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06.27.2018 Huge part of Arctic ocean is shifting to an Atlantic climate, study finds The Independent (U.K.) Basic Full Text
06.01.2018 Southern Ocean heat uptake, redistribution and storage in a warming climate: The role of meridional overturning circulation Journal of Climate Expert Summary
05.16.2018 The southern ocean meridional overturning in the sea-ice sector is driven by freshwater fluxes Nature Communications Expert Full Text
04.18.2018 Stanford researchers find that swarms of tiny organisms mix nutrients in ocean waters Stanford University Basic Full Text
04.18.2018 Study reveals new Antarctic process contributing to sea level rise and climate change ScienceDaily Basic Full Text
04.11.2018 New Ocean Current Discovered Off the Coast of Madagascar LiveScience Basic Full Text
04.11.2018 Ocean circulation is changing, and we need to know why Nature Expert Full Text
04.10.2018 Reversing Earth's Spin Moves Deserts, Reshapes Ocean Currents EOS: Earth & Space Science News Basic Full Text
03.29.2018 Study reveals potential stability of ocean processes despite climate change Basic Full Text
03.26.2018 NASA renews focus on Earth's frozen regions NASA Climate Change News Basic Full Text
03.01.2018 Deep Convection in the Irminger Sea Observed with a Dense Mooring Array Oceanography Expert Summary
02.23.2018 Stagnation in the South Pacific EurekaAlert! Basic Full Text
02.17.2018 Ocean array alters view of Atlantic 'conveyor belt' Science/AAAS News Basic Full Text
02.15.2018 Astronomically paced changes in deep-water circulation in the western North Atlantic during the middle Eocene Earth and Planetary Science Letters Expert Summary
02.12.2018 Does this huge warm water blob herald an end to La Niña? Discover Magazine Basic Full Text
02.01.2018 Idealised modelling of ocean circulation driven by conductive and hydrothermal fluxes at the seabed Ocean Modelling Expert Full Text
01.02.2018 Bathymetry and oceanic flow structure at two deep passages crossing the Lomonosov Ridge Ocean Science Expert Summary
01.01.2018 Simulating the Agulhas system in global ocean models - nesting vs. multi-resolution unstructured meshes Ocean Modelling Expert Summary
12.11.2017 How a Wayward Arctic Current Could Cool the Climate in Europe Yale Environment 360 Basic Full Text
11.22.2017 The role of Atlantic overturning circulation in the recent decline of Atlantic major hurricane frequency Nature Communications Expert Full Text
11.13.2017 How a "shadow zone" traps the world's oldest ocean water Stockholm University Basic Full Text
10.10.2017 Marine snowfall at the equator EurekaAlert! Basic Full Text
10.01.2017 Response of the North Atlantic dynamic sea level and circulation to Greenland meltwater and climate change in an eddy-permitting ocean model Climate Dynamics Expert Summary
09.26.2017 Deep waters spiral upward around Antarctica MIT News Basic Full Text
09.05.2017 Longer, stronger summers in the Gulf of Maine University of Maine Basic Full Text
08.29.2017 Human influence may prolong ocean cycle that gave birth to Harvey Science / AAAS Basic Full Text
07.31.2017 Loss of Arctic sea ice impacting Atlantic Ocean water circulation system Yale University Basic Full Text
07.18.2017 South Africa: Why Deeper Insights Into the Agulhas Current Can Shed Light On Climate Patterns Basic Full Text
07.18.2017 Robots Help Locate Origins of Shellfish Toxicity in Eastern Gulf of Maine National Centers for Coastal Ocean Science Basic Full Text
07.13.2017 South Atlantic agreement takes on board questions too big to be solved alone Horizon (the EU Research & Innovation magazine) Basic Full Text
07.06.2017 The giant undersea rivers we know very little about BBC News Basic Full Text
07.01.2017 Modification of the deep salinity-maximum in the Southern Ocean by circulation in the Antarctic Circumpolar Current and the Weddell Gyre Ocean Dynamics Expert Summary
06.20.2017 Wave beams mix and stir the ocean to create climate Basic Full Text
06.15.2017 How Will Climate Change Affect the California Current Upwelling? EOS (American Geophysical Union) Basic Full Text
06.13.2017 NASA-MIT study evaluates efficiency of oceans as heat sink, atmospheric gases sponge NASA Climate Change News Basic Full Text
06.08.2017 A tribute to the world's oceans: why we couldn't survive without them Myanmar Times Basic Full Text
06.06.2017 West Coast Waters on Acid Trip; Fishing Industry in Peril Climate Central Basic Full Text
