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Bio-Optical Inversion in Highly Turbid and Cyanobacteria-Dominated Waters
Description: Phytoplankton pigment absorption data from algal-bloom-dominated waters are highly desirable to better understand the primary productivity and carbon uptake by algal biomass in a regional scale. However, retrieving phytoplankton pigment absorption coefficients, in turbid and hypereutrophic waters, from above-surface remote sensing reflectance $(R_{rs})$ is often challenging because of the optical complexity of the water body. In this paper, a quasi-analytical algorithm has been parameterized using in situ data to retrieve inherent optical properties from $R_{rs}(lambda)$ in highly turbid productive aquaculture ponds. [Source: IEEE transactions on geoscience and remote sensing]
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Source: IEEE transactions on geoscience and remote sensing
Publish Date: 1/1/2014
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