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06.25.2018 'Electrogeochemistry' captures carbon, produces fuel, offsets ocean acidification University of California, Santa Cruz Basic Full Text
06.18.2018 NSF, NASA scientists explore ocean's 'twilight zone' to uncover links between carbon and plankton National Science Foundation Basic Full Text
06.05.2018 Cruises cut a slice through the Atlantic's carbon pie NOAA Basic Full Text
06.01.2018 Numerical modelling of physiological and ecological impacts of ocean acidification on coccolithophores Journal of Marine Systems Expert Summary
06.01.2018 Southern Ocean heat uptake, redistribution and storage in a warming climate: The role of meridional overturning circulation Journal of Climate Expert Summary
05.29.2018 New Oceans Study Could Alter Climate Predictions EcoWatch Basic Full Text
05.15.2018 Simulations of summertime fossil fuel CO2 in the Guanzhong basin, China Science of the Total Environment Expert Summary
05.15.2018 Phytoplankton assemblages in coastal waters remain productive, despite variable environmental conditions ScienceDaily Basic Full Text
05.02.2018 Internal control helps corals resist acidification ScienceDaily Basic Full Text
05.01.2018 Freshwater-Saltwater Mixing Effects on Dissolved Carbon and CO2 Outgassing of a Coastal River Entering the Northern Gulf of Mexico Estuaries and Coasts Expert Summary
04.19.2018 Climate Change Affecting Food Chains In The Ocean, Reducing Number Of Fish Tech Times Basic Full Text
04.18.2018 Stanford researchers find that swarms of tiny organisms mix nutrients in ocean waters Stanford University Basic Full Text
04.11.2018 Rutgers professor works with glider technology to test water acidification and its effects on ecosystems The Daily Targum (Rutgers University) Basic Full Text
03.29.2018 Study reveals potential stability of ocean processes despite climate change Basic Full Text
03.29.2018 Unease on the High Seas: The Effect of Climate Change on Marine Microbial Ecology Technology Networks Basic Full Text
03.08.2018 Fleet of sailboat drones could monitor climate change's effect on oceans Science / AAAS Basic Full Text
03.07.2018 Self-driving robots collect water samples to create snapshots of ocean microbes Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute Basic Full Text
03.01.2018 Combined effects of ocean acidification and nutrient levels on the photosynthetic performance of Thalassiosira (Conticribra) weissflogii (Bacillariophyta) Phycologia Expert Summary
02.27.2018 One of World's Oldest Animals Records Ocean Climate Change EOS: Earth & Space Science News Basic Full Text
02.23.2018 Will climate change affect Norwegian kelp forests in a positive way? ScienceNordic Basic Full Text
02.19.2018 'First hint' of a puzzling change in Southern Ocean revealed by CSIRO Brisbane Times Basic Full Text
02.15.2018 Key to predicting climate change could be blowing in the wind, researchers find Clemson University Basic Full Text
02.08.2018 Scientists gather to push for data on ocean acidification The Times Colonist (Canada) Basic Full Text
01.01.2018 The Marine CO2 System and Its Peculiarities in the Baltic Sea Springer Oceanography Expert Summary
12.29.2017 The Top 7 Climate Findings of 2017 Scientific American Basic Full Text
12.20.2017 A novel approach to ocean acidification Peninsula Clarion (Alaska) Basic Full Text
12.06.2017 UN designates 2021-2030 'Decade of Ocean Science' United Nations Basic Full Text
12.05.2017 The Changing Colors of our Living Planet NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Basic Full Text
11.28.2017 Southern Ocean Drives Massive Bloom of Tiny Phytoplankton Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences Basic Full Text
11.22.2017 Ocean acidification affects mussels at early life stages GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel Basic Full Text
11.21.2017 Ocean acidification: climate change's evil twin Deutsche Welle Basic Full Text
11.09.2017 Technologies shine spotlight on climate role of undersea canyons Basic Full Text
11.04.2017 Climate change preview? Pacific Ocean 'blob' appears to take toll on Alaska cod Seattle Times Basic Full Text
10.17.2017 Acidifying oceans a bad trip for marine ecosystems Mongabay Basic Full Text
