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06.07.2018 Bacteria Build with Nanomaterial Potential Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences Basic Full Text
06.05.2018 World Oceans Day: 10 things to know about coral reefs and their microbiomes National Science Foundation Basic Full Text
05.17.2018 Mitigation Strategies for Harmful Algal Blooms Span from Headwater Streams to Coastal Waters NCCOS (National Centers for Coastal Ocean Science) Basic Full Text
05.04.2018 We can fix country-sized ocean dead zones. Here's how The Weather Network Basic Full Text
05.02.2018 Two decades of hurricanes change coastal ecosystems: increase algae blooms, fish kills, dead zones National Science Foundation Basic Full Text
04.30.2018 Scientists Confirm Florida-Sized Dead Zone in the Gulf of Oman Yale Environment 360 Basic Full Text
04.22.2018 Plastic bags carry dangerous bacteria that are harmful to humans after just six weeks in the sea Daily Mail Basic Full Text
04.10.2018 Reversing Earth's Spin Moves Deserts, Reshapes Ocean Currents EOS: Earth & Space Science News Basic Full Text
04.10.2018 Understanding microbial competition for nitrogen MIT News Basic Full Text
03.29.2018 Unease on the High Seas: The Effect of Climate Change on Marine Microbial Ecology Technology Networks Basic Full Text
02.23.2018 Dealing with Dead Zones: Hypoxia in the Ocean NOAA National Ocean Service Basic Full Text
02.21.2018 'Chameleon' ocean bacteria can shift their colours University of Warwick Basic Full Text
02.14.2018 Monitoring Bacteria on Whale Skin Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute Basic Full Text
02.08.2018 Viruses-lots of them-are falling from the sky University of British Columbia Basic Full Text
02.07.2018 Monsoon upwelling that gives Mumbai its fish also kills them Times of India Basic Full Text
02.01.2018 The Impact of Elevated CO2 on Prochlorococcus and Microbial Interactions with 'Helper' Bacterium Alteromonas The ISME Journal Expert Summary
02.01.2018 Microbial diversity from chlorophyll maximum, oxygen minimum and bottom zones in the southwestern Atlantic Ocean Journal of Marine Systems Expert Summary
02.01.2018 Identification of bacterial fossils in marine source rocks in South China Acta Geochemica Expert Summary
02.01.2018 Nutrient-Colimited Trichodesmium as a Nitrogen Source or Sink in a Future Ocean Applied and Environmental Microbiology Expert Summary
01.27.2018 3.5 Billion-Year-Old Fossils Challenge Ideas About Earth's Start Wired Basic Full Text
01.25.2018 Viral Predators of Marine Bacteria Revealed Technology Networks Basic Full Text
01.24.2018 Is There A Ticking Time Bomb Under The Arctic? National Public Radio Basic Full Text
01.10.2018 Climate change drives collapse in marine food webs University of Adelaide Basic Full Text
01.01.2018 Seasonal dynamics of algal and bacterial communities in Arctic sea ice under variable snow cover Polar Biology Expert Summary
01.01.2018 Identifying oil/marine snow associations in mesocosm simulations of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill event using solid-state 13C NMR spectroscopy Marine Pollution Bulletin Expert Summary
12.07.2017 Researchers establish long-sought source of ocean methane Massachusetts Institute of Technology Basic Full Text
12.05.2017 Careless disposal of antibiotics could produce 'ferocious superbugs,' UN environment experts warn United Nations Basic Full Text
11.27.2017 Dark Ocean Bacteria Discovered to Play Large Role in Carbon Capture Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences Basic Full Text
11.21.2017 Researchers Identify How Bacterium Survives in Oxygen-Poor Environments Columbia University Basic Full Text
11.08.2017 EPA Approval Of Bacteria To Fight Mosquitoes Caps Long Quest National Public Radio Basic Full Text
11.08.2017 NSF awards $2.8 million grant to develop advanced ocean and atmosphere simulator National Science Foundation Basic Full Text
11.01.2017 Carbon fixation in sediments of Sino-Pacific seas-differential contributions of bacterial and archaeal domains Journal of Marine Systems Expert Summary
10.01.2017 Planktonic algal bloom significantly alters sediment bacterial community structure Journal of Soils and Sediments Expert Summary