05.17.2017 Plastic piling up in Arctic Ocean Grand Forks Herald Basic Full Text
05.10.2017 Different places warm at different paces University of Bergen Basic Full Text
05.04.2017 Reconciling controversies about the 'global warming hiatus' Nature Expert Summary
05.01.2017 A New Inversion Method to Obtain Upper-Ocean Current-Depth Profiles Using X-Band Observations of Deep-Water Waves Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology Expert Summary
04.19.2017 Trillions of Plastic Bits, Swept Up by Current, Are Littering Arctic Waters New York Times Basic Full Text
04.17.2017 Models, observations not so far apart on planet's response to greenhouse gas emissions University of Washington Basic Full Text
04.12.2017 A climatology of the California Current System from a network of underwater gliders NOAA Climate Program Office Basic Full Text
02.22.2017 Hot spots of marine biodiversity most severely impacted by global warming ScienceDaily Basic Full Text
02.01.2017 Temporal variability of the Circumpolar Deep Water inflow onto the Ross Sea continental shelf Journal of Marine Systems Expert Summary
02.01.2017 Antarctic Bottom Waters Freshening at Unexpected Rate Scripps Institution of Oceanography Basic Full Text
02.01.2017 Dissolved iron transport pathways in the Ross Sea: Influence of tides and horizontal resolution in a regional ocean model Journal of Marine Systems Expert Summary
01.23.2017 Eddy saturation and frictional control of the Antarctic Circumpolar Current Geophysical Research Letters Expert Full Text
01.15.2017 Paleoceanographic changes in the Northeast Indian Ocean during middle Miocene inferred from carbon and oxygen isotopes of foraminiferal fossil shells Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology Expert Summary
01.04.2017 Overlooked possibility of a collapsed Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation in warming climate Science Advances Expert Full Text
12.27.2016 Krill Contribute to Ocean Carbon Storage in Patagonia GlacierHub Basic Full Text
12.03.2016 Evidence for a biological pump driver of atmospheric CO2 rise during Heinrich Stadial 1 CO2 Coalition Basic Full Text
11.23.2016 Antarctic glacier may melt on its own, raise sea level 10 feet Portland Press Herald Basic Full Text
11.17.2016 How 'Marine Snow' Keeps Ocean Life Healthy Forbes Basic Full Text
10.05.2016 Atlantic Ocean's slowdown tied to changes in the Southern Hemisphere University of Washington Basic Full Text
09.12.2016 Down to the Mariana Trench: 11 facts about our mysterious oceans and marine life Deutsche Welle Basic Full Text
09.08.2016 Coral Reefs on the Edge NHK World (Japan) Basic Full Text
07.25.2016 Marine carbon sinking rates confirm importance of polar oceans University of Washington Basic Full Text
07.19.2016 For ancient deep-sea plankton, a long decline before extinction University at Buffalo Basic Full Text
07.12.2016 Gulf stream slowdown to spare Europe from worst of climate change University of Sussex Basic Full Text
07.05.2016 Evidence for Ocean Warming Wunderground Basic Full Text
07.01.2016 Deep water provenance and dynamics of the (de)glacial Atlantic meridional overturning circulation Earth and Planetary Science Letters Expert Summary
06.30.2016 Ocean Circulation Implicated in Past Abrupt Climate Changes Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory (Columbia University) Basic Full Text
06.20.2016 A deeper understanding about the causes of sea-level rise Basic Full Text
06.20.2016 Q&A: What do Arctic ice and Atlantic hurricanes have in common? NOAA News Basic Full Text
06.15.2016 AWI Scientists to Deploy New Equipment in Arctic Study Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research Basic Full Text
06.01.2016 Climate change and response in bottom water circulation and sediment provenance in the Central Arctic Ocean since the Last Glacial Chemical Geology Expert Summary
05.30.2016 Deep, old water explains why Antarctic Ocean hasn't warmed University of Washington Basic Full Text
05.01.2016 Biological and physical controls in the Southern Ocean on past millennial-scale atmospheric CO2 changes Nature Communications Expert Summary
04.27.2016 Evidence points to widespread loss of ocean oxygen by 2030s National Science Foundation Basic Full Text
04.19.2016 Importance of ocean salinity for climate and habitability Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America Expert Summary
04.06.2016 Sentinel-3A feels the heat EUMETSAT (European Organisation for the Exploitation of Meteorological Satellites) Basic Full Text