10.12.2017 NASA Pinpoints Cause of Earth's Recent Record Carbon Dioxide Spike NASA Basic Full Text
10.01.2017 Imbalanced nutrient recycling in a warmer ocean driven by differential response of extracellular enzymatic activities Global Change Biology Expert Summary
09.26.2017 Deep waters spiral upward around Antarctica MIT News Basic Full Text
09.15.2017 Intraspecific variations in responses to ocean acidification in two branching coral species Marine Pollution Bulletin Expert Summary
09.01.2017 Controlling mechanisms of surface partial pressure of CO2 in Jiaozhou Bay during summer and the influence of heavy rain Journal of Marine Systems Expert Summary
08.28.2017 Acid zone in Chesapeake Bay identified ScienceDaily Basic Full Text
07.07.2017 'Weedy' fish species to take over our future oceans University of Adelaide Basic Full Text
07.06.2017 Another threat to the ocean: deoxygenation United Press International Basic Full Text
06.08.2017 A tribute to the world's oceans: why we couldn't survive without them Myanmar Times Basic Full Text
06.06.2017 West Coast Waters on Acid Trip; Fishing Industry in Peril Climate Central Basic Full Text
06.05.2017 New study: Could acidifying oceans slow down coral disease? Mote Marine Laboratory & Aquarium Basic Full Text
06.05.2017 FEATURE: Climate change and the world's oceans United Nations News Centre Basic Full Text
05.14.2017 Africa feeling the heat of climate change The New Times (Rwanda) Basic Full Text
05.09.2017 India's First Sediment Trap-Based Flux Studies in Southern Ocean Environmental XPRT Basic Full Text
05.01.2017 Can greening of aquaculture sequester blue carbon? Ambio Expert Summary
04.27.2017 Annual net community production in the subtropical Pacific Ocean from in situ oxygen measurements on profiling floats Global Biogeochemical Cycles Expert Summary
04.25.2017 Six countries team up to conduct research in Northwest Atlantic Dalhousie University Basic Full Text
04.18.2017 Canary in the Kelp Forest _ Sea Creature Dissolves in Today's Warming, Acidic Waters University of California, Davis Basic Full Text
04.14.2017 First Oceans May Have Been Acidic Weizmann Institute of Science (Israel) Basic Full Text
04.10.2017 Two-thirds of Great Barrier Reef hit by back-to-back mass coral bleaching ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies Basic Full Text
03.16.2017 Climate putting stress on oceans Nature Expert Summary
03.15.2017 Growing algae bloom in Arabian Sea tied to climate change Laredo Morning Times Basic Full Text
03.09.2017 New research shows ocean acidification is spreading rapidly in the Arctic NOAA News Basic Full Text
03.06.2017 New Technology Gives Insight to Ocean Color for NASA Satellites PRWeb Basic Full Text
03.02.2017 Human Pollution May Be Fertilizing The Oceans. That's Not a Good Thing Smithsonian Basic Full Text
02.23.2017 Deep Oceans Face Starvation by End of Century Scripps Institution of Oceanography Basic Full Text
02.16.2017 'Seagrasses' vital to coastal health BBC News Basic Full Text
02.07.2017 NASA Taking Stock of Phytoplankton Populations in the Pacific NASA Basic Full Text
02.01.2017 Antarctic Bottom Waters Freshening at Unexpected Rate Scripps Institution of Oceanography Basic Full Text
01.26.2017 New tool helps oyster growers prepare for changing ocean chemistry NOAA News Basic Full Text
01.23.2017 Mesoscale ocean fronts enhance carbon export due to gravitational sinking and subduction Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America Expert Summary
01.18.2017 Unexpected result: Ocean acidification can promote shell formation NIOZ Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research Basic Full Text
01.06.2017 China plans emissions cuts, public transport boost as smog lingers Thomson Reuters Foundation Basic Full Text
01.04.2017 Overlooked possibility of a collapsed Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation in warming climate Science Advances Expert Full Text
12.27.2016 Krill Contribute to Ocean Carbon Storage in Patagonia GlacierHub Basic Full Text
12.14.2016 Arctic kelp forests may create summer refuges from ocean acidification Science News Basic Full Text
12.13.2016 NASA releases eye-popping view of carbon dioxide NASA Climate Change News Basic Full Text
