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05.12.2015 - Funded by the National Science Foundation's Chemical Oceanography Program, this four-part webinar series focused on several trace elements and what they can tell us about biogeochemical processes, the carbon cycle, and climate.  MORE >>
04.03.2015 - Recent collaborative work between the COSEE-OS, SPURS, and Aquarius teams has been featured in the March 2015 salinity special issue of Oceanography.  MORE >>
12.19.2014 - COSEE-OS’s involvement with collaborative concept mapping workshops recently led to a book chapter contribution in “Cases on Teaching Critical Thinking Through Visual Representation and Mind Mapping Strategies” by Leonard Shedletsky and Jeffrey Beaudry at the University of Southern Maine. The chapter features data from a series of Faculty-Graduate Student Collaborative Workshops produced and facilitated by COSEE-OS, geared towards using concept maps to support critical thinking amongst scientists.  MORE >>
11.21.2014 - A new product created for educators to enhance classroom learning and understanding of ocean science content is now available for use on the NASA Wavelength website.  MORE >>
11.14.2014 - Winners from the 2014 "Plastic Pollution"-themed high school contest have been announced in the fields of art, writing, and advocacy.  MORE >>
11.13.2014 - At the 2014 NEOSEC-sponsored Ocean Literacy Summit, COSEE-OS presented on the work they are doing to deconstruct complex ocean science research and disseminate it to a wide variety of audiences.  MORE >>
08.04.2014 - How much do you know about Aquarius? Find out here!  MORE >>
06.20.2014 - Secretary of State John Kerry and actor/philanthropist Leonardo DiCaprio learned about marine debris at this year's Our Ocean conference in DC.  MORE >>
05.14.2014 - On Wednesday, May 7th, via a live webinar event, Drs Nikolai Maximenko and Jan Hafner presented their recent research using computer models to predict debris movement.  MORE >>
05.02.2014 - On Wednesday, April 30th, via a live webinar event, Dr. Erik Zettler presented his research on microplastics and the microbial life inhabiting these minuscule pieces of plastic to a crowd of 86 participants, who tuned in from 20 states and 4 countries!  MORE >>
04.09.2014 - The COSEE-OS team is excited to announce a new, springtime webinar series beginning Wednesday, April 30. This time, we'll hear from researchers exploring the field of marine debris and all of the myths and realities that come with it. There is a lot of misinformation on the web and in the media about marine debris; through this webinar series, find out what the science is really saying about this important issue. Learn more here.  MORE >>
03.20.2014 - Congratulations to COSEE's own Billy Spitzer, one of 14 people honored at the White House yesterday as a Champion of Change for their efforts to engage communities and youth in environmental stewardship and conservation, and encouraging a new generation of leaders to play, learn, serve, and work outdoors.  MORE >>
03.19.2014 - The COSEE-OS team recently traveled to Honolulu, HI for the 2014 Ocean Sciences Meeting to facilitate a number of workshops aimed at effectively communicating scientific research and reducing barriers to participation in STEM careers.  MORE >>
10.03.2013 - Through the use of an innovative concept-mapping tool, SPURS research scientists and COSEE-OS disseminated three ocean salinity projects to a wide audience, reaching 84 participants from 22 states and 3 countries.  MORE >>
09.18.2013 - In the first of a three-part series, PhD candidate Julius Busecke, from Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, led participants through his research investigating ocean-atmospheric interactions and what that means for water movement into and out of the SPURS study area.  MORE >>
07.17.2013 - Representatives from COSEE-OS gave a presentation and overview of usable tools and resources from the COSEE-OS database to a group of 9 Maine educators attending a 4-day professional development workshop at Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Science.  MORE >>
07.17.2013 - Thirty-five 4th, 5th and 6th grade teachers from seven school districts in Southern California participated in this workshop, to hear from expert scientists and outreach specialists about several NASA missions.  MORE >>
05.02.2013 - On Tuesday, April 30, COSEE-OS hosted the second webinar in a two-part series put together by the Institute for Broadening Participation on applying for and negotiating a postdoc position. This webinar focused on what a person might do once they find their ideal postdoc position.  MORE >>
05.01.2013 - This workshop brought together early career scientists and informal educators with a series of four overarching goals related to broader impacts.  MORE >>