04.04.2016 NASA examines El Nino's impact on ocean's food source ScienceDaily Basic Full Text
03.31.2016 Reduced Oxygen During Ice Age Sheds Light on 'Missing' Carbon Dioxide Syracuse University Basic Full Text
03.01.2016 Studying Earth in the New Millennium: NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory's Contributions to Earth Science and Applications Space Agencies NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory Expert Summary
02.25.2016 Tracing deep ocean currents ScienceDaily Basic Full Text
02.12.2016 Glacial lake drainage in Patagonia (13-8 kyr) and response of the adjacent Pacific Ocean Nature Scientific Reports Expert Full Text
01.22.2016 The Benguela Upwelling System: Quantifying the Sensitivity to Resolution and Coastal Wind Representation in a Global Climate Model CLIVAR (Climate and Ocean: Variability, Predictability and Change) Basic Full Text
01.01.2016 On the warm inflow at the eastern boundary of the Weddell Gyre Deep Sea Research Part I: Oceanographic Research Papers Expert Summary
01.01.2016 Magnetostratigraphic evidence for deep-sea erosion on the Pacific Plate, south of Mariana Trench, since the middle Pleistocene: potential constraints for Antarctic bottom water circulation International Geology Review Expert Summary
01.01.2016 Impacts of Wind Stress Changes on the Global Heat Transport, Baroclinic Instability, and the Thermohaline Circulation Advances in Meteorology Expert Summary
12.08.2015 NCAR develops method to predict sea ice changes years in advance NCAR (National Center for Atmospheric Research) Basic Full Text
11.23.2015 Big data reveals glorious animation of Antarctic bottom water ARC Centre of Excellence for Climate Science Excellence Basic Full Text
11.02.2015 NASA finds new way to track ocean currents from space NASA Climate Change News Basic Full Text
10.20.2015 Formation of coastal sea ice in North Pacific drives ocean circulation and climate University of California, Santa Cruz Basic Full Text
10.08.2015 MacGyver this! New DYI experiment shows students the physics of climate change Queensland University of Technology Basic Full Text
09.29.2015 Scientists solve the riddle of deep ocean carbon University of Southampton Basic Full Text
09.11.2015 Carbon Sink Reborn: Oceanic CO2 Uptake Is Back Science 2.0 Basic Full Text
09.01.2015 Influence of the equatorial deep jets on the north equatorial countercurrent Ocean Dynamics Expert Summary
09.01.2015 Precession and obliquity forcing of the freshwater budget over the Mediterranean Quaternary Science Reviews Expert Summary
09.01.2015 Water Mass Transformations Driven by Ekman Upwelling and Surface Warming in Subpolar Gyres Journal of Physical Oceanography Expert Summary
08.31.2015 Dan Haifley, Our Ocean Backyard: Ocean currents carry nutrients to marine life Santa Cruz Sentinel Basic Full Text
07.20.2015 Ocean acidification may cause dramatic changes to phytoplankton Massachusetts Institute of Technology News Basic Full Text
07.08.2015 Where Iron and Water Mix Hydrothermal Vents a Significant Source of Iron in the Oceans Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute Basic Full Text
06.29.2015 Retreating sea ice linked to changes in ocean circulation, could affect European climate EurekaAlert! Basic Full Text
05.15.2015 Amazing Waves Discovered in Deep-Ocean Trench LiveScience Basic Full Text
05.13.2015 Tide gauge network to be updated after 30 years at sea Basic Full Text
05.11.2015 Solving corrosive ocean mystery reveals future climate Penn State Basic Full Text
05.02.2015 Changes to ocean currents unprecedented Providence Journal Basic Full Text
04.29.2015 Two-mile long ice core reveals ocean currents transmitted climate changes from the Arctic to the Antarctic Desert Research Institute (Nevada System of Higher Education) Basic Full Text
03.31.2015 Deep Ocean Current May Slow Due to Climate Change Astrobiology Magazine Basic Full Text
03.12.2015 Naturally acidic waters of Puget Sound surround UW's Friday Harbor Labs UW Today (University of Washington) Basic Full Text
03.01.2015 Distribution and ventilation of water masses in the western Ross Sea inferred from CFC measurements Deep Sea Research Part I: Oceanographic Research Papers Expert Summary
02.24.2015 Sea Level Spiked for Two Years Along NE North America University of Arizona Basic Full Text
02.01.2015 The North Atlantic subpolar circulation in an eddy-resolving global ocean model Journal of Marine Systems Expert Full Text