11.28.2016 Idea to cut NASA's role in climate science could be major loss for Maine, scientists say Portland Press Herald Basic Full Text
11.17.2016 How 'Marine Snow' Keeps Ocean Life Healthy Forbes Basic Full Text
11.11.2016 Scientists warn on ocean acidification NHK World (Japan) Basic Full Text
10.05.2016 The effect of CO2 enrichment on net photosynthesis of the red alga Furcellaria lumbricalis in a brackish water environment PeerJ Expert Full Text
09.27.2016 Climate change will see some males get sexier University of Adelaide Basic Full Text
09.21.2016 SPURS-2 Initial Results NASA Earth Observatory Basic Full Text
09.06.2016 NOAA and Sea Grant fund $800,000 in research to understand effects of ocean changes on iconic Northeast marine life NOAA Office of Oceanic & Atmospheric Research Basic Full Text
09.06.2016 Why the ocean is key to climate protection Deutsche Welle Basic Full Text
09.01.2016 Effects of ocean acidification on the swimming ability, development and biochemical responses of sand smelt larvae Science of The Total Environment Expert Summary
08.17.2016 Climate change alters the rules of sperm competition in the sea EurekaAlert! Basic Full Text
08.03.2016 Global Warming, a Dead Zone and Mysterious Bacteria Georgia Tech Basic Full Text
07.25.2016 The Tiny World of Glacier Microbes Has an Outsized Impact on Global Climate Smithsonian Basic Full Text
07.20.2016 PACE mission will uncover new information about health of our oceans NASA Climate Change News Basic Full Text
07.15.2016 Sea surface temperature variability in the Norwegian Sea during the late Pliocene linked to subpolar gyre strength and radiative forcing Earth and Planetary Science Letters Expert Summary
07.01.2016 Monthly CO2 at A4HDYD station in a productive shallow marginal sea (Yellow Sea) with a seasonal thermocline: Controlling processes Journal of Marine Systems Expert Summary
06.28.2016 USM to Host Conference on Changing Ocean Chemistry MPBN (Maine Public Broadcasting Network) Basic Full Text
06.22.2016 Incorporating benthic community changes into hydrochemical-based projections of coral reef calcium carbonate production under ocean acidification Coral Reefs Expert Summary
05.19.2016 Ocean acidification may put Northwest Dungeness crab at risk NOAA News Basic Full Text
05.04.2016 Dead zones devour oceans' oxygen Climate News Network Basic Full Text
05.01.2016 New Study Found Ocean Acidification May Be Impacting Coral Reefs in the Florida Keys University of Miami Basic Full Text
05.01.2016 Effects of multiple climate change stressors: ocean acidification interacts with warming, hyposalinity, and low food supply on the larvae of the brooding flat oyster Ostrea angasi Marine Biology Expert Summary
05.01.2016 Biological and physical controls in the Southern Ocean on past millennial-scale atmospheric CO2 changes Nature Communications Expert Summary
04.04.2016 Leading ocean scientists recommend action plan to combat changes to seawater chemistry EurekaAlert! Basic Full Text
04.04.2016 West Coast prepares for 'double whammy' threat to ocean health NOAA News Basic Full Text
03.18.2016 Ocean acidification takes a toll on California's coastline at nighttime Carnegie Institution for Science Basic Full Text
03.16.2016 Silent oceans: acidification stops shrimp chorus University of Adelaide Basic Full Text
02.29.2016 Microorganisms duke it out within algal blooms EurekaAlert! Basic Full Text
02.25.2016 How Northern European waters soak up carbon dioxide BBC News Basic Full Text
02.25.2016 Tracing deep ocean currents ScienceDaily Basic Full Text
02.02.2016 Study Shows North Atlantic Ocean CO2 Storage Doubled Over Last Decade University of Miami Basic Full Text
01.26.2016 How good are we at assessing the impact of ocean acidification in coastal systems? Limitations, omissions and strengths of commonly used experimental approaches with special emphasis on the neglected role of fluctuations Marine & Freshwater Research Expert Summary
01.26.2016 NASA takes part in airborne study of Southern Ocean Global Climate Change - NASA Basic Full Text
01.15.2016 Dissolved inorganic carbon speciation in aquatic environments and its application to monitor algal carbon uptake Science of the Total Environment Expert Summary