03.13.2013 - A result of collaborative work among four COSEE Centers (California, NOW, Ocean Systems and West) has been published in the March 2013 issue of Oceanography magazine.  MORE >>
03.12.2013 - Everyone knows that the ocean is salty, but did you know that salt is essential to the recipe for our entire climate and life on Earth? View our three-part webinar series to find out how SPURS scientists seek to better understand ocean salinity, which affects everything from the water cycle to climate change.  MORE >>
02.20.2013 - From "white-knuckle" plane flights to the soothing swirl of cream in your coffee, turbulence is an ever-present part of our daily lives. But how much do you know about it?  MORE >>
02.20.2013 - In this three-part webinar series, Scientists Sara Lindsay, Nils Volkenborn and Anne Simpson explain the advanced and rapidly-evolving technology used to better understand the interconnected roles of benthic creatures and the systems in which they reside.  MORE >>
02.14.2013 - In the third webinar of our three-part series, Dr. Pete Jumars discussed some of the ocean's tiniest inhabitants, and how turbulence and fluid dynamics affect their chances for survival.  MORE >>
02.07.2013 - In the second webinar of a three-part series, Dr. Jeannette Yen takes us on an intriguing adventure, from the cosmos to copepods, on the concept of turbulence.  MORE >>
01.31.2013 - In the first webinar of a three-part series on turbulence, Dr. Donald Webster takes us, step-by-step, through the physical aspects of turbulence, something we see everywhere.  MORE >>
11.30.2012 - Ever wonder what it's like to build and test instruments that operate in space? On October 17, Goddard Space Flight Center engineers discussed their work on the Aquarius/SAC-D satellite during a webinar hosted by COSEE-OS.  MORE >>
10.12.2012 - Phoebe Jekielek, COSEE-OS Marine Education Associate, attended the 2012 MSTA Annual Conference to present online resources and tools focused on bringing the ocean into Maine classrooms.  MORE >>
10.02.2012 - In this Spanish-language webinar, Goddard Space Flight Center engineers will discuss their work on the Aquarius/SAC-D satellite.  MORE >>
09.14.2012 - Annette deCharon and Phoebe Jekielek share information about COSEE-OS resources that support the vision of Framework for K-12 Science Education and development of Next Generation Science Standards.  MORE >>
08.24.2012 - During Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences' Exploring Oceanography Summer Workshop for Maine teachers, Phoebe Jekielek - COSEE-OS Marine Education Associate - presented an overview of online classroom resources, including the CLIMB suite of multimedia tools, webinar archives, and data sets.  MORE >>
08.22.2012 - As the 3rd installment of its ongoing webinar series, the Institute for Broadening Participation and COSEE-OS presented this “nuts and bolts” session with interactive Q&A on July 25, targeting undergraduate students interested in learning more about STEM graduate programs and funding opportunities.  MORE >>
08.21.2012 - As part of a teacher workshop for Anne Arundel County Schools at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland, COSEE-OS demonstrated activities created for NASA's Aquarius Mission, summarized mission science, and highlighted educational resources available in our webinar archives.  MORE >>
07.05.2012 - The NAB research team, who participated in a COSEE-Ocean Systems webinar series, have been published in the journal "Science."  MORE >>
07.04.2012 - Bangor High School teachers Ted Taylor and Jen Page and their students participated in a week-long “Restoration and Exploration Week” at MDI Biological Laboratory this June as part of an EPA and COSEE-OS funded effort to bring inland schools to the coast and engage them in monitoring and stewardship activities.  MORE >>
06.30.2012 - Teachers and students from Waterville and Bangor Schools participated in a week-long “Young Environmental Leaders” program at MDI Biological Laboratory during April Break 2012. This is the second year of the program, which is supported with funds from COSEE-OS.  MORE >>
06.28.2012 - An original COSEE-OS partner, Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences hosts the Keller BLOOM Program for high school juniors. This year, COSEE-OS sponsored two students from School District Collaboration schools to participate.  MORE >>
05.22.2012 - The Embed Widget - a new feature of our CLIMB software - allows you to embed a concept map into a web page. Visitors to your page will then be able to view your map, concepts, and attached assets.  MORE >>
05.14.2012 - Working in small groups, three Northeastern faculty collaborated with nine marine science graduate students to learn new skills for communicating to general audiences the “big picture” messages found in their diverse research topics.  MORE >>
