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05.21.2017 - 05.26.2017
Want to explore ocean science? Spend time in the field and in the laboratory? Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences will host its 28th annual Keller BLOOM Program May 21-26, 2017!  MORE >>
01.24.2017 - 02.07.2017
A three-part webinar series on the technology and engineering needed to generate energy from the ocean.  MORE >>
11.03.2016 - 11.04.2016
Learn new approaches to bring climate change awareness to your formal or informal educational setting, hear from keynote speaker Andy Pershing, Chief Scientist at the Gulf of Maine Research Institute, and many other scientists and educators focused on Ocean Literacy Principle #3.  MORE >>
This symposium will focus on the changing nature of the world’s oceans and features scientists who've participated in past COSEE events.  MORE >>
The Consortium for Ocean Science Exploration and Engagement (COSEE) invites educators, scientists, and interested parties to participate in its final webinar as part of the 2016 series.  MORE >>
07.19.2016 - 07.22.2016
The 2016, "Exploring Oceanography" Professional Development Workshop will take place from July 19th to July 22nd (4 days) at Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences.  MORE >>
The COSEE network has developed, implemented, and tested several professional development models with early career scientists, which will be shared during this webinar.  MORE >>
04.07.2016 - 04.28.2016
We are pleased to offer a new approach to understanding how to access, customize, and share NASA data.  MORE >>
The 2016 Webinar Series will engage participants with experts to discuss examples of COSEE’s effective practices and activities.  MORE >>
08.23.2015 - 03.15.2015
CSG is now accepting applications from current 9th graders for the Fall 2015 and Spring 2016 semesters.  MORE >>
08.07.2015 - 08.08.2015
Work directly with JPL scientists to discover how NASA satellites are providing data on ocean circulation, the water cycle, and climate issues such as sea level rise. Content and hands-on activities will allow you to help your audiences understand real-world applications in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math).  MORE >>
07.21.2015 - 07.24.2015
Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences is offering a professional development workshop for Maine high school science teachers.  MORE >>
06.22.2015 - 08.14.2015
The Maine EPSCoR program provides Maine high school students with a paid, hands-on opportunity to participate in cutting edge research with faculty, postdocs, and graduate students at the UMaine.  MORE >>
06.08.2015 - 06.19.2015
A short course is being offered at the University of Maine's Darling Marine Center (DMC) for undergraduate and graduate students.  MORE >>
05.17.2015 - 05.21.2015
The Keller BLOOM Program provides Maine high school juniors with a hands-on ocean science research experience.  MORE >>
Trace metals, such as iron, can travel through the earth's crust and spew into the ocean in gigantic "megaplumes" from hydrothermal vents. Join us as we explore what is being uncovered about the journey of iron around the globe.  MORE >>
This webinar focuses on trace metals and their role in creating oxygen minimum zones - both naturally occurring and influenced by humans.  MORE >>
This webinar will follow the path of nutrients critical to phytoplankton growth - and explore the question of how that relationship may (or may not) hold a solution to combat climate change.  MORE >>
In the opening to the GEOTRACES webinar series, Dr. Ben Twining and Dr. Phoebe Lam will invite you in to the world of trace metals and provide a broad look at how these elements are used to understand the ocean's past, present and future.  MORE >>
Join us for this year's Earth Science Week Webinar and hear how two NASA missions are observing changes in Earth's water cycle.  MORE >>
In this webinar, presenters from The Institute for Broadening Participation will walk participants through a timeline for applying to and paying for graduate school, and include invaluable tips for finding the right program  MORE >>
This webinar targets undergraduate educators and provides a broad overview of resources available from IBP, including a tour of the Pathways to Science website.  MORE >>
In this webinar, presenters from IBP will walk participants through a timeline for applying to and paying for graduate school, and include invaluable tips for finding the right program  MORE >>
07.08.2014 - 07.11.2014
Explore ocean science on the coast of Maine!  MORE >>
05.18.2014 - 05.22.2014
Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences will host the 25th annual Keller BLOOM Program this May for Maine high school juniors  MORE >>
In part two of the Marine Debris webinar series, Dr. Jan Hafner and Dr. Nikolai Maximenko discuss how models can be used to predict and investigate marine debris.  MORE >>
Dr. Erik Zettler presents the first webinar in a new COSEE-OS "Marine Debris" webinar series, featuring plastic debris in the ocean.  MORE >>
Join Dr. Kara Lavender Law, Research Professor with the Sea Education Association for a discussion on the state of marine debris research on Tuesday, April 8!  MORE >>