01.01.2015 Earth science: Ocean circulation and rapid climate change Nature Expert Summary
12.23.2014 Salinity matters Space Daily Basic Full Text
12.11.2014 Sea level rise: Global warming's yardstick NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory Basic Full Text
12.08.2014 Study finds early warning signals of abrupt climate change ScienceDaily Basic Full Text
12.01.2014 Mechanisms of Multidecadal Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation Variability Diagnosed in Depth versus Density Space Journal of Climate Expert Summary
11.15.2014 A Conceptual Model of Ocean Heat Uptake under Climate Change Journal of Climate Expert Summary
11.10.2014 Robotic Ocean Gliders Aid Study of Melting Polar Ice Caltech Basic Full Text
10.27.2014 Where did the Deepwater Horizon oil go? To Davy Jones' Locker at the bottom of the sea National Science Foundation Basic Full Text
09.09.2014 Shift in Arabian Sea Plankton May Threaten Fisheries Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory (Columbia University) Basic Full Text
08.22.2014 New theory may help explain global warming pause CBS News Basic Full Text
07.28.2014 Shifting ocean surface saltiness from 2004-2013 NOAA Basic Full Text
07.20.2014 Mixing it up: Study provides new insight into Southern Ocean behaviour e! Science News Basic Full Text
07.12.2014 2013 State of the Climate: Ocean salinity NOAA Basic Full Text
06.26.2014 Ancient ocean currents may have changed pace and intensity of ice ages National Science Foundation Basic Full Text
06.12.2014 Gibraltar Currents Show Proof Of Past Climate Changes Tamu Times (Texas A&M University) Basic Full Text
04.09.2014 Malaysia Airlines MH370: Searching in an ocean of uncertainty BBC News Basic Full Text
03.28.2014 Big Changes in the Deep North Atlantic May Erode Defense Against Global Warming Rutgers University Basic Summary
03.03.2014 Climate Change Felt in Deep Waters of Antarctica Smithsonian Basic Full Text
02.26.2014 URI oceanographers: Antarctic Circumpolar Current carries 20 percent more water than previous estimates University of Rhode Island Basic Full Text
02.01.2014 Atlantic overturning in decline? Nature Geoscience Expert Summary
02.01.2014 Large-scale distribution of viruses in deep waters of the Pacific and Southern Oceans Aquatic Microbial Ecology Expert Summary
01.23.2014 Large and in Charge: Study Shows Size Matters in Prehistoric Seas ScienceDaily Basic Full Text
10.31.2013 International Community Fails to Protect Marine Life in Antarctic Waters The Pew Caritable Trusts Basic Full Text
10.20.2013 Global ocean currents explain why Northern Hemisphere is the soggier one University of Washington Basic Full Text
09.24.2013 Undersea mountains provide crucial piece in climate prediction puzzle Space Daily Basic Full Text
09.09.2013 Ambitious science mission sets off for Antarctica British Antarctic Survey Basic Full Text
09.09.2013 Breaking deep-sea waves reveal mechanism for global ocean mixing University of Washington Basic Full Text
08.02.2013 Explorers discover northernmost Atlantic seeps, deep-sea canyon diversity, off U.S. Northeast NOAA News Basic Full Text
07.22.2013 Rapid upper ocean warming linked to declining aerosols CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation) Basic Full Text
07.11.2013 A potential barrier to deep Antarctic circumpolar flow until the late Miocene? Geology Expert Summary
05.29.2013 Arctic Current Flowed Under Deep Freeze of Last Ice Age, Study Says Earth Institute (Columbia University) Basic Full Text
03.08.2013 Formation of salinity maximum water and its contribution to the overturning circulation in the North Atlantic as revealed by a global GCM Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans Expert Summary
03.01.2013 Tidal and residual currents over abrupt deep-sea topography based on shipboard ADCP data and tidal model solutions for three popular bathymetry grids Ocean Dynamics Expert Summary
03.01.2013 Space Satellite Collects Flood of Ocean Data Embassy of the United States _ London, U.K. Basic Full Text
02.24.2013 New Source Found For Cold, Deep Antarctic Currents Our Amazing Planet Basic Full Text
02.22.2013 Circulation Changes in a Warmer Ocean ScienceDaily Basic Full Text
02.11.2013 New Simulations Question the Gulf Stream's Role in Tempering Europe's Winters Scientific American Basic Full Text
01.31.2013 Johns Hopkins scientist says ozone thinning has changed ocean circulation John Hopkins University Basic Full Text