04.05.2012 - At the 2012 National Science Teachers Association COSEE-OS teamed up with the NASA Aquarius Education and Public Outreach Team to offer educators three very different venues in which COSEE-OS tools and processes can be used to explore NASA Aquarius global sea surface salinity datasets.  MORE >>
03.22.2012 - On March 8, 2012 Dr. Hilary Neckles (USGS) presented a webinar on the ecology of eelgrass: its services, its threats, and efforts to preserve it in the state of Maine.  MORE >>
03.09.2012 - University of Maine School of Marine Sciences post-doc Ivona Cetinic's presentation at the 2012 Ocean Science Meeting focused on the North Atlantic Bloom (NAB) Webinar Series that featured the research of scientists from the 2008 NAB Experiment.  MORE >>
03.08.2012 - COSEE-OS External Evaluator Dr. Ted Repa, representing four COSEE Centers (California, NOW, Ocean Systems and West), shared end-of-workshop evaluations from the Graduate Student / Faculty Collaborative workshop series conducted by these Centers in 2010 and 2011 at the 2012 Ocean Sciences Meeting.  MORE >>
02.16.2012 - COSEE OCEAN has produced a simple, easy to use guide to help scientists make their own short videos about their work and their life as a scientist.  MORE >>
01.31.2012 - In our first graduate student professional development workshop, UMaine students experimented with hands-on activities for presentation of ocean concepts, created concept maps for communication of their research, and learned how to prepare for classroom demonstrations.  MORE >>
01.13.2012 - COSEE-OS and its partners in the New England Ocean Science Education Collaborative (NEOSEC) are working to increase involvement of scientists in NEOSEC programs. Through a new “mini grant” program, they will fund three projects that involve scientists in advancing ocean literacy, achieve broader impacts of their research, and expand scientist-educator partnerships.  MORE >>
01.12.2012 - This pilot series highlighted ocean scientists sharing successful strategies for increasing diversity in their community. Using concept map-focused presentations, speakers discussed career paths in the context of their experience being an under-represented minority (URM) in the sciences, and/or their experience providing mentorship to URMs.  MORE >>
01.10.2012 - Phoebe Jekielek has joined the COSEE-OS team as a Marine Education Associate. She attended Boston University for her undergraduate education, majoring in biology with a specialization in marine science, and is currently enrolled in the Dual Degree Program in Marine Biology and Marine Policy at the University of Maine School of Marine Sciences.  MORE >>
12.14.2011 - In January, COSEE-OS will host a free, two-part webinar series with NASA scientists on the Aquarius/SAC-D Satellite and the science behind what it takes to measure salinity in the world's oceans.  MORE >>
10.18.2011 - The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has awarded Mount Desert Island Biological Laboratory (MDIBL), a COSEE-OS partner, $84,000 to help inland Maine teachers and students understand the role of marine habitats in combating climate change.  MORE >>
09.11.2011 - Bangor High School teacher Ted Taylor spent an afternoon introducing COSEE-OS inquiry-based oceanography labs co-written by University of Maine faculty to 16 5th grade teachers.  MORE >>
08.24.2011 - Through a partnership with the Bangor School Department, COSEE-OS, and Mount Desert Island Biological Laboratory, four Bangor High School students and two teachers took part in a week-long research program targeting the restoration of eelgrass in Frenchman Bay.  MORE >>
08.08.2011 - Participants from twenty-one U.S. states and three countries (including Canada, Iceland and Germany) tuned in for COSEE-OS's most recent webinar series. The five-part series featured scientists from the University of Maine, Wood's Hole Oceanographic Institution and the University of Washington involved with the North Atlantic Bloom Experiment.  MORE >>
07.29.2011 - Evaluation surveys from past workshops have shown that educators desire real data to use in their classrooms. In this workshop, educators worked closely with graduate students to develop curriculum for inquiry-based lessons based on research data provided by UMaine scientists.  MORE >>
07.28.2011 - Vera Shi will be visiting New England this summer, representing COSEE China.  MORE >>
07.28.2011 - In this webinar, Dr. Eric D'Asaro presented the reasons for the use of multiple platforms that measure over different time and spatial scales. The North Atlantic Bloom project was a complex effort, requiring a range of technology to successfully measure a changing, moving patch of water.  MORE >>