10.01.2017 Imbalanced nutrient recycling in a warmer ocean driven by differential response of extracellular enzymatic activities Global Change Biology Expert Summary
09.29.2017 Study: Warmer ocean raises threat of Vibrio bacteria Cape Cod Times Basic Full Text
09.15.2017 Florida's floodwater is full of poop bacteria - but a marine biologist says there's a bigger threat Business Insider Basic Full Text
08.28.2017 Acid zone in Chesapeake Bay identified ScienceDaily Basic Full Text
08.24.2017 Potential salinity and temperature futures for the Chesapeake Bay using a statistical downscaling spatial disaggregation framework. Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory (NOAA) Basic Full Text
07.31.2017 Methane-eating bacteria in lake deep beneath Antarctic ice sheet may reduce greenhouse gas emissions National Science Foundation Basic Full Text
06.27.2017 The Dust Storm Microbiome Weizmann Institute of Science (Israel) Basic Full Text
06.05.2017 New study: Could acidifying oceans slow down coral disease? Mote Marine Laboratory & Aquarium Basic Full Text
06.01.2017 Effects of grazing, phosphorus and light on the growth rates of major bacterioplankton taxa in the coastal NW Mediterranean Environmental Microbiology Reports Expert Summary
05.17.2017 Scientists begin to unlock secrets of deep ocean color from organic matter University of Maryland Basic Full Text
05.08.2017 Southern California beaches get bacteria warnings after rain Monterey Herald Basic Full Text
05.04.2017 Long-dormant bacteria and viruses, trapped in ice and permafrost for centuries, are reviving as Earth's climate warms BBC News Basic Full Text
04.11.2017 Metabolic evolution and the self-organization of ecosystems Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America Expert Summary
04.10.2017 Research in Antarctica's McMurdo Dry Valleys indicates that microbes are a source of organic material National Science Foundation Basic Full Text
03.31.2017 Exploring ocean waters to characterize atmospheric aerosols EurekaAlert! Basic Full Text
03.27.2017 Tiny bacterium provides window into whole ecosystems Massachusetts Institute of Technology Basic Full Text
03.06.2017 Endosymbiotic calcifying bacteria across sponge species and oceans Scientific Reports Expert Summary
03.01.2017 The World's Oldest Fossils Unearthed in Canada Popular Mechanics Basic Full Text
02.27.2017 WHO publishes list of bacteria for which new antibiotics are urgently needed World Health Organization Basic Full Text
02.27.2017 New tool for combating mosquito-borne disease: insect parasite genes Vanderbilt University Basic Full Text
02.16.2017 'Seagrasses' vital to coastal health BBC News Basic Full Text
02.08.2017 Science on Ice: Bigelow Team Studies Antarctic Phytoplankton Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences Basic Full Text
01.13.2017 A Nevada woman dies of a superbug resistant to every available antibiotic in the US Fox News Basic Full Text
01.09.2017 LA County issues beach bacteria warning after rain 89.3 KPCC (Pasadena, CA.) Basic Full Text
01.06.2017 The Secret Lives of Marine Mammal Microbes Scientific American Basic Full Text
12.19.2016 New study sets oxygen-breathing limit for ocean's hardiest organisms Massachusetts Institute of Technology News Basic Full Text
12.14.2016 Spatial distribution of planktonic bacterial and archaeal communities in the upper section of the tidal reach in Yangtze River Scientific Reports Expert Full Text
12.01.2016 Remote sensing of bacterial response to degrading phytoplankton in the Arabian Sea Environmental Monitoring and Assessment Expert Summary
11.25.2016 Large Saharan dust storms: Implications for chlorophyll dynamics in the Mediterranean Sea Global Biogeochemical Cycles Expert Summary
11.03.2016 Seasonal Succession of Free-Living Bacterial Communities in Coastal Waters of the Western Antarctic Peninsula Frontiers in Microbiology Expert Full Text
11.01.2016 Bacterioplankton niche partitioning in the use of phytoplankton-derived dissolved organic carbon: quantity is more important than quality The ISME Journal Expert Summary
10.26.2016 Trials of Wolbachia-carrying mosquitoes scaled up in South America Wellcome Basic Full Text
10.20.2016 Researchers track effects of changing ocean temperature on phytoplankton National Science Foundation Basic Full Text
