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06.21.2018 Today Is the Longest Day of the Year. Here's What to Know About the 2018 Summer Solstice Time Basic Full Text
05.31.2018 UMD-led study shows how Earth slows the solar wind to a gentle breeze University of Maryland Basic Full Text
05.17.2018 Orbital variations can trigger 'snowball' states in habitable zones around sunlike stars University of Washington Basic Full Text
05.09.2018 Venus and Jupiter May Meddle With Earth's Orbit and Climate Smithsonian Basic Full Text
05.06.2018 Earth's Orbital Changes Have Influenced Climate, Life Forms For at Least 215 Million Years Rutgers University Basic Full Text
04.20.2018 Is it time for a new astronomical yardstick? Astronomy Magazine Basic Full Text
04.09.2018 Earth's Shields Protect Life from the Sun on 'One Strange Rock' News Basic Full Text
02.15.2018 Put those winter blues on simmer: Daylight time increasing The Weather Network Basic Full Text
02.15.2018 Astronomically paced changes in deep-water circulation in the western North Atlantic during the middle Eocene Earth and Planetary Science Letters Expert Summary
02.01.2018 Exo-Milankovitch Cycles. I. Orbits and Rotation States Astronomical Journal Expert Summary
01.22.2018 The Sun is slowly losing mass as it ages, weakening its grip on the planets ZME Science Basic Full Text
01.19.2018 NASA Shows Einstein Was Right: Our Sun Is Losing Mass--And Its Grip On Our Solar System Newsweek Basic Full Text
01.02.2018 Earth closest to sun on January 2-3 EarthSky Basic Full Text
12.22.2017 Timing and pacing of the Late Devonian mass extinction event regulated by eccentricity and obliquity Nature Communications Expert Full Text
12.21.2017 Winter solstice: 7 things you should know about the shortest day of the year CBS News Basic Full Text
11.28.2017 Decline in atmospheric carbon dioxide key to ancient climate transition University of Southampton Basic Full Text
10.06.2017 Long term evolution of distant retrograde orbits in the Earth-Moon system Astrophysics and Space Science Expert Summary
10.01.2017 Formation of most of our coal brought Earth close to global glaciation Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America Expert Summary
09.29.2017 How does the jet stream work, and how is it changing as fall sets in? Washington Post Basic Full Text
09.25.2017 Equinox means equal day and night, but not for a few days WRAL (Raleigh, N.C.) Basic Full Text
09.01.2017 Tracking debris in the Earth's orbit with centimeter precision using efficient laser technology Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Optics and Precision Engineering Basic Full Text
07.21.2017 "Great American Eclipse": Excitement builds for total solar eclipse Aug. 21 CBS News Basic Full Text
07.21.2017 Solar eclipse science along the path of totality: Eclipse on August 21 offers unique research opportunities National Science Foundation Basic Full Text
07.11.2017 Scientists have more data to back their findings: The Earth is getting warmer University of Southern California Basic Full Text
06.20.2017 Everything You Need To Know About The Summer Solstice National Geographic Basic Full Text
06.07.2017 NASA recruits 12 new astronauts for Earth orbit, deep space missions collectSPACE Basic Full Text
05.25.2017 Look up: International Space Station more visible through Saturday WRAL (Raleigh, N.C.) Basic Full Text
05.23.2017 Physicist Warns That Fidget Spinners Could Affect Earth's Center of Gravity? Snopes Basic Full Text
05.01.2017 Size Dependence of Dust Distribution around the Earth Orbit Astronomical Journal Expert Summary
04.30.2017 The angle on summer's warmth and winter's cold Walla Walla Union-Bulletin Basic Full Text
04.23.2017 Myth debunked: Does the earth's distance from the sun cause seasons? Times of Malta Basic Full Text
04.22.2017 Joe Harrop: Spring is a season of hope and promises Red Bluff Daily News (California) Basic Full Text
03.01.2017 Measuring Earth's axial tilt with a telescope Physics Education Expert Summary
02.07.2017 On the east-west longitudinally asymmetric distribution of solar proton events Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society Expert Summary
01.21.2017 January Nature Trivia Sandusky Register Basic Full Text
01.03.2017 Earth approaches closest point to the sun Adirondack Daily Enterprise Basic Full Text
12.29.2016 Leap Second: Here's Why 2016 Is Going to Be Just a Tiny Bit Longer NBC News Basic Full Text
12.06.2016 Ancient eclipses show Earth's rotation is slowing Science / AAAS Basic Full Text
11.14.2016 Supermoon 2016: The brightest supermoon in almost 70 years rises tonight Los Angeles Times Basic Full Text