01.11.2016 Acidification affects the ability of bacteria to clean our oceans Linnaeus University Basic Full Text
01.11.2016 Giant icebergs boost Southern Ocean carbon storage, says study CarbonBrief Basic Full Text
01.09.2016 Nutrient dynamics under different ocean acidification scenarios in a low nutrient low chlorophyll system: The Northwestern Mediterranean Sea Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science Expert Summary
01.01.2016 Extreme Research Shows How Arctic Ice Is Dwindling National Geographic Basic Full Text
12.24.2015 'Underwater Christmas trees' help restore key habitat BBC News Basic Full Text
12.21.2015 Hidden biosphere in an oxygen-deficient Atlantic open-ocean eddy: future implications of ocean deoxygenation on primary production in the eastern tropical North Atlantic Biogeosciences Expert Full Text
11.27.2015 Increased CO2 enhances plankton growth Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences Basic Full Text
11.27.2015 Don't forget plankton in climate change models, says study EurekaAlert! Basic Full Text
11.23.2015 Big data reveals glorious animation of Antarctic bottom water ARC Centre of Excellence for Climate Science Excellence Basic Full Text
11.23.2015 The deep ocean under climate change Science / AAAS Expert Summary
11.13.2015 Moveable feast Science / AAAS Expert Summary
11.12.2015 Deep-Ocean Protections May Help Mitigate Climate Change Scripps Institution of Oceanography Basic Full Text
11.06.2015 Research suggests marine invasive species benefit from rising CO2 levels Plymouth University Basic Full Text
10.26.2015 Plankton poo clue could aid climate predictions ScienceDaily Basic Summary
10.19.2015 Warming Oceans May Threaten Krill, a Cornerstone of the Antarctic Ecosystem New York Times Basic Full Text
10.13.2015 Global marine analysis suggests food chain collapse University of Adelaide Basic Full Text
10.13.2015 NOAA-led research identifies areas of global ocean most vulnerable to ocean acidification NOAA News Basic Full Text
10.06.2015 NOAA awards more than $1.3 million to predict coastal acidification impacts to commercial species and vulnerable habitats NOAA News Basic Full Text
10.01.2015 Responses of carbon uptake and oceanic pCO2 to climate change in the North Atlantic: A model study with the Bergen Earth System Model Global Biogeochemical Cycles Expert Summary
09.24.2015 Carbon-Carrying Phytoplankton Population on Decline R & D magazine Basic Full Text
09.16.2015 Marine population halved since 1970 - report BBC News Basic Full Text
09.11.2015 Carbon Sink Reborn: Oceanic CO2 Uptake Is Back Science 2.0 Basic Full Text
09.10.2015 Revived oceanic CO2 uptake Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research Basic Full Text
09.08.2015 Copepod migrations are important for the ocean's uptake of CO2 Technical University of Denmark Basic Full Text
09.01.2015 Climate change could push these tiny marine organisms to evolve - irreversibly Washington Post Basic Full Text
08.27.2015 Ocean warming and acidification needs more attention, argues US The Guardian Basic Full Text
08.20.2015 Quantifying anthropogenic carbon inventory changes in the Pacific sector of the Southern Ocean Marine Chemistry Expert Summary
08.13.2015 What a Little Ooze on the Ocean Floor Tells Us About the Big Climate Change Picture The Wire Basic Full Text
08.03.2015 Sucking carbon from the sky may do little to slow climate change American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) Basic Full Text
07.20.2015 Ocean acidification may cause dramatic changes to phytoplankton Massachusetts Institute of Technology News Basic Full Text
07.16.2015 The hydration structure of dissolved carbon dioxide from X-ray absorption spectroscopy Chemical Physics Letters Expert Summary
07.09.2015 Ubiquitous healthy diatoms in the deep sea confirm deep carbon injection by the biological pump Nature Communications Expert Full Text
07.08.2015 Where Iron and Water Mix Hydrothermal Vents a Significant Source of Iron in the Oceans Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute Basic Full Text
07.01.2015 Monitoring seawater reveals ocean acidification risks to Alaskan shellfish hatchery EurekaAlert! Basic Full Text