10.20.2016 Oasis of life in the ice-covered central Arctic Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research Basic Full Text
10.12.2016 Study Reveals Corals' Influence on Reef Microbes Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute Basic Full Text
10.04.2016 New Technology Helps Pinpoint Sources of Water Contamination Berkeley Lab Basic Full Text
10.04.2016 Rising ocean temperatures impacting human health ScienceDaily Basic Full Text
09.26.2016 Life in ancient oceans enabled by erosion from land University of Wisconsin--Madison Basic Full Text
09.26.2016 Methane Muted: How Did Early Earth Stay Warm? University of California, Riverside Basic Full Text
09.12.2016 Down to the Mariana Trench: 11 facts about our mysterious oceans and marine life Deutsche Welle Basic Full Text
08.09.2016 Why are New England's wild blue mussels disappearing? University of California, Irvine Basic Full Text
08.03.2016 Global Warming, a Dead Zone and Mysterious Bacteria Georgia Tech Basic Full Text
07.25.2016 Marine carbon sinking rates confirm importance of polar oceans University of Washington Basic Full Text
07.19.2016 Could Freshwater Crustaceans Curb Algal Blooms? The Fish Site Basic Full Text
07.13.2016 Why marine phytoplankton calcify Science Advances Expert Summary
07.01.2016 Seaweeds get sick too when they're stressed University of New South Wales Basic Full Text
07.01.2016 Variable Nitrification Rates Across Environmental Gradients in Turbid, Nutrient-Rich Estuary Waters of San Francisco Bay Estuaries and Coasts Expert Summary
06.22.2016 94 million year-old climate change event holds clues for future Florida State University Basic Full Text
05.27.2016 Superbugs threat grows more ominous in U.S. CBS News Basic Full Text
05.01.2016 Growth and Grazing Mortality of Pico- and Nano-Phytoplankton and Their Role in the Carbon Export in the Sargasso Sea Arizona State University Digital Repository Expert Full Text
04.18.2016 Earth Day: New insights into coral health hidden in reefs' microbiomes National Science Foundation Basic Full Text
04.12.2016 Study links fetal and newborn dolphin deaths to Deepwater Horizon oil spill University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Basic Full Text
04.06.2016 Crab Shell Signaling Helps Control the Many Faces of Cholera, Study Shows Georgia Tech Basic Full Text
03.23.2016 Unaccounted for Arctic microbes appear to be speeding up glacier melting Microbiology Society Basic Full Text
03.22.2016 Nitrogen factories in the Cretaceous Oceans University of Bristol Basic Full Text
03.16.2016 Microbial oceanography: Viral strategies at sea Nature Expert Summary
03.16.2016 Piggybacking Viruses San Diego State University Basic Full Text
02.29.2016 Microorganisms duke it out within algal blooms EurekaAlert! Basic Full Text
02.24.2016 Plankton network linked to ocean's biological carbon pump revealed University of Hawaii Basic Full Text
01.18.2016 Greenhouse gas can escape the deep ocean in surprising way, new study says Mote Marine Laboratory & Aquarium Basic Full Text
01.11.2016 Acidification affects the ability of bacteria to clean our oceans Linnaeus University Basic Full Text
01.01.2016 Metagenomic resolution of microbial functions in deep-sea hydrothermal plumes across the Eastern Lau Spreading Center The ISME Journal Expert Summary
01.01.2016 Disciplinary reporting affects the interpretation of climate change impacts in global oceans Global Change Biology Expert Full Text
12.30.2015 Biotransformation of petroleum hydrocarbons and microbial communities in seawater with oil dispersions and copepod feces Marine Pollution Bulletin Expert Summary
12.22.2015 Understanding the Ocean's Smallest Creatures MIT Technology Review Basic Full Text
12.21.2015 Hidden biosphere in an oxygen-deficient Atlantic open-ocean eddy: future implications of ocean deoxygenation on primary production in the eastern tropical North Atlantic Biogeosciences Expert Full Text
11.10.2015 Microbes map path toward renewable energy future Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Basic Full Text
11.02.2015 Iron-eating bacteria play important role in Arctic tundra Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences Basic Full Text
10.22.2015 Deep-sea bacteria could help neutralize greenhouse gas, researchers find University of Florida Basic Full Text