In this webinar, presenters from IBP will walk participants through a timeline for applying to and paying for graduate school, and include invaluable tips for finding the right program. An overview of the different types of funding as well as strategies for application are covered. Each webinar features guest speakers who have gone through the graduate school application process to offer their own experiences and tricks for navigating the sometimes-murky waters of graduate school.  MORE >>
Explore the positive factors that reduce barriers to participation and enable individuals to succeed and persist in STEM fields and careers at this Ocean Science Meeting luncheon  MORE >>
As part of the Gears Luncheon Workshop Series at this year's Ocean Sciences Meeting, COSEE-Ocean Systems will host a Monday afternoon session to help scientists successfully deconstruct their research and share their pathway into the field of marine science.  MORE >>
The third webinar in the series, this upcoming event will focus on making the most out of your postdoctoral position, and includes links to toolkits and resources that have been developed specifically for postdoc students  MORE >>
In this free, online webinar, NASA & CONAE scientists will discuss the applications of ocean data collected from space  MORE >>
This free webinar will give participants the tips and tricks necessary for finding and applying for exciting paid summer research positions in STEM fields  MORE >>
Determining ocean salinity trends is not a simple task. With differences in the amount of water, heat, and salt constantly coming and going, as well as gradients across depth and latitude, it’s a challenging task to undertake. Dr. Farrar will share what data from a fixed mooring within the SPURS area can tell us about the overall “salt budget” for one of the saltiest parts of the world’s ocean.  MORE >>
The atmosphere is not the only thing that affects the ever-changing ocean. Using in-water measurement tools such as profiling floats, as well as satellite data from SMOS and Aquarius instruments during the SPURS mission cruises, Dr. Riser has examined salinity changes in the SPURS area from the surface of the water to the depths of the ocean. Ultimately, Dr. Riser is seeking to investigate long term changes – by using a combination of observations from above and below.  MORE >>
It may be easy to think about studying the ocean by looking at a small section of it, but the reality is that water is constantly on the move. While highlighting his own research within the SPURS area, Julius will demonstrate how the atmosphere affects the water cycle both on land and in the ocean, and how the movement of seawater plays a crucial role in our understanding global ocean circulation.  MORE >>
The Institute for Broadening Participation has created an ongoing series of webinars directed towards undergraduates who are considering entering graduate school. This webinar features IBP speakers Chris Cash and Liv Detrick, and 1-2 guest panelists who will share their experiences.  MORE >>
This webinar will focus on new technologies and methods for identifying and monitoring Harmful Algal Blooms  MORE >>
This professional development workshop introduces educators to the Okeanos Explorer Education Materials Collection, Volume 2: How Do We Explore?  MORE >>
08.09.2013 - 08.10.2013
Teachers will gain experience in how research teams, including faculty, staff, and students, work together to seek new knowledge about the impacts of climate change on marine life  MORE >>
A 1-hour webinar explaining recent changes made to the NSF Merit Review process, specifically where Broader Impacts are concerned.  MORE >>
The Institute for Broadening Participation and COSEE-OS have once again teamed up to bring you a free 1-hour webinar to learn more about how to continue STEM science careers into the exciting realm of graduate research  MORE >>
07.16.2013 - 07.19.2013
Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences (BLOS) offers this professional development workshop for Maine teachers interested in collaborating with BLOS scientists  MORE >>
05.19.2013 - 05.23.2013
Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences will host the 24th annual Keller BLOOM Program this May for Maine high school juniors  MORE >>
The National Hurricane Center and the Hurricanes: Science and Society team invites 5th grade classes to participate in the next session of hurricane webinars for the Northeast regions of the U.S. that are prone to hurricanes  MORE >>
How does one negotiate the right position to fit one’s needs? Participants will hear from Dr. Ashanti Johnson of IBP as well as two guest speakers who will discuss how to get the most out of a postdoc experience.  MORE >>
COSEE-OS and the New England Ocean Science Education Collaborative are now accepting applications for a Broader Impacts Collaborations Workshop  MORE >>
What have we learned about the SPURS site and what's next? Dr. Bingham will show us the results of the team's research, including real data collected during the cruise.  MORE >>
What affects ocean salinity, and why should we care? Dr. Schmitt will explain how ocean circulation works and its profound impacts on the climate.  MORE >>