06.18.2015 Global warming: Growing feedback from ocean carbon to climate Nature News Basic Full Text
06.01.2015 Study Reveals Ocean Acidification's Effects on Shrimp Biology Scripps Institution of Oceanography Basic Full Text
06.01.2015 Ocean and Coastal Acidification off New England and Nova Scotia Oceanography Expert Full Text
05.19.2015 When's the Last Time Our CO2 Levels Were This High? Pacific Standard Basic Full Text
05.01.2015 Ocean Bacteria Get 'Pumped Up' Massachusetts Institute of Technology | Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences Basic Full Text
05.01.2015 The microbial carbon pump concept: Potential biogeochemical significance in the globally changing ocean Progress in Oceanography Expert Summary
04.09.2015 Mass Extinction Tied to Volcanic Eruptions, Acidic Oceans Voice of America Basic Full Text
03.31.2015 Climate change: bacteria play an important role in the long term storage of carbon in the ocean Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research (UFZ) Basic Full Text
03.31.2015 Deep Ocean Current May Slow Due to Climate Change Astrobiology Magazine Basic Full Text
03.26.2015 Spring plankton bloom hitches ride to sea's depths on ocean eddies National Science Foundation Basic Full Text
03.26.2015 Swirling Currents Deliver Phytoplankton Carbon to Ocean Depths Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute Basic Full Text
03.25.2015 Shell-shocked: Ocean acidification likely hampers tiny shell builders in Southern Ocean University of Colorado Boulder Basic Full Text
03.18.2015 Research Cruise Investigates Ocean Acidification Effects on Deep Sea Coral National Centers for Coastal Ocean Science Basic Full Text
03.13.2015 New NASA Mission to Study Ocean Color, Airborne Particles and Clouds NASA Basic Full Text
03.12.2015 Global Warming May Boost Dead Zones in Oceans Scientific American Basic Full Text
03.12.2015 Naturally acidic waters of Puget Sound surround UW's Friday Harbor Labs UW Today (University of Washington) Basic Full Text
03.10.2015 Century-scale trends and seasonality in pH and temperature for shallow zones of the Bering Sea Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America Expert Summary
03.07.2015 Rising acid levels in oceans imperil region's shellfish Boston Globe Basic Full Text
03.05.2015 Evolving to Cope with Climate Change UConn Today (University of Connecticut) Basic Full Text
02.27.2015 Dominance of the Southern Ocean in Anthropogenic Carbon and Heat Uptake in CMIP5 Models Journal of Climate Expert Summary
02.26.2015 Scientists Tackle a Dual Threat: More Acid, Less Oxygen in the Ocean KQED Science Basic Full Text
02.24.2015 Imaging technique reconstructs 120 years of seasonal changes in ocean acidification Basic Full Text
02.23.2015 Vulnerability and adaptation of US shellfisheries to ocean acidification Nature Climate Change Expert Summary
02.15.2015 Salinity from Space Unlocks Satellite-Based Assessment of Ocean Acidification Environmental Science & Technology Expert Summary
02.12.2015 Ocean carbon release 'ended last Ice Age' BBC News Basic Full Text
01.23.2015 Ocean biogeochemistry: Carbon at the coastal interface Nature Climate Change Expert Summary
01.15.2015 Researchers identify missing component in marine carbon, sulfur cycles UGA Today (University of Georgia) Basic Full Text
01.15.2015 Ocean acidification modulates the response of two Arctic kelps to ultraviolet radiation Journal of Plant Physiology Expert Summary
01.07.2015 Oceans soak less carbon due to global warming ZME Science Basic Full Text
01.01.2015 Enhancing Earth Observation Networks From Space Sea Technology Expert Full Text
01.01.2015 On the Response of pH to Inorganic Nutrient Enrichment in Well-Mixed Coastal Marine Waters Estuaries and Coasts Expert Summary
12.19.2014 New challenges for ocean acidification research ScienceDaily Basic Full Text
12.15.2014 Ocean acidification a culprit in commercial shellfish hatcheries' failures National Science Foundation Basic Full Text
12.03.2014 A glimmer of hope for corals as baby reef-builders cope with acidifying oceans ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies Basic Full Text
11.19.2014 NOAA, partners provide real-time ocean acidification data to Pacific coast shellfish growers NOAA News Basic Full Text