10.05.2015 Bacteria in the world's oceans produce millions of tonnes of hydrocarbons each year University of Cambridge Basic Full Text
10.01.2015 Delayed settling of marine snow: Effects of density gradient and particle properties and implications for carbon cycling Marine Chemistry Expert Summary
09.22.2015 Research uncovers microsopic key to reducing ocean dead zones EurekaAlert! Basic Full Text
09.22.2015 Whale poop sheds light on whale microbiome Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences Basic Full Text
09.17.2015 Flowing Electrons Help Ocean Microbes Gulp Methane California Institute of Technology Basic Full Text
09.01.2015 Climate change could push these tiny marine organisms to evolve - irreversibly Washington Post Basic Full Text
09.01.2015 Possible roles of uncultured archaea in carbon cycling in methane-seep sediments Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta Expert Summary
08.30.2015 Algae Bloom's Psychedelic Swirls Captured in New Photo Discovery News Basic Full Text
08.14.2015 Could the smell of the sea help cool a warming planet? BBC News Basic Full Text
08.11.2015 Latitudinal variation in virus-induced mortality of phytoplankton across the North Atlantic Ocean The ISME Journal Expert Summary
08.01.2015 Isolation of an algicide from a marine bacterium and its effects against the toxic dinoflagellate Alexandrium catenella and other harmful algal bloom species Journal of Microbiology Expert Summary
07.27.2015 Research spotlights a previously unknown microbial 'drama' playing in the Southern Ocean National Science Foundation Basic Full Text
07.20.2015 Acquisition of organically complexed copper by marine phytoplankton and bacteria in the northeast subarctic Pacific Ocean Marine Chemistry Expert Summary
07.17.2015 Marine plankton brighten clouds over Southern Ocean UW Today (University of Washington) Basic Full Text
07.07.2015 More, smaller bacteria in response to ocean's warming? Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences Expert Full Text
06.24.2015 New Species: Hairy-Chested Yeti Crab Found in Antarctica National Geographic Basic Full Text
06.13.2015 Florida Warns Beachgoers About Rare, Potentially Fatal Bacteria in Seawater Time Basic Full Text
06.06.2015 The microscopic magic of plankton The Guardian Basic Full Text
06.02.2015 MBARI researchers discover deepest known high-temperature hydrothermal vents in Pacific Ocean Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute Basic Full Text
05.22.2015 Revealed: The Ocean's Tiniest Life At The Bottom Of The Food Chain National Public Radio Basic Full Text
05.14.2015 New Link between Ocean Microbes and Atmosphere Uncovered Scripps Institution of Oceanography Basic Full Text
05.01.2015 Ocean Bacteria Get 'Pumped Up' Massachusetts Institute of Technology | Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences Basic Full Text
05.01.2015 Oceanography and the base of the pelagic food web in the southern Indian Ocean Journal of Plankton Research Expert Summary
04.30.2015 'Dead zones' found in Atlantic open waters European Geosciences Union Basic Full Text
04.28.2015 Ocean currents disturb methane-eating bacteria CAGE (Centre for Arctic Gas Hydrate, Environment and Climate) Basic Full Text
04.22.2015 UNH Researchers Make Breakthrough in Detecting Most Common Bacteria Contaminating Oysters University of New Hampshire Basic Full Text
03.31.2015 Climate change: bacteria play an important role in the long term storage of carbon in the ocean Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research (UFZ) Basic Full Text
03.13.2015 New research finds oceanic microbes behave in synchrony across ocean basins University of Hawaii at Manoa Basic Full Text
03.12.2015 Iron-oxidizing bacteria found on Mid-Atlantic Ridge Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences Basic Full Text
02.23.2015 Phosphorus sequestration in the form of polyphosphate by microbial symbionts in marine sponges Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America Expert Summary
02.05.2015 Rio 2016: Sailing water pollution a concern but golf 'on course' BBC News Basic Full Text
02.01.2015 Modulation of oxygen production in Archaean oceans by episodes of Fe(II) toxicity Nature Geoscience Expert Summary