07.20.2011 - In our second North Atlantic Bloom webinar, Amala Mahadevan and Melissa Omand (WHOI) explained how modeling has helped researchers better comprehend the physical dynamics behind what triggers the spring bloom.  MORE >>
07.13.2011 - On July 7, Mary Jane Perry (Professor, School of Marine Sciences, University of Maine) presented the first of a series of webinars devoted to demystifying the North Atlantic Bloom.  MORE >>
07.12.2011 - Six soon-to-be science teachers at Indian River State College received six weeks of hands-on experience, performing research at the Smithsonian Marine Station in Fort Pierce, Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute, and Ocean Research & Conservation Association. Their research experiences ran the gamut from clam aquaculture to the ecological role of cyanobacteria to analyzing cost effective water quality analysis techniques.  MORE >>
06.24.2011 - Join us for this dynamic 5-part webinar series featuring the research of scientists from the North Atlantic Bloom Experiment and focusing on key concepts in ocean science. Series begins July 7th!  MORE >>
06.10.2011 - COSEE-OS is Center of the Month on the Network newsletter, COSEE Network News.  MORE >>
06.06.2011 - On June 3-4, 2011, COSEE-OS hosted a scientist/educator workshop at the NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory in advance of the June 9, 2011 launch of Aquarius. This workshop featured eminent NASA scientists who worked collaboratively with educators to examine connections between the water cycle, ocean circulation, climate and sea surface salinity.  MORE >>
05.26.2011 - What started as two separate tools - the Ocean Climate Interactive and the Concept Map Builder - have now been merged, with many added capabilities, into a new application called the Concept Linked Integrated Media Builder, or CLIMB for short.  MORE >>
05.16.2011 - On May 13th COSEE-OS and COSEE-Ocean Learning Communities hosted the first "Many Learning Pathways in Ocean Science" webinar in partnership with the Institute for Broadening Participation.  MORE >>
05.12.2011 - Only One Ocean, the new Banana Slug String Band children's music CD that features 14 songs about Ocean Literacy, has just won a prestigious 2011 Parents' Choice Award. Only One Ocean is also getting a Starred Review in the upcoming School Library Journal, and will be featured on the next Ocean Gazing Podcast from COSEE NOW.  MORE >>
04.13.2011 - On April 6th, COSEE-OS facilitated a short workshop at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory with the aim of introducing NASA researchers to the technique of concept mapping.  MORE >>
04.12.2011 - In partnership with Gardner Area High School science teacher Sharon Gallant, COSEE-OS hosted an overnight field trip to show 10 freshmen girls what it's like to do real science. The students also learned about ocean science careers.  MORE >>
04.12.2011 - COSEE-OS now offers Continuing Education Units (CEUs) through the University of Maine for individuals attending the featured presentation and Q&A portions of any ROLE Model or North Atlantic Bloom webinar offered in 2011.  MORE >>
04.08.2011 - COSEE-West and COSEE-OS co-hosted this workshop, derived from the successful Graduate-Faculty Collaborative Workshop model developed by COSEE-OS, at the University of Southern California on April 1-5.  MORE >>
03.31.2011 - Twenty educators from multiple research institutions gathered to discuss and document guidelines for building successful Education and Public Outreach collaborations within the framework of “Broader Impact” mandates from science funding agencies.  MORE >>
03.24.2011 - Dr. Orcutt and Dr. Gundersen follow up their July 2010 webinar with new information on how the oil spill has affected their study sites and the roles microbes have played in the spill's aftermath.  MORE >>
02.18.2011 - What makes the Gulf of Maine the ideal home for America's most prized crustacean? That's exactly what Dr. Richard Wahle and his colleagues at the University of Maine have been studying since 1989.  MORE >>
01.28.2011 - COSEE-OS has been named on two successful National Girls Collaborative Project (NGCP) mini grants with its Center partners at the Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences and Gardiner Area High School.  MORE >>
01.07.2011 - COSEE-OS gave two presentations at the 2011 Fall Meeting of the American Geophysical Union. Harvard scientist Peter Girguis shared his perspective on the advantages and limitations of different modes of education and outreach. On the same day, Annette deCharon discussed COSEE-OS's methods for helping scientists deconstruct complex science for non-scientists by using concept mapping coupled with face-to-face online communication.  MORE >>