11.07.2014 New Global Maps Detail Human-Caused Ocean Acidification Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory (Columbia University) Basic Full Text
11.06.2014 How Climate Change Could Impact Harmful Algal Blooms National Centers for Coastal Ocean Science Basic Full Text
09.30.2014 Southern Ocean's role in climate regulation, ocean health goal of $21 million federal grant SOCCOM (Princeton University) Basic Full Text
09.26.2014 Increasing ocean acidification threatens Alaska's valuable commercial and subsistence fisheries NOAA Basic Full Text
09.15.2014 Small algae with great potential GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel Basic Full Text
09.10.2014 Seagrass may shield marine life from acidifying oceans Science/AAAS News Basic Full Text
08.18.2014 Researchers Find Way To Track Invisible, Underwater Oil Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative Basic Full Text
07.30.2014 Nutrient transport via the Indonesian Throughflow Australian Research Council's (ARC) Centre of Excellence for Climate System Science Basic Full Text
07.20.2014 Mixing it up: Study provides new insight into Southern Ocean behaviour e! Science News Basic Full Text
07.17.2014 Seeing the Sea UMaine News Basic Full Text
07.02.2014 NASA launches carbon satellite after 2009 failure Schenectady Gazette Basic Full Text
07.02.2014 Global Ocean Commission Charts Course for High Seas Recovery Triple Pundit Basic Full Text
06.12.2014 New NASA space observatory to study carbon conundrums NASA Climate Change News Basic Full Text
06.08.2014 Silica burial enhanced by iron limitation in oceanic upwelling margins Nature Geoscience Expert Summary
06.02.2014 Modern Ocean Acidification Is Outpacing Ancient Upheaval, Study Suggests Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory (Columbia University) Basic Full Text
04.30.2014 NOAA-led researchers discover ocean acidity is dissolving shells of tiny snails off the U.S. West Coast NOAA News Basic Full Text
04.24.2014 Microscopic Organism Plays a Big Role in Ocean Carbon Cycling, Scripps Scientists Discover Scripps Institution of Oceanography Basic Full Text
04.08.2014 Study: Black carbon is ancient by the time it reaches seafloor Rice University Basic Full Text
04.02.2014 NASA's OCO-2 Brings Sharp Focus on Global Carbon NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory Basic Full Text
03.26.2014 How climate change will acidify the oceans BBC News Basic Full Text
03.21.2014 Dust in the wind drove iron fertilization during ice age Princeton University Basic Full Text
03.20.2014 Ocean's carbon budget balanced National Oceanographic Centre _ UK Basic Full Text
03.16.2014 How do oceans absorb carbon dioxide? Scientists find clues. Tehran Times Basic Summary
01.16.2014 Palau's coral reefs surprisingly resistant to ocean acidification National Science Foundation Basic Full Text
01.15.2014 Acidification, predators pose double threat to oysters University of California, Davis Basic Full Text
01.01.2014 CO2-induced ocean acidification increases anxiety in Rockfish via alteration of GABA subscript A receptor functioning Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences Expert Summary
01.01.2014 Ebullition and storm-induced methane release from the East Siberian Arctic Shelf Nature Geoscience Expert Summary
12.24.2013 NASA's Carbon Sleuth Gets Simulated Taste of Space Moonandback Basic Full Text
12.23.2013 Local Factors Cause Dramatic Spikes in Coastal Ocean Acidity Duke University Basic Full Text
10.03.2013 Latest review of science reveals ocean in critical state from cumulative impacts International Programme on the State of the Ocean (IPSO) Basic Full Text
09.24.2013 Undersea mountains provide crucial piece in climate prediction puzzle Space Daily Basic Full Text
09.11.2013 Unprecedented Rate and Scale of Ocean Acidification Found in the Arctic U.S. Geological Survey Basic Full Text
09.09.2013 Breaking deep-sea waves reveal mechanism for global ocean mixing University of Washington Basic Full Text
08.28.2013 Sea-floor microbes may be affected by ailing shrimp in acidified oceans The University of Western Australia Basic Full Text
08.25.2013 Rising ocean acidity will exacerbate global warming Nature News Basic Full Text