01.15.2015 Researchers identify missing component in marine carbon, sulfur cycles UGA Today (University of Georgia) Basic Full Text
01.13.2015 Cryptic carbon and sulfur cycling between surface ocean plankton Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America Expert Summary
01.01.2015 Existence of Novel Phylotypes of Nitrite-Dependent Anaerobic Methane-Oxidizing Bacteria in Surface and Subsurface Sediments of the South China Sea Geomicrobiology Journal Expert Summary
12.16.2014 Effects of Oil and Dispersant on Formation of Marine Oil Snow and Transport of Oil Hydrocarbons Environmental Science & Technology Expert Summary
12.03.2014 Increased degradation of copepod faecal pellets by co-acting dinoflagellates and Centropages hamatus Marine Ecology Progress Series Expert Full Text
12.01.2014 Benthic food web structure in the Comau fjord, Chile (∼42°S): Preliminary assessment including a site with chemosynthetic activity Progress in Oceanography Expert Summary
10.14.2014 Heterotrophic bacteria as major nitrogen fixers in the euphotic zone of the Indian Ocean GLOBAL BIOGEOCHEMICAL CYCLES Expert Summary
10.09.2014 Migrating animals' pee affects ocean chemistry University of Washington Basic Full Text
10.01.2014 Biological impact on Greenland's albedo Nature Geoscience Expert Summary
09.02.2014 Changing microbial dynamics in the wake of the Macondo blowout EurekaAlert! Basic Full Text
08.21.2014 Viruses take down massive algal blooms, with big implications for climate ScienceDaily Basic Full Text
08.21.2014 Science study: Sunlight, not microbes, key to CO2 in Arctic Oregon State University Basic Full Text
08.18.2014 Broadening the 'SCOPE' of microbial oceanography MIT News Basic Full Text
08.07.2014 Ocean's most oxygen-deprived zones to shrink under climate change University of Washington Basic Full Text
08.07.2014 Rust villages of the deep: In Pele's shadow, iron oxide, or rust, comes to life National Science Foundation Basic Full Text
08.03.2014 Researchers investigate remarkable approach to desalination National Science Foundation Basic Full Text
07.28.2014 Warnings About Flesh-Eating Ocean Bacteria Issued by Florida Health Officials New Times Broward-Palm Beach Basic Full Text
07.10.2014 New research finds ocean's most abundant organisms have clear daily cycles University of Hawaii at Manoa Basic Full Text
07.07.2014 SAR11, oceans' most abundant organism, has ability to create methane Oregon State University Basic Full Text
06.25.2014 NOAA and Partners Issue Dead Zone Predictions for Gulf of Mexico and Chesapeake Bay National Centers for Coastal Ocean Science Basic Full Text
05.02.2014 Study resolves controversy over nitrogen's ocean "exit strategies" (Science) Princeton Journal Watch Basic Full Text
05.01.2014 Undersea warfare: Viruses hijack deep-sea bacteria at hydrothermal vents National Science Foundation Basic Full Text
04.24.2014 Microscopic Organism Plays a Big Role in Ocean Carbon Cycling, Scripps Scientists Discover Scripps Institution of Oceanography Basic Full Text
04.11.2014 New Assay Rapidly Detects Pathogens in Marine Mammals NOAA National Ocean Service Basic Full Text
03.21.2014 Genomic properties of Marine Group A bacteria indicate a role in the marine sulfur cycle The ISME Journal Expert Summary
03.20.2014 Ocean's carbon budget balanced National Oceanographic Centre _ UK Basic Full Text
03.13.2014 Where the Shark and the Snapper Roam Smithsonian Ocean Portal Basic Full Text
02.01.2014 The Microbiome of the Red Sea Coral Stylophora pistillata Is Dominated by Tissue-Associated Endozoicomonas Bacteria Journal of Marine Systems Expert Summary
01.23.2014 Large and in Charge: Study Shows Size Matters in Prehistoric Seas ScienceDaily Basic Full Text
01.10.2014 Bacterial Vesicles in Marine Ecosystems Science / AAAS Expert Summary
01.05.2014 An ecosystem of our own making may pose threat Gulf Times Basic Full Text
01.01.2014 Impact of dissolved inorganic carbon concentrations and pH on growth of the chemolithoautotrophic epsilonproteobacterium Sulfurimonas gotlandica GD1T Ocean Acidification (Ocean Acidification International Coordination Centre (OA-ICC)) Basic Full Text
11.11.2013 Methane-Munching Microorganisms Meddle with Metals Georgia Tech Basic Full Text
11.04.2013 'Wasting' disease turning West Coast starfish to mush; experts stumped Los Angeles Times Basic Full Text