11.01.2016 Horseshoe orbits in the Earth-Moon system Cosmic Research Expert Summary
09.30.2016 Carbon dioxide levels race past troubling milestone NOAA News Basic Full Text
08.01.2016 Ten interesting things about Earth NASA Climate Change News Basic Full Text
07.23.2016 How Fast Is Earth Moving? News Basic Full Text
07.12.2016 The leap second: why 2016 will be exactly one second longer than expected Vox Basic Full Text
07.11.2016 What if Earth stopped orbiting the sun? Basic Full Text
06.21.2016 Scientists discover 'mini moon' in Earth's orbit Basic Full Text
06.13.2016 Marine Life Quickly Recovered After Global Mass Extinction University of California, Davis Basic Full Text
06.02.2016 Why Mercury Isn't The Solar System's Hottest Planet Forbes Basic Full Text
05.29.2016 See Mars at its closest for over a decade and Saturn at opposition Astronomy Now Basic Full Text
03.31.2016 The Moon thought to play a major role in maintaining Earth's magnetic field Centre national de la recherche scientifique Basic Full Text
03.22.2016 Planets Sometimes Blow Their Tops National Public Radio Basic Full Text
03.01.2016 Evaluating alternatives to the Milankovitch theory Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference Expert Summary
01.22.2016 Invisible Structures Size of the Earth's Orbit Lurk in Milky Way's 'Atmosphere' The Daily Galaxy Basic Full Text
01.04.2016 2016 Is A Leap Year. Why Do We Have Them? Forbes Basic Full Text
12.21.2015 Brighter days ahead - and colder, as winter settles in PenBay Pilot Basic Full Text
11.13.2015 Ghosts of oceans past Science / AAAS Expert Summary
10.26.2015 Fathoming our tides Working Waterfront Basic Full Text
10.20.2015 Formation of coastal sea ice in North Pacific drives ocean circulation and climate University of California, Santa Cruz Basic Full Text
09.02.2015 How the moon's gravity influences Earth Mother Nature Network Basic Full Text
09.01.2015 Precession and obliquity forcing of the freshwater budget over the Mediterranean Quaternary Science Reviews Expert Summary
08.17.2015 1,800 Years of Global Ocean Cooling Halted by Global Warming University of Maryland Basic Full Text
07.06.2015 What Impact Does Aphelion Have on the Weather? AccuWeather Basic Full Text
07.01.2015 On the secular recession of the Earth-Moon system as an azimuthal gravitational phenomenon Astrophysics and Space Science Expert Summary
06.16.2015 This summer will be a little longer than usual. Here's why The Weather Network Basic Full Text
06.11.2015 Circular orbits identified for small exoplanets MIT News Basic Full Text
05.29.2015 Column - Solar system plays out on Walla Walla's Planet Walk Walla Walla Union-Bulletin Basic Full Text
04.01.2015 The Sun is the climate pacemaker I. Equatorial Pacific Ocean temperatures Physics Letters A Expert Summary
03.26.2015 Why spring has been losing time in Northern Hemisphere NewsMaine Basic Full Text
03.12.2015 Global Warming May Boost Dead Zones in Oceans Scientific American Basic Full Text
02.06.2015 Earth Orbit Plus Seafloor Volcanoes Yield Climate Swings Science 2.0 Basic Full Text
01.28.2015 How did we find the distance to the sun? Basic Full Text
01.26.2015 According to a recent study the earth's orbit affects the stability of Antarctica's Eastern ice cap University of Granada Basic Full Text
01.01.2015 An Economic Analysis of Earth Orbit Pollution Environmental and Resource Economics Expert Summary
12.30.2014 Satellites measure increase of sun's energy absorbed in the Arctic NASA News Basic Full Text
12.01.2014 Perihelion advances for the orbits of Mercury, Earth and Pluto from Extended Theory of General Relativity (ETGR) Canadian Journal of Physics Expert Full Text
11.21.2014 Earth's Orbit Around The Sun Universe Today Basic Full Text
08.08.2014 Ancient shellfish remains rewrite 10,000-year history of El Nino cycles University of Washington Basic Full Text
07.31.2014 NASA MESSENGER and STEREO Measurements Open New Window Into High- Energy Processes on the Sun NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Basic Full Text
07.25.2014 Having Fun with the Equation of Time Universe Today Basic Full Text
06.26.2014 Ancient ocean currents may have changed pace and intensity of ice ages National Science Foundation Basic Full Text
06.20.2014 Learn the scientific reasons behind Earth's seasons NBC News Basic Full Text
05.20.2014 Fossils prove useful in analysing million year old cyclical phenomena University of Granada Basic Full Text
04.10.2014 How Mighty Jupiter Could Have Changed Earth's Habitability Astrobiology Magazine Basic Full Text
