How meltwater from the ice sheets disturbed the climate 10,000 years ago Ruhr-Universität Bochum Basic Full Text
06.02.2016 Why Mercury Isn't The Solar System's Hottest Planet Forbes Basic Full Text
06.01.2016 No Access Large Contribution of Supercooled Liquid Clouds to the Solar Radiation Budget of the Southern Ocean Journal of Climate Expert Summary
05.16.2016 Iron Fertilization Won't Work in Equatorial Pacific, Study Suggests Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory (Columbia University) Basic Full Text
05.09.2016 Scientists scrutinize Arctic gas flaring pollution NASA Climate Change News Basic Full Text
05.05.2016 Expanding tropics are pushing high altitude clouds towards poles NASA Climate Change News Basic Full Text
05.04.2016 Dead zones devour oceans' oxygen Climate News Network Basic Full Text
05.01.2016 Apparent magnitude of earthshine: a simple calculation European Journal of Physics Expert Summary
04.10.2016 Simulating the Ocean and Sea Ice Demystifying Climate Models Expert Summary
04.01.2016 Influence of melt-pond depth and ice thickness on Arctic sea-ice albedo and light transmittance Cold Regions Science and Technology Expert Summary
03.23.2016 Unaccounted for Arctic microbes appear to be speeding up glacier melting Microbiology Society Basic Full Text
03.03.2016 Greenland's Ice Is Getting Darker, Increasing Risk of Melting Earth Institute (Columbia University) Basic Full Text
03.01.2016 Studying Earth in the New Millennium: NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory's Contributions to Earth Science and Applications Space Agencies NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory Expert Summary
02.01.2016 Explicitly-coupled cloud physics and radiation parameterizations and subsequent evaluation in WRF high-resolution convective forecasts Atmospheric Research Expert Summary
01.15.2016 Experimental characterization of the opposition surge in fine-grained water-ice and high albedo ice analogs Icarus Expert Summary
01.12.2016 Clouds, like blankets, trap heat and are melting the Greenland Ice Sheet Basic Full Text
01.08.2016 Assessing the Global Warming Potential of Human Settlement Expansion Climate Program Office (NOAA) Basic Full Text
01.01.2016 Extreme Research Shows How Arctic Ice Is Dwindling National Geographic Basic Full Text
12.21.2015 Salty sea spray affects the lifetimes of clouds, researchers find Colorado State University Basic Full Text
12.01.2015 Arctic spring awakening - Steering principles behind the phenology of vernal ice algal blooms Progress in Oceanography Expert Summary
11.15.2015 Comparison of total water vapor column from GOME-2 on MetOp-A against ground-based GPS measurements at the Iberian Peninsula Science of the Total Environment Expert Summary
10.12.2015 What's driving soot across India? University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR) Basic Full Text
10.01.2015 Scientists use holography to peer into clouds National Science Foundation Basic Full Text
09.26.2015 Are El Nino Years getting Warmer? Accuweather Basic Full Text
09.24.2015 Carbon-Carrying Phytoplankton Population on Decline R & D magazine Basic Full Text
09.01.2015 A comparison of the global warming effects of wood fuels and fossil fuels taking albedo into account Global Change Biology Bioenergy Expert Summary
08.14.2015 Could the smell of the sea help cool a warming planet? BBC News Basic Full Text
07.17.2015 Marine plankton brighten clouds over Southern Ocean UW Today (University of Washington) Basic Full Text
07.04.2015 As Parts of Three Continents Bake, Greenland Sees Sudden Spike in Surface Melting Discover Basic Full Text
06.25.2015 Some forestlands cool climate better without trees, Dartmouth-led study finds EurekaAlert! Basic Full Text
06.23.2015 Gorgeous Night-Shining Clouds Glow in New Earth Images LiveScience Basic Full Text
06.16.2015 Snow cover retreats further environmentalresearchweb Basic Full Text
05.14.2015 New Link between Ocean Microbes and Atmosphere Uncovered Scripps Institution of Oceanography Basic Full Text
04.28.2015 Whitenening the Arctic Ocean: May Restore Sea Ice, but not Climate Carnegie Institution for Science Basic Full Text
04.01.2015 Deforestation is messing with our weather, and our food ScienceDaily Basic Full Text
03.16.2015 Meteorology 101 Vocabulary: Albedo WBTV News (Charlotte, N.C.) Basic Full Text
03.07.2015 Another Life: Behind the jet stream's weird and wavy weather Irish Times Basic Full Text