10.16.2013 UNH Researchers Receive $700,000 to Study Beneficial Bacteria in Bioluminescent Squid University of New Hampshire Basic Full Text
10.07.2013 Methane seeps of the deep sea: A bacteria feast for lithodid crabs EurekaAlert! Basic Full Text
09.12.2013 Algae and bacteria in sea ice are important for the carbon budgets of frozen oceans Baltic Sea Portal Basic Full Text
09.12.2013 Viruses associated with coral epidemic of "white plague" Oregon State University Basic Full Text
08.28.2013 Deep microbes live long and slow BBC News Basic Full Text
08.27.2013 Mercury levels in Pacific fish likely to rise in coming decades EurekaAlert! Basic Full Text
08.21.2013 Can we restore the world's coral reefs? BBC News Basic Full Text
08.07.2013 Newly discovered bacterial partnership changes ocean chemistry USC News Basic Full Text
07.02.2013 Greenhouse Gas Likely Altering Ocean Foodchain: Atmospheric CO2 Has Big Consequences for Tiny Bacteria ScienceDaily Basic Full Text
06.27.2013 Resourceful Microbes Reign in World's Oceans Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences Basic Full Text
06.18.2013 The breathing ocean: Reducing the effects of climate change Arizona State University Basic Full Text
06.07.2013 Life in the "Plastisphere": Microbial Communities on Plastic Marine Debris ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY Expert Summary
05.28.2013 Scientists Find Possible Solution to an Ancient Enigma Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute Basic Full Text
05.24.2013 Life Discovered in Earth's Coldest Environment Yet U.S. News & World Report Basic Full Text
05.02.2013 'Dark Oxidants' Form Away from Sunlight in Lake and Ocean Depths, Underground Soils National Science Foundation Basic Full Text
04.23.2013 Study: source of organic matter affects Chesapeake Bay water quality Virginia Institute of Marine Science Basic Full Text
04.22.2013 Biological Activity Alters the Ability of Particles from Sea Spray to Seed Clouds Scripps News Basic Full Text
04.01.2013 Bioenergetics of photoheterotrophic bacteria in the oceans Environmental Microbiology Reports Expert Summary
02.13.2013 Microbial oceanography: Killers of the winners Nature | News & Views Basic Full Text
01.28.2013 High-flying bacteria spark interest in possible climate effects Nature News Basic Full Text
01.14.2013 MBL Scientists Find "Bipolar" Distribution of Marine Bacteria, Refuting Idea that "Everything is Everywhere" Marine Biological Laboratory News Basic Full Text
01.01.2013 Relationship between Abundance and Specific Activity of Bacterioplankton in Open Ocean Surface Waters Applied & Environmental Microbiology Expert Summary
12.17.2012 Alarmingly warm water in Gulf of Maine bringing changes Bangor Daily News Basic Full Text
12.05.2012 Response to UVB radiation and oxidative stress of marine bacteria isolated from South Pacific Ocean and Mediterranean Sea Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology B: Biology Expert Summary
12.01.2012 New Pathways and Processes in the Global Nitrogen Cycle Annual Review of Ecology, Evolution, and Systematics Expert Summary
11.30.2012 Ancient Microbes Survive Beneath the Icy Surface of Antarctic Lake National Science Foundation Basic Full Text
11.19.2012 "Dark Energy": Life Beneath the Seafloor National Science Foundation Basic Full Text
11.02.2012 Marine Microbes See a Sea of Gradients Science Expert Summary
09.20.2012 Unusual Symbiosis Discovered in Marine Microorganisms National Science Foundation Basic Full Text
09.11.2012 At Least 200,000 Tons of Oil and Gas from Deepwater Horizon Spill Consumed by Gulf Bacteria University of Rochester Basic Full Text
07.19.2012 Think pink! Success of pink bacteria in oceans of the world EurekaAlert! Basic Full Text
06.21.2012 Waves of Berkeley Lab responders deploy omics to track Deepwater Horizon cleanup microbes EurekaAlert! Basic Full Text
06.18.2012 Oceans of pollution Aljazeera Basic Full Text
05.25.2012 Interactive climate change and runoff effects alter O2 fluxes and bacterial community composition of coastal biofilms from the Great Barrier Reef Aquatic Microbial Ecology Expert Summary
05.04.2012 Nutrient supply after algal bloom determines the succession of the bacterial population Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research Basic Full Text