04.07.2014 Life on Earth doubtful without magnetosphere Walla Walla Union-Bulletin Basic Full Text
03.31.2014 Dear Correspondawnts, Dawn Journal Basic Full Text
03.18.2014 Fierce 2012 magnetic storm just missed us: Earth dodged huge magnetic bullet from the sun ScienceDaily Basic Full Text
01.22.2014 Lawrence Livermore 'space cops' to help control traffic in space Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Basic Full Text
09.17.2013 The sun is switching poles WSU News (Washington State University) Basic Full Text
08.15.2013 West Antarctica Warming Began 2,000 Years Earlier Than Thought, Linked to Changes in Earth Orbit Sci-News Basic Full Text
08.07.2013 Sun's magnetic field is about to flip: What it means for Earth Los Angeles Times Basic Full Text
03.21.2013 Huge and widespread volcanic eruptions triggered the end-Triassic extinction MIT News Basic Full Text
03.01.2013 Climatic Variability Over Time Scales Spanning Nine Orders of Magnitude: Connecting Milankovitch Cycles with Hurst-Kolmogorov Dynamics Surveys in Geophysics Expert Summary
02.01.2013 Hadley Circulation Response to Orbital Precession. Part I: Aquaplanets Journal of Climate Expert Summary
01.23.2013 Deep ice cores show past Greenland warm period may be 'road map' for continued warming of planet University of Colorado at Boulder Basic Full Text
01.03.2013 El Niños Are Highly Unpredictable ScienceNOW Basic Full Text
01.01.2013 Earth closest to sun on January 1-2, 2013 EarthSky Basic Full Text
08.10.2012 1.5 million years of climate history revealed after scientists solve mystery of the deep Cambridge University Basic Full Text
06.06.2012 Marine Matters: High Tide on the Coast Free Press Basic Full Text
04.04.2012 CO2 'drove end to last ice age' BBC News Basic Full Text
04.04.2012 Study: Thawing permafrost 50 million years ago led to global warm events National Snow and Ice Data Center Basic Summary
04.01.2012 Interannual variability of the solar constant Solar System Research Expert Summary
03.19.2012 Confidence in Climate Data: Using 3 Million-Year-Old Records U.S. Geological Survey Basic Full Text
03.01.2012 Impact of Earth's orbit and freshwater fluxes on Holocene climate mean seasonal cycle and ENSO characteristics Climate Dynamics Expert Full Text
01.31.2012 Changes in climate linked to atmosphere and orbit Washington State University Basic Full Text
01.12.2012 Of orbits and ice ages Harvard Gazette Basic Full Text
01.09.2012 Carbon emissions 'will defer Ice Age' BBC News Basic Full Text
01.09.2012 Global warming caused by greenhouse gases delays natural patterns of glaciation, researchers say University of Florida News Basic Full Text
12.22.2011 First Ever Direct Measurement of Earth's Rotation ScienceDaily Basic Full Text
11.29.2011 Milankovitch's climate calculations Taranaki Daily News Basic Full Text
04.07.2011 Check out this asteroid stalking the Earth CBS News Basic Full Text
04.06.2011 Geologist discovers pattern in Earth's long-term climate record Basic Full Text
03.02.2011 New interpretation of Antarctic ice cores EurekaAlert! Basic Full Text
11.10.2010 Foucault Revisited: Argentinean Scientists Show How to Build a Pendulum for Any Classroom ScienceDaily Basic Full Text
04.06.2010 UCSB Geologist Discovers Pattern in Earth's Long-Term Climate Record University of California, Santa Barbara Press Release Basic Full Text
04.04.2010 Links between eccentricity forcing and the 100,000-year glacial cycle Nature Geoscience Expert Summary
04.01.2010 Climate and the orbital parameters of the Earth Comptes Rendus Geoscience Expert Summary
02.07.2010 How Well Do Scientists Understand How Changes in Earth's Orbit Affect Long-Term Natural Climate Trends? ScienceDaily Basic Full Text
06.01.2009 Why is the Earth moving away from the sun? NewScientist Basic Full Text
04.21.2009 Critical Turning Point Can Trigger Abrupt Climate Change ScienceDaily Basic Full Text
03.31.2009 How long will the 'precession epoch' last in terms of Pleistocene glacial cycles? RUSSIAN JOURNAL OF EARTH SCIENCES Expert Full Text
06.19.2008 The Strange Science of Summer LiveScience Basic Full Text
01.17.2008 Unlocking the mysteries of the ice ages Nature Expert Summary
09.27.2007 In Hot Water: Ice Age Defrosted by Warming Ocean, Not Rise in CO2 Scientific American Basic Full Text
03.19.2007 NASA finds sun-climate connection in old Nile records NASA Press Release 2 Basic Full Text
03.09.2007 20th century changes in surface solar irradiance in simulations and observations Geophysical Research Letters Expert Summary
02.20.2007 Surprising solar storms rage at sun's south pole News 2 Basic Full Text