02.14.2015 Forest Journal: More albedo can be a pretty cool thing Basic Full Text
02.01.2015 Assessment of Sea Ice Albedo Radiative Forcing and Feedback over the Northern Hemisphere from 1982 to 2009 Using Satellite and Reanalysis Data Journal of Climate Expert Summary
01.16.2015 Evaluating biases in simulated snow albedo feedback in two generations of climate models Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres Expert Summary
01.01.2015 Ozone depletion and climate change: impacts on UV radiation Photochemical & Photobiological Sciences Expert Summary
01.01.2015 Evolution of summer Arctic sea ice albedo in CCSM4 simulations: Episodic summer snowfall and frozen summers Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans Expert Summary
12.30.2014 Satellites measure increase of sun's energy absorbed in the Arctic NASA News Basic Full Text
12.16.2014 Reflectivity of Greenland Ice Sheet in late summer hit new low in 2014 NOAA Basic Full Text
12.01.2014 Diurnal Variations of Albedo Retrieved from Earth Radiation Budget Experiment Measurements Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology Expert Summary
11.20.2014 Modeling the sky: How scientists use equations to understand Earth's clouds Global Climate Change - NASA Basic Full Text
10.01.2014 Biological impact on Greenland's albedo Nature Geoscience Expert Summary
09.16.2014 Analysis of global land surface albedo climatology and spatial-temporal variation during 1981-2010 from multiple satellite products Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres Expert Summary
08.05.2014 Study of aerosols stands to improve climate models NASA Climate Change News Basic Full Text
06.23.2014 Straw albedo mitigates extreme heat ETH Zurich Basic Full Text
06.12.2014 The 'microbial garden' taking the shine off glaciers University of Leeds Basic Full Text
04.23.2014 NASA Finds Drought May Take Toll on Congo Rainforest NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory Basic Summary
04.10.2014 Appearance of Night-Shining Clouds Has Increased NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Basic Full Text
03.31.2014 Arctic melt season lengthening, ocean rapidly warming ScienceDaily Basic Full Text
03.26.2014 Natural variability in Earth's reflectiveness would limit our ability to detect effects of climate engineering NOAA Basic Full Text
03.20.2014 Plankton make scents for seabirds and a cooler planet ScienceDaily Basic Full Text
03.05.2014 Warm rivers play role in Arctic sea ice melt NASA Basic Full Text
02.26.2014 Smell of forest pine can limit climate change - researchers BBC News Basic Full Text
02.18.2014 Troubled waters in Arctic The Denver Post Basic Full Text
01.01.2014 On the persistent spread in snow-albedo feedback Climate Dynamics Expert Summary
01.01.2014 High temporal resolution estimations of the Arctic sea ice albedo during the melting and refreezing periods of the years 2003-2011 Remote Sensing of Environment Expert Summary
10.24.2013 Coral makes cloud to keep climate sweet: experts The University of Western Australia Basic Full Text
10.17.2013 Carbon Models Underestimate Role of Animals, Paper Says Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies Basic Full Text
10.07.2013 Cows, clouds and climate CERN Basic Full Text
10.05.2013 Cool Idea ScienceNews Basic Full Text
09.27.2013 Climate Models Show Potential 21st Century Temperature, Precipitation Changes NASA Basic Full Text
08.25.2013 Rising ocean acidity will exacerbate global warming Nature News Basic Full Text
08.19.2013 Dusting the Virtues of Snow NASA Earth Observatory Basic Full Text
08.02.2013 Ecological Consequences of Sea-Ice Decline Science Expert Summary
07.24.2013 Coastal Antarctic Permafrost Melting Faster Than Expected University of Texas at Austin Basic Full Text
07.10.2013 Cloud Brightening to Cool Seas Can Protect Coral Reefs: Targeted Cooling Could Offer a 50-Year 'Breathing Space' for Coral Protection ScienceDaily Basic Full Text
07.01.2013 Polar amplification: is atmospheric heat transport important? Climate Dynamics Expert Summary
06.29.2013 Arctic amplification NASA Climate Change News Basic Full Text
05.18.2013 Clouds 'Cool Earth Less Than Once Thought' Climate Central Basic Full Text
05.09.2013 Dust in the clouds MIT News Basic Full Text
04.19.2013 Sunlit Snow Triggers Atmospheric Cleaning, Ozone Depletion in the Arctic National Science Foundation Basic Full Text
04.03.2013 Thin, low Arctic clouds played an important role in the massive 2012 Greenland ice melt NOAA News Basic Full Text