04.04.2012 Tar balls from gulf oil spill a hazard United Press International Basic Full Text
02.13.2012 Carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus resource supply and utilisation for coastal planktonic heterotrophic bacteria in a gradient of nutrient loading Marine Ecology Progress Series Expert Full Text
02.02.2012 New Life-Forms Found in Blue Holes-Clues to Life in Alien Oceans? National Geographic News Basic Full Text
01.28.2012 Deep-sea glow serves as bait ScienceNews Basic Full Text
01.26.2012 Viruses con bacteria into working for them MIT News Basic Full Text
01.10.2012 How Microbes Teamed to Clean Gulf Wall Street Journal Basic Full Text
12.19.2011 Illuminating the Perils of Pollution, Nature's Way New York Times Basic Full Text
10.12.2011 Bacterial Communication Could Affect Earth's Climate Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute Basic Full Text
09.01.2011 CARBON IN THE DARK: A REVELATION FROM THE DEEP Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences Basic Full Text
08.30.2011 Community Ecology: For Marine Microbes, It's Not Who You Are, but What You Do ScienceDaily Basic Full Text
08.19.2011 Carbon flows in the benthic food web at the deep-sea observatory HAUSGARTEN (Fram Strait) Deep Sea Research Part I: Oceanographic Research Papers Expert Summary
08.11.2011 Decade-long study reveals recurring patterns of viruses in the open ocean EurekaAlert! Basic Full Text
08.01.2011 WHOI Study Reports Microbes Consumed Oil in Gulf Slick at Unexpected Rates Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute Basic Full Text
07.12.2011 Climate Change Drives Disease in Crucial Seaweed Species, Study Finds Reuters Basic Full Text
06.16.2011 Ocean's harmful low-oxygen zones growing, are sensitive to small changes in climate University of California Basic Full Text
06.07.2011 Jellyfish Blooms Transfer Food Energy From Fish to Bacteria National Science Foundation Basic Full Text
02.20.2011 Dust from Africa may increase risk of seafood poisoning Telegraph Basic Full Text
01.10.2011 Recycling Rare, Essential Nutrients in the Sea Oceanus - Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute Basic Full Text
01.01.2011 Aerosol and bacterial emissions from Baltic Seawater Atmospheric Research Expert Summary
07.28.2010 Bacteria Quickly Degrading Oil From Spill : Risk to Florida and Eastern U.S. Lessened Alabama Online (news site) 2 Basic Full Text
07.16.2010 Chemoattraction to Dimethylsulfoniopropionate Throughout the Marine Microbial Food Web Science Expert Summary
06.01.2010 The Microbe Factor and Its Role in Our Climate Future Carl Zimmer (Yale Environment 360) Basic Full Text
05.10.2010 Islands of Germs: Researchers Discover Pathogens Floating on Tiny Clumps of Aquatic Detritus ScienceDaily Basic Full Text
03.05.2010 Bacterial 'Conversations' Have Impact on Climate WHOI Oceanus Basic Full Text
02.23.2010 Global transport of thermophilic bacteria in atmospheric dust Environmental Microbiology Reports Expert Summary
09.04.2009 Bacteria from the deep can clean up heavy metals EurekaAlert Basic Full Text
08.19.2009 Nitrogen Fixation And Phytoplankton Blooms In The Southwest Indian Ocean ScienceDaily Basic Full Text
03.18.2009 Distribution of free-living and particle-attached aerobic anoxygenic phototrophic bacteria in marine environments Aquatic Microbial Ecology Expert Summary
04.04.2008 Viruses Keep Us Breathing NASA - Astrobiology Magazine Basic Full Text
04.02.2008 Phytoplankton species deviates from norm: No CO2 absorbed in photosynthesis Stanford News Service 1 Basic Full Text
04.01.2008 Marine Bacteria's Mealtime Dash Is A Swimming Success ScienceDaily 1 Basic Full Text
03.25.2008 Team probes mysteries of oceanic bacteria Massachusetts Institute of Technology News 2 Basic Full Text
12.19.2007 Gulf of Mexico paying price for ethanol boom Earth News Basic Full Text
10.17.2007 Climate change: What's in the rising tide? Nature Basic Full Text
10.09.2007 Southern Ocean already losing ability to absorb CO2 New Scientist 2 Basic Full Text
10.03.2007 Biological pumps: does the ocean inhale or exhale? NIWA Science Publication: Water & Atmosphere 2 Basic Full Text
08.20.2007 New marine species discovered in Atlantic study innovations report 1 Basic Full Text