01.01.2013 Variability of the Dokdo Abyssal Current observed in the Ulleung Interplain Gap of the East/Japan Sea Acta Oceanologica Sinica Expert Summary
12.16.2012 The impact of polar mesoscale storms on northeast Atlantic Ocean circulation Nature Geoscience Expert Summary
11.07.2012 Microfossils Reveal Secrets of Ancient Ocean Changes LiveScience Basic Full Text
10.17.2012 Mathematics and the ocean: Movement, mixing and climate modeling EurekaAlert! Basic Full Text
10.16.2012 SMOS has a better look at salinity ESA (European Space Agency) News Basic Full Text
10.15.2012 Climate Change: The Past of the Atlantic Heat Pump Heidelberg University Basic Full Text
09.24.2012 Stratospheric Winds Environmental News Network Basic Full Text
07.30.2012 Oceans' carbon stores curb climate change: researchers Vancouver Sun Basic Full Text
07.27.2012 How ocean currents affect global climate is a question oceanographer may be close to answering Florida State University Basic Full Text
05.24.2012 Evidence from 12-Year Study Links Ecosystem Changes in the Gulf of Maine with Climate Change Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences Basic Full Text
05.09.2012 Climate science: A grip on ice-age ocean circulation Nature News Basic Full Text
05.04.2012 Latest Southern Ocean research shows continuing deep ocean change Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population & Communities (Australian government) Basic Full Text
04.24.2012 Role of the Bering Strait on the hysteresis of the ocean conveyor belt circulation and glacial climate stability Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America Expert Summary
04.01.2012 Effect of bottom slope in northeastern North Pacific on deep-water upwelling and overturning circulation Journal of Oceanography Expert Summary
04.01.2012 The specific features of pollution spread in the northwest Pacific Ocean Izvestiya Atmospheric and Oceanic Physics Expert Summary
03.23.2012 A Newfound Cog in the Ocean Conveyor Oceanus - Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute Basic Summary
03.20.2012 Amount of coldest Antarctic water near ocean floor decreasing for decades NOAA News Basic Full Text
02.01.2012 Tasman Sea a "hotspot" for ocean warming Australian Geographic Basic Full Text
01.04.2012 NASA Finds Russian Runoff Freshening Canadian Arctic NASA Basic Full Text
12.01.2011 Plunge in CO2 Put the Freeze On Antarctica ScienceDaily Basic Full Text
11.09.2011 International Team To Drill Beneath Massive Antarctic Ice Shelf NASA Basic Full Text
08.22.2011 New Iceland current could sway North Atlantic climate Reuters Basic Full Text
06.21.2011 NASA Sets Sail on Second Leg of Arctic Ocean Research Voyage NASA News Basic Full Text
05.20.2011 Long Reach of the Deep Sea: Oceanographers Document Effect of Equatorial Deep Currents on West African Rainfall ScienceDaily Basic Full Text
04.05.2011 Gulf Stream could be threatened by Arctic flush New Scientist Basic Full Text
03.28.2011 Study Sheds Light on How Heat is Transported to Greenland Glaciers Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute Basic Full Text
03.25.2011 Subinertial variability in the deep ocean near the East Pacific Rise between 9° and 10°N GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH LETTERS Expert Summary
03.21.2011 The rôle of the complete Coriolis force in cross-equatorial flow of abyssal ocean currents Ocean Modelling Expert Summary
01.31.2011 Loss of Antarctic ice 'tongue' could change seas MSNBC Basic Full Text
09.12.2010 Ocean conveyor-belt model stirred up Nature News Basic Full Text
06.18.2010 Retooling the ocean conveyor belt EurekaAlert! Basic Full Text
04.27.2010 Massive Southern Ocean Current Discovered ScienceDaily Basic Full Text
03.01.2010 Direct velocity measurements of deep circulation southwest of the Shatsky Rise in the western North Pacific Deep Sea Research Part I: Oceanographic Research Papers Expert Summary
08.27.2009 New look at gravity data sheds light on ocean, climate NASA News Basic Full Text
07.21.2009 Oceanographer Gene Feldman is Going Home for the First Time NASA Earth Observatory Basic Summary
11.07.2008 Sunlight Has More Powerful Influence On Ocean Circulation And Climate Than North American Ice Sheets ScienceDaily Basic Full Text
09.27.2007 In Hot Water: Ice Age Defrosted by Warming Ocean, Not Rise in CO2 Scientific American Basic Full Text
03.01.2007 Warming could slow ocean currents Discovery News 1 Basic Full Text
02.02.2007 Rapid 20th-century increase in coastal upwelling off northwest Africa Science / AAAS 3 Expert Summary