08.13.2013 Sensitivity of Antarctic krill to Ocean Yale Climate & Energy Institute Basic Full Text
07.01.2013 Sea-air CO2 flux in the North Atlantic subtropical gyre: Role and influence of Sub-Tropical Mode Water formation Deep Sea Research Part II: Topical Studies in Oceanography Expert Summary
06.26.2013 Marine science: Get ready for ocean acidification Nature Expert Summary
06.18.2013 The breathing ocean: Reducing the effects of climate change Arizona State University Basic Full Text
06.17.2013 Natural Underwater Springs Show How Coral Reefs Respond to Ocean Acidification National Science Foundation Basic Full Text
06.04.2013 Endangered Coral Reefs Die as Ocean Temperatures Rise and Water Turns Acidic PBS News Hour Basic Full Text
05.02.2013 A Key Experiment to Probe the Future of Our Acidifying Oceans Yale Environment 360 Basic Full Text
04.30.2013 Exploring the Saltiness of the Ocean to Study Climate Change ScienceDaily Basic Full Text
04.15.2013 Impact of ocean acidification on metabolism and energetics during early life stages of the intertidal porcelain crab Petrolisthes cinctipes Journal of Experimental Biology Expert Summary
04.08.2013 Rapid climate change and the role of the Southern Ocean Cardiff University Basic Full Text
03.12.2013 Trouble in the Water: Acidifying Oceans Hinder Health of Northwest Shellfish PBS News Hour Basic Full Text
03.09.2013 Changing ecosystem concerns fishermen Portland Press Herald Basic Full Text
02.11.2013 Slumping Arctic Soils Produce Significant Amounts of CO2 ScienceNOW Basic Full Text
02.05.2013 Could the humble sea urchin hold the key to carbon capture? Newcastle University Basic Full Text
01.31.2013 Johns Hopkins scientist says ozone thinning has changed ocean circulation John Hopkins University Basic Full Text
01.31.2013 Fertilizing phytoplankton with volcanic ash NASA Climate Change News Basic Full Text
01.11.2013 Australian Dust Storm Photos Suggest Fearsome 'Red Wave' Off Continent's Western Coast (UPDATE) The Huffington Post Basic Full Text
01.07.2013 Video feature: Study of Southern Ocean critical to understanding of climate change Princeton University Basic Full Text
01.02.2013 Measurement of CO2 Diffusivity for Carbon Sequestration: A Microfluidic Approach for Reservoir-Specific Analysis ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY Expert Summary
01.01.2013 Volumetrics of CO2 Storage in Deep Saline Formations ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY Expert Summary
10.18.2012 Researchers Recover Recorder From Antarctic Waters Containing Critical Baseline on Acidification National Science Foundation Basic Full Text
10.17.2012 Mathematics and the ocean: Movement, mixing and climate modeling EurekaAlert! Basic Full Text
10.15.2012 Climate Change: The Past of the Atlantic Heat Pump Heidelberg University Basic Full Text
09.25.2012 Researchers Highlight Growing Problem of Ocean Acidification Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute Basic Full Text
08.01.2012 Earth Keeps Sucking Up Greenhouse Gases ScienceNOW Basic Full Text
07.30.2012 Oceans' carbon stores curb climate change: researchers Vancouver Sun Basic Full Text
07.10.2012 'Osteoporosis of the sea' alarm New Zealand Herald Basic Full Text
06.16.2012 Global ocean acidification monitoring network to launch at Rio summit Washington Post Basic Full Text
06.14.2012 Rapid acidification of the Eastern Pacific Ocean ETH Zurich Basic Full Text
05.21.2012 New Study by WHOI Scientists Provides Baseline Measurements of Carbon in Arctic Ocean Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute Basic Full Text
04.11.2012 Ocean Acidification Linked With Larval Oyster Failure in Hatcheries National Science Foundation Basic Full Text
04.10.2012 Corals at the mercy of storms and starfish Deutsche Welle Basic Full Text
04.04.2012 CO2 and Where it Hid in the Last Ice Age Environmental News Network Basic Full Text
03.13.2012 Input of Iron Linked to Biological Productivity in Ancient Pacific Ocean ScienceDaily Basic Full Text
03.01.2012 Oceans Acidifying Faster Today Than in Past 300 Million Years National Science Foundation Basic Full Text
01.24.2012 Variability of primary production and air-sea CO2 flux in the Southern Ocean GLOBAL BIOGEOCHEMICAL CYCLES Expert Summary