In the first webinar in a three part series, Dr. Eric Lindstrom will take us on an engaging trip through salinity research, revealing how ocean exploration has evolved over time  MORE >>
This workshop will offer ocean and aquatic scientists ways to connect with diverse audiences while addressing barriers to participation  MORE >>
This workshop will help ocean and aquatic scientists effectively share their research and pathway to science  MORE >>
Transitioning from a community college to 4 year college? How to make the transition with an ocean science career in mind!  MORE >>
In the third webinar of our three-part series on turbulence, Dr. Pete Jumars (University of Maine) will discuss some of the ocean's tiniest inhabitants, and how turbulence and fluid dynamics affect their chances for survival  MORE >>
Dr. Jeannette Yen (Georgia Tech) will discuss the effects of turbulence at different scales - from the cosmos to copepods, in Part II of our webinar series on turbulence  MORE >>
In this webinar (Part I of III), Dr. Donald Webster will introduce us to the topsy-turvy world of turbulence  MORE >>
Join this free webinar to learn tips and tricks for finding and applying for exciting paid summer research positions in STEM fields  MORE >>
Does the next step in your next career involve a "postdoc" position? Learn strategies for preparing and applying.  MORE >>
11.09.2012 - 11.10.2012
Apply now to join NASA on its quest to better understand the water cycle, ocean circulation and climate! Selected educators will work closely with eminent scientists to prepare and deliver educational materials related to the NASA Aquarius satellite instrument.  MORE >>
11.01.2012 - 11.02.2012
The 2012 NEOSEC Ocean Literacy Summit will be held November 1-2, 2012 at The University of Rhode Island Narragansett Bay Campus. Our keynote speaker, Dr. Bob Ballard, will address Ocean Literacy Principle #7: The Ocean is Largely Unexplored.  MORE >>
Ever wonder what it's like to build and test instruments that operate in space? Hear it directly from the "heroes" behind the scenes of a NASA mission!  MORE >>
Join us for this free webinar and learn more about how to continue STEM science careers into the exciting realm of graduate research  MORE >>
IBP and COSEE-OS will host their third webinar together on demystifying the graduate school application process  MORE >>
07.24.2012 - 07.27.2012
Explore ocean science at Bigelow Laboratory this summer!  MORE >>
Carla Companion will represent NASA Aquarius during a workshop for Anne Arundel County (MD) high school educators. Her presentation -- including concept maps about Aquarius created using COSEE-Ocean Systems software -- is part of a workshop in which participating educators will learn key concepts in Earth/Space Systems Science based on NASA research  MORE >>
Our third presentation in the Benthic Webinar Series will delve into some of the unique and unexpected characteristics of several organisms – including their ability to regenerate body parts after injury  MORE >>
The second webinar in our series will focus on how humans can affect benthic communities and what the potential impact of habitat loss is on several key benthic species  MORE >>
A peek into the world under the sediments and the behaviors and ecological roles that benthic organisms play in the larger ecosystem  MORE >>
06.11.2012 - 06.12.2012
This workshop is a yearlong, blended learning experience for scientists to learn about how to teach and communicate science effectively, and is based on the nationally recognized Communicating Ocean Sciences college courses.  MORE >>
This webinar will show how selected inquiry-based labs are used to engage students in the entire scientific process and develop skills needed for future science classes  MORE >>
In this webinar, Dr. Susan Lozier (Duke University) focuses on how our ability to construct knowledge about the ocean has evolved over time as the ocean has become increasingly accessible, primarily through the acquisition of satellite data  MORE >>
04.28.2012 - 04.29.2012
Explore science & engineering with 1500 free, hands-on activities and over 75 stage shows and author presentations  MORE >>
04.24.2012 - 04.26.2012
At this NEOSEC-funded event, MSC and COSEE=OS will host a Graduate Student/Faculty Collaborative Workshop focusing on the use of concept mapping as a tool for deconstructing complex science and reaching undergraduate audiences  MORE >>
03.29.2012 - 04.01.2012
Join us at the crossroads for science education during the NSTA 2012 Indianapolis National Conference on Science Education  MORE >>
Dr. Hilary Neckles (USGS) will share the biology, range, services of and threats to Eelgrass. Audience will be guided through an interactive multi-media concept map.  MORE >>
COSEE facilitates partnerships between scientists and education professionals to collectively work toward the improvement of public literacy about our ocean. Please join us for a workshop series that will include both face-to-face and online sessions.  MORE >>
At this COSEE-OS webinar on the Aquarius/SAC-D satellite, NASA scientists will highlight the data received so far and explain what they are already teaching us about the global ocean  MORE >>
A one day workshop to introduce graduate students to teaching classroom activities relating to ocean science, as well as tools to communicate their science to broader audiences  MORE >>
Learn from NASA scientists what it took to design, develop, and test the Aquarius satellite and how this leads to the collection of accurate global data  MORE >>
COSEE-OS and the New England Ocean Science Education Collaborative (NEOSEC) will host a free workshop for New England area scientists, graduate students, and educational leaders on strategies for engaging in broader impact programs.  MORE >>
Join us for our fourth Pathways webinar featuring Lonnie Gonsalves from NOAA's Cooperative Oxford Laboratory in Oxford, Maryland  MORE >>
Join us for our third Pathways webinar featuring Sharon Ziegler-Chong and Noelani Puniwai from the University of Hawaii at Hilo  MORE >>
10.05.2011 - 10.07.2011
This workshop will connect ocean sciences graduate students with early career faculty from Scripps Institute of Oceanography who will work together to deconstruct complex research topics for presentation  MORE >>
Come see the newest features of CLIMB - the newest integrated package of educational tools from COSEE-OS.  MORE >>
Come see the newest features of CLIMB - the newest integrated package of educational tools from COSEE-OS.  MORE >>
Craig Lee will wrap up the NAB Webinar series with a “big picture” summary of what understanding the dynamics of the spring bloom will mean for scientists concerned about carbon and climate  MORE >>
Nicole Poulton and Ivona Cetinic will discuss the ecological changes that occur in plankton communities and how they are studied  MORE >>
Eric D’Asaro presents his perspective on how it is possible to measure a moving, changing swatch of ocean at different scales, and the technology needed to collect meaningful data  MORE >>
07.18.2011 - 07.21.2011
This four-day workshop brings ocean scientists, graduate students, and formal educators together to develop inquiry-based curriculum  MORE >>
Amala Mahadevan explains how modeling has helped researchers to better comprehend the physical dynamics behind what triggers the spring bloom  MORE >>
Mary Jane Perry will describe the basics of the North Atlantic Bloom, and why researchers think it is particularly important to study  MORE >>
06.03.2011 - 06.04.2011
To celebrate the upcoming launch of the Aquarius/SAC-D satellite, we will conduct a workshop for K-12 educators at JPL  MORE >>
COSEE-OS and the Institute for Broadening Participation will collaborate with COSEE-Ocean Learning Communities to host this webinar focusing on scientists engaged in mentoring  MORE >>
Join Principal Investigator Gary Lagerloef and Project Scientist Yi Chao as they prepare for the launch of NASA's first space-based measurements of ocean salinity across the globe  MORE >>
COSEE-OS and the Institute for Broadening Participation will collaborate with COSEE-Ocean Learning Communities to host this webinar on learning pathways in the ocean sciences  MORE >>
This conference will convene national leaders, elected officials and legal experts to examine the law’s response to this calamity to date and consider the future legal legacy  MORE >>
04.08.2011 - 04.09.2011
COSEE-OS is teaming up with Gardiner Area High School to bring senior high school girls to the Darling Marine Center to learn about science research methods  MORE >>
04.01.2011 - 04.05.2011
This spring, COSEE-OS will team with COSEE-West at this collaborative workshop to deconstruct complex research topics using concept mapping and other pedagogical techniques  MORE >>
COSEE-OS will partner with the Seacoast Science Center to host this workshop investigating the benefits and best practices for scientists engaging in broader impacts activities  MORE >>
Two scientists from the University of Southern Mississippi studying microbes in the Gulf of Mexico will share the results of their research nine months after the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill disaster  MORE >>
COSEE OCEAN and COSEE California present this special interest session on Ocean Science Education as part of the GK-12 Learning Network Conference  MORE >>
Join us for the first ROLE Model webinar in the Spring 2011 series when Dr. Wahle (UMaine) shares with us his work on lobster populations  MORE >>
Dr. Chai (University of Maine) will discuss how climate change models are developed, tested, and refined. Educator Jenny Albright (Tabor Academy) will share how she uses concept maps with her students.  MORE >>
Dr. Linda Kalnejais (UNH) will discuss the role of sediments in understanding the fate and effects of contaminants in the environment and Educator Sharon Gallant will share the various ways she uses concept maps in her environmental science courses  MORE >>
What is an aerosol, and what does it have to do with climate change? Join us for this free online presentation by Dr. Carolyn Jordan (University of New Hampshire) and Educator Kate Leavitt (Seacoast Science Center) and find out!  MORE >>
Think melting icebergs only affect sea level or ocean salinity? Dr. Twining will discuss his recent research in the Arctic and Annette deCharon, COSEE-OS PI, will describe concept mapping activities that encourage team building - and more!  MORE >>
Have you ever wondered how the ocean affects the global carbon cycle and climate change? Join us for this free online presentation by Dr. Mayer (UMaine) followed by a discussion of how one educator uses concept mapping in her classrooms  MORE >>
Join COSE-OS for this free online presentation of current scientific research and real-world examples of how other educators use concept mapping in their work  MORE >>
Join COSE-OS for this free online presentation of current scientific research and real-world examples of how other educators use concept mapping in their work  MORE >>
COSEE-OS will host this webinar featuring research scientists and educators who are using concept mapping to develop and communicate ideas  MORE >>
Dr. Christy Herren from COSE-OS will explore how all people are connected by "earth, air, water and fire" at the 2010 NMEA convention in Gatlinburg, TN  MORE >>
06.24.2010 - 06.25.2010
COSEE-OS will co-facilitate the Scientist-Educator Partnership Program Orientation offered by COSEE Coastal Trends by using concept mapping to help teams begin their collaborative efforts  MORE >>
COSEE-OS will lead a session in which educators and education researchers learn about the collaborative workshop model  MORE >>
Graduate students and post-docs who attended the COSEE-OS Faculty/Graduate Student Collaborative Workshop in February 2010 are invited to participate in this follow-up webinar  MORE >>
05.24.2010 - 05.26.2010
COSEE-Pacific Partnerships and CESaME will run this workshop for Cal Poly faculty and Central California coast educators, with training and assistance from COSEE-OS  MORE >>
Students who participated in the recent Faculty/Graduate Student Collaborative Workshop run by COSEE-OS will present a poster of their experience to fellow UMaine students  MORE >>
Carla Companion will demo the Ocean Climate Interactive and Concept Map Builder suite of online tools developed by COSEE-OS at the 2010 Society for Information Technology & Teacher Education International Conference in March  MORE >>
COSEE-OS will present this session at the NSTA 2010 National Conference in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania  MORE >>
The National COSEE Network will conduct a full day of sessions at NSTA 2010  MORE >>
02.22.2010 - 02.26.2010
COSEE-OS will offer six posters or talks at this year's Ocean Sciences meeting  MORE >>
02.01.2010 - 02.02.2010
Calling all graduate students interested in education & ocean-climate connections!  MORE >>
10.09.2009 - 10.10.2009
Join COSEE-OS for a truly collaborative experience and discover new ways to translate ocean and climate research for a wide range of audiences  MORE >>
07.27.2009 - 07.29.2009
Educators and scientists will collaborate at a COSEE-OS workshop that examines science teaching practices through scientist led and supported lab sessions on phytoplankton research  MORE >>
06.02.2009 - 06.03.2009
Discover new ways to translate ocean-climate research for a wide range of audiences at this 1 1/2-day workshop at the Seacoast Science Center in Rye, NH  MORE >>
COSEE sessions at the 2009 National Science Teachers Association convention will highlight activities and products designed for classroom science teachers  MORE >>
During this course, participants will interact with experts from NASA, NOAA, and other top scientists to learn about research methods and cutting-edge technology employed to study changes in our oceans and coasts  MORE >>
03.13.2009 - 03.14.2009
This UNH-based workshop offered by COSEE-OS will center on teams of educators and scientists who will create online learning resources that align with NSE Standards, Climate Literacy Principles, and Ocean Literacy Principles  MORE >>
Learn more about communicating science to news media and the general public, along with the broader impacts requirement for NSF-funded research  MORE >>
11.22.2008 - 11.23.2008
This workshop from COSEE-OS will center on teams of educators and scientists who will create online learning resources that align with NSE Standards, Climate Literacy Principles, and Ocean Literacy Principles  MORE >>
07.07.2008 - 07.11.2008
This workshop offered by COSE-OS will focus on understanding how ocean observing data can explain seasonal changes in the ocean  MORE >>
01.15.2008 - 05.07.2008
This semester course is offered by the University of Maine, School of Marine Sciences and the College of Education with support from COSEE-OS  MORE >>
07.29.2007 - 08.03.2007
This Educator Institutes workshop continues the COSEE-OS - GoMOOS collaboration, while also partnering with the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute program EARTH  MORE >>
07.23.2007 - 07.27.2007
During this five-day workshop, teachers will review physical concepts through hands-on exploration, examine links between physical concepts and ocean processes, and develop inquiry-based activities for teaching sciences  MORE >>
06.26.2006 - 06.30.2006
Participants at this five-day teacher workshop offered by COSEE-OS will learn new content, gain lab and sea research experience, and identify new classroom activities to translate ocean science to learners  MORE >>