12.05.2010 - Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences and 10 teachers from high schools across Maine met yesterday to discuss integrating ocean science principles into Maine schools  MORE >>
12.02.2010 - In our 8th ROLE Model webinar, Dr. Fei Chai provided an overview of the two main areas of research in the field of climate intervention technologies and discussed the science behind iron fertilization experiments. Educator Jenny Albright talked about her decision to use concept mapping and provided examples of her students' work.  MORE >>
11.30.2010 - On November 12, COSEE-OS introduced science-based concept maps to NEOSEC participants at this year's Ocean Literacy Summit.  MORE >>
11.18.2010 - In our 7th ROLE model webinar, Dr. Linda Kalnejais discussed her research on several New England estuaries and Educator Sharon Gallant shared how she uses concept mapping with her environmental science students.  MORE >>
11.12.2010 - From Oct 29-31, 2010, Christy Herren represented COSEE-OS at the NSF-funded Ridge 2000 Community Meeting in Portland, OR, as part of the Education and Outreach thematic working group. Ridge 2000 is a multidisciplinary science research program focused on integrated geological and biological studies of the Earth-encircling oceanic spreading center system.  MORE >>
11.04.2010 - In our 6th ROLE model webinar, Dr. Carolyn Jordan discussed how models are used in studying ocean/climate systems and Educator Kate Leavitt shared how she uses concept maps as a training resource at the Seacoast Science Center.  MORE >>
10.29.2010 - Visit our new webinar pages for videos, concept maps, scientist/educator bios, and related documents from our ROLE Model webinars!  MORE >>
10.21.2010 - In our 5th ROLE Model webinar, scientist Ben Twining (Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences) described the methods and technologies he uses to conduct research about melting icebergs in the Antarctic. Annette deCharon, COSEE-OS Director, talked about the components of concept maps and the challenges many people have when they begin constructing them.  MORE >>
10.15.2010 - On October 6, UMaine scientist Lawrence Mayer talked to an online audience of 36 people from 12 states about what he calls the “genie in the bottle,” also known as sequestered carbon. Former educator and current graduate student Beth Campbell shared her insights as an educator on how useful concept mapping can be – both for her previous students and her current research.  MORE >>
09.23.2010 - On September 22, COSEE-OS hosted their third ROLE Model webinar featuring UConn scientist Penny Vlahos and Sue Klemmer, a science teacher at Camden Hills Regional High School in Camden, Maine.  MORE >>
08.16.2010 - Our popular supplement to Oceanography magazine - Teaching Physical Concepts in Oceanography: An Inquiry Based Approach, written by UMaine faculty with funding from COSEE-OS - has now been translated into Spanish, French, and Catalan.  MORE >>
08.11.2010 - On August 10, COSEE-OS hosted their second ROLE webinar featuring Harvard scientist Peter Girguis and Louise McMinn, a science teacher at Scofield Magnet Middle School in Stamford, Connecticut.  MORE >>
07.29.2010 - On July 28, COSEE-OS hosted the first in a series of Research-Based Online Learning Event (ROLE) webinars featuring research scientists and educators who use concept mapping to develop and communicate ideas.  MORE >>
06.29.2010 - COSEE-OS recently helped COSEE Coastal Trends with their Scientist-Educator Partnerships program by integrating concept mapping into the orientation phase of a six week research and education project centered on watershed impacts to coastal ecosystem health.  MORE >>
06.10.2010 - COSEE-OS is Center of the Month on the Network newsletter, COSEE Network News.  MORE >>
06.07.2010 - The popular supplement to Oceanography magazine Teaching Physical Concepts in Oceanography: An Inquiry Based Approach, written by UMaine faculty with funding from COSEE-OS, has now been translated into Spanish and will soon be available in Catalan and French.  MORE >>
06.04.2010 - Over 200 workshop and other COSEE-OS participants have provided specific recommendations on how to improve our software tools. Many of these have been implemented in the newly released Version 1.6 that includes a wealth of new features such as the ability to link maps, Ocean Climate Interactive previews, and more!  MORE >>
06.03.2010 - COSEE-OS recently took advantage of an opportunity to transfer its Scientist-Education Collaborative Workshop model elsewhere in the network through a collaboration with COSEE-Pacific Partnerships. This collaborative event was held at CalPoly from May 24th to 26th and included a group of 5 scientists from the California Polytechnic State University at San Luis Obispo and 15 informal educators.  MORE >>