04.03.2013 In Last Great Age of Warmth, Carbon Dioxide at Work...But Not Alone National Science Foundation Basic Full Text
03.31.2013 The Greening of the Arctic is Underway The Smithsonian Basic Full Text
03.29.2013 The production of warm rain in shallow maritime cumulus clouds Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society Expert Full Text
01.28.2013 Impact of Congo Basin deforestation on the African monsoon Atmospheric Science Letters Expert Full Text
01.15.2013 International study: Where there's smoke or smog, there's climate change University of Washington Basic Full Text
01.14.2013 Improving climate change predictions, one cloud at a time NASA Basic Full Text
12.05.2012 Arctic continues to break records in 2012: Becoming warmer, greener region with record losses of summer sea ice and late spring snow NOAA News Basic Full Text
11.15.2012 New dating of sea-level records reveals rapid response between ice volume and polar temperature University of Southampton Basic Full Text
11.12.2012 Study examines Antarctic sea ice increases NASA Climate Change News Basic Full Text
10.31.2012 Arctic snow cover shows sharp decline Nature News Basic Full Text
09.21.2012 A study on the low-altitude clouds over the Southern Ocean using the DARDAR-MASK Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres Expert Summary
08.08.2012 CU-led team discovers new atmospheric compound tied to climate change and human health issues University of Colorado Boulder Basic Full Text
05.04.2012 Physical processes that impact the evolution of global mean sea level in ocean climate models Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory (NOAA) Basic Full Text
04.30.2012 Clouds' Effect on Climate Change Is Last Bastion for Dissenters New York Times Basic Full Text
04.20.2012 Albedo evolution of seasonal Arctic sea ice GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH LETTERS Expert Summary
04.12.2012 How does debris influence glaciers? NASA Basic Full Text
03.01.2012 Arctic warming, increasing snow cover and widespread boreal winter cooling Environmental Research Letters Expert Summary
02.27.2012 Warming Arctic Fueling Cold, Snowy Winters, Study Says Climate Central Basic Full Text
02.02.2012 More pressure on permafrost University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR) Basic Full Text
01.12.2012 Scientists See Shortcuts to Slow Global Warming Earth Institute (Columbia University) Basic Full Text
07.05.2011 Asia pollution blamed for halt in warming: study Chicago Tribune Basic Full Text
06.11.2011 Simulated climate effects of Southeast Asian deforestation: Regional processes and teleconnection mechanisms JOURNAL OF GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH-ATMOSPHERES Expert Summary
02.23.2011 Scientists say ocean currents cause microbes to filter light MIT News Basic Full Text
01.27.2011 Influence of dust and black carbon on the snow albedo in the NASA Goddard Earth Observing System version 5 land surface model JOURNAL OF GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH-ATMOSPHERES Expert Summary
01.18.2011 Global warming: Impact of receding snow and ice surprises scientists Christian Science Monitor Basic Full Text
01.18.2011 Loss of reflectivity in the Arctic double estimate of climate models Oregon State University Basic Full Text
12.06.2010 Arctic elegy: a lament for the disappearing ice Telegraph Basic Full Text
11.29.2010 Helping Farmers Conserve Water New York Times Basic Full Text
07.19.2010 Estimated impact of black carbon deposition during pre-monsoon season from Nepal Climate Observatory - Pyramid data and snow albedo changes over Himalayan glaciers Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics Expert Full Text
07.06.2010 Sunny Skies over the Arctic in Late June 2010 NASA Earth Observatory Basic Full Text
07.06.2010 Team Devises Technique to Predict Dust Storms With Infrared Satellite ScienceDaily Basic Full Text
02.16.2009 Simulation of dust aerosol and its regional feedbacks over East Asia using a regional climate model Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics Expert Full Text
01.15.2009 Cooling the planet with crops EurekaAlert Basic Full Text
11.25.2008 Forests May Play Overlooked Role In Regulating Climate ScienceDaily Basic Full Text
04.15.2008 Absence of Clouds Caused Prehuman Supergreenhouse Periods NASA - Astrobiology Magazine Basic Summary
09.01.2007 The even darker side of brown clouds Nature Reports Climate Change Basic Full Text