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NCCOS and Alaska Partners Provide Harmful Algal Bloom Awareness via AHAB Network
Description: There is no way to guarantee safety of personal and subsistence harvested shellfish, the AHAB Network is helping to inform and educate Alaskans about risks associated with harmful algal blooms (HABs). Through the network, partners are able to assemble data across regions to explore the impact of a changing climate on HAB occurrence and intensity. Further, AHAB supports investigations of the role of HABs in marine animal mortalities and promotes efforts to understand impacts on key species like walrus, whales, and seals. A long-term goal of the AHAB Network is to support the development of HAB risk assessments and forecasts. [Source: NCCOS (National Centers for Coastal Ocean Science)]
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Source: NCCOS (National Centers for Coastal Ocean Science)
Publish Date: 2/15/2018
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