01.23.2012 Broadcast study of ocean acidification to date helps scientists evaluate effects on marine life EurekaAlert! Basic Full Text
01.01.2012 Marine Carbon Dioxide Lecture Notes in Earth Sciences Expert Summary
10.13.2011 Researchers explore plankton's shifting role in deep sea carbon storage Basic Full Text
10.12.2011 Bacterial Communication Could Affect Earth's Climate Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute Basic Full Text
07.18.2011 Study: Changes to ocean expected to damage shellfish around world CNN Basic Full Text
06.21.2011 Surprises from the ocean: Marine plankton and ocean pH EurekaAlert! Basic Full Text
05.23.2011 Note on the CO2 air-sea gas exchange at high temperatures Ocean Modelling Expert Summary
04.01.2011 Secular variation in carbon uptake into the ocean crust Earth and Planetary Science Letters Expert Summary
03.09.2011 Environment: Earth's acid test Nature News Basic Full Text
03.09.2011 In the North Atlantic, Oceanic Currents Play a Greater Role in the Absorption of Carbon Than Previously Thought ScienceDaily Basic Full Text
03.04.2011 Sink or Source? A New Model to Measure Organic Carbon in Surface Waters U.S. Geological Survey Basic Full Text
02.25.2011 Changes in ocean circulation and carbon storage are decoupled from air-sea CO2 fluxes Woods Hole Open Access Server Expert Full Text
02.22.2011 Carbon Sink at South Pole Has Grown Recently, Historical Collections Reveal ScienceDaily Basic Full Text
09.09.2010 Bacteria and climate change: Invisible carbon pumps The Economist Basic Full Text
07.22.2010 Arctic Ocean full up with carbon dioxide Nature News Basic Full Text
06.04.2010 Ocean Acidification in the Arctic: What Are the Consequences of Carbon Dioxide Increase on Marine Ecosystems? ScienceDaily Basic Full Text
02.10.2010 NASA-Funded Carbon Dioxide Map of U.S. Released on Google Earth NASA Basic Full Text
01.01.2010 Estimation of Anthropogenic CO2 Inventories in the Ocean Annual Review of Marine Science Expert Summary
05.18.2009 Fast And Efficient As Soon As They Are Dead: Jellyfish-like Creatures May Play Major Role In The Marine Carbon Transport System ScienceDaily Basic Full Text
04.18.2009 Ocean Dead Zones Likely To Expand: Increasing Carbon Dioxide And Decreasing Oxygen Make It Harder For Deep-sea Animals To Breath ScienceDaily Basic Full Text
04.19.2008 Fluctuations in the dynamics of the Atlantic Ocean linked to intensification of south Asian summer monsoons Geophysical Research Letters Expert Summary
04.18.2008 Phytoplankton Calcification in a High-CO2 World Science Expert Summary
04.02.2008 Phytoplankton species deviates from norm: No CO2 absorbed in photosynthesis Stanford News Service 1 Basic Full Text
02.07.2008 Effects of phytoplankton physiology on export flux Marine Ecology Progress Series Expert Summary
01.10.2008 Killing Earth's largest organism ScienceAlert Basic Full Text
11.22.2007 Ocean carbon dioxide Nature Basic Full Text
11.01.2007 A variable and decreasing sink for atmospheric CO2 in the North Atlantic American Geophysical Union - Journal of Geophysical Research Expert Summary
10.25.2007 Contributions to accelerating atmospheric CO2 growth from economic activity, carbon intensity, and efficiency of natural sinks Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America Expert Full Text
10.09.2007 Southern Ocean already losing ability to absorb CO2 New Scientist 2 Basic Full Text
09.19.2007 Interannual variability of oceanic CO2 sink in North Atlantic subtropical gyre over last two decades American Geophysical Union Expert Summary
09.11.2007 Impact of anthropogenic atmospheric nitrogen and sulfur deposition on ocean acidification and the inorganic carbon system Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America Expert Full Text
09.07.2007 Acid Rain Has a Disproportionate Impact on Coastal Waters Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute Basic Full Text
09.03.2007 Industrial pollution acidifies ocean, threatens marine animals Basic Full Text
05.17.2007 Saturation of the Southern Ocean CO2 Sink Due to Recent Climate Change Science / AAAS Expert Summary
04.01.2007 Revisiting Carbon Flux Through the Ocean's Twilight Zone Science / AAAS Expert Summary