06.03.2010 - The popular supplement to Oceanography magazine, Teaching Physical Concepts in Oceanography: An Inquiry Based Approach, written by UMaine faculty with funding from COSEE-OS, is being translated into Spanish, Catalan, and French. When completed, PDF versions of these booklets will be available only online from The Oceanography Society.  MORE >>
06.03.2010 - COSEE-OS has recently expanded its External Advisory Committee to include two new members whose expertise will aid in efforts to better evaluate and "scale up" its effective practices.  MORE >>
06.02.2010 - Graduate students who attended the February 2010 Faculty/Graduate Student Collaborative Workshop joined COSEE-OS via telephone and Web-Ex to hear the results of high school student evaluations of their concept mapping presentations, learn about new updates and improvements to the Ocean Climate Interactive and Concept Map Builder online tools, and talk about their interest in acquiring more pedagogical knowledge.  MORE >>
05.08.2010 - As part of their Oceanography segment in Mr. Taylor’s freshman Earth Science class at Bangor High School, students were asked to prepare a concept map of their broad understanding of the oceans using the COSEE-OS Concept Map Builder.  MORE >>
04.25.2010 - Carla Companion, COSEE-OS Research Associate, received an Outstanding Poster award for her presentation at the 2010 Society for Information Technology and Teacher Education International Conference in San Diego on March 31.  MORE >>
04.05.2010 - UMaine School of Marine Sciences graduate student and COSEE-OS Facilitator Carrie Armbrecht recently journeyed to Beijing as part of the COSEE China planning workshop, the focus of which was to exchange information on ocean science education in the US and China and explore the possibility of establishing a COSEE Center in China. UMaine's School of Marine Sciences documents her trip.  MORE >>
03.26.2010 - COSEE-OS presented Scientist-Educator Partnerships to Enhance Rural Ocean Literacy at the 2010 National Science Teachers Association meeting in Philadelphia on March 20.  MORE >>
03.04.2010 - Keep up with our COSEE China representatives - and COSEE-OS Facilitator Carrie Armbrecht - as they blog their way through next week's trip to Beijing!  MORE >>
03.01.2010 - Nick Record, a particpant at the COSEE-OS Graduate Student/Faculty Collaborative workshop in February 2010, blogs about ecological forecasting and presents an example system using the COSEE-OS Concept Map Builder.  MORE >>
02.16.2010 - This March, fifteen participants from eight COSEE Centers will be visiting Beijing, Xiamen and Qingdao to explore the possibility of establishing a COSEE China. Representing COSEE-OS will be University of Maine graduate student Carrie Armbrecht.  MORE >>
02.09.2010 - COSEE-OS presented their Faculty/Graduate Student Collaborative Workshop at the Darling Marine Center on January 30 - February 2, 2010. This is the first of our ocean-climate connections workshops to team graduate students and post docs with prominent research scientists.  MORE >>
01.27.2010 - Evaluation data from our 2008 Educator-Scientist Climate Change Workshop are now available on our workshop pages.  MORE >>
01.22.2010 - We've updated our online tutorial for the COSEE-OS Concept Map Builder to reflect recent changes to the Asset Manager and the addition of functionality to view concept maps in the Ocean Climate Interactive.  MORE >>
01.14.2010 - COSEE-OS recently partnered with the Seacoast Science Center (SSC) in Rye, NH to develop content for a staff workshop focusing on the complex topic of ocean aerosols. Thanks to grant funding, University of New Hampshire scientist Dr. Hui Feng has been working with the SSC to translate his research on ocean aerosols and modeling into programs for the public at approximately a third grade level.  MORE >>
01.11.2010 - University of New Hampshire instructors Deb Goodwin and Juliann Benson will teach Exploring Informal Science Education Through Ocean Inquiry, an interdisciplinary course supported by COSEE-OS. Students will explore inquiry-based methods for teaching fundamental science concepts by examining and creating activities and lessons appropriate across many educational settings while experiencing current best practices and innovative pedagogical methods modeled using physical and biological marine science content.  MORE >>
01.05.2010 - Visit our workshop pages for videos, concept maps, scientist and educator bios, evaluation data, photographs, and a description of activities conducted at the Educator-Scientist Concept Mapping Workshop, held at the New England Center on the University of New Hampshire Campus on March 13-14, 2009.  MORE >>
01.04.2010 - Beth Campbell, a graduate student in the School of Marine Sciences at the University of Maine will present a poster entitled Regeneration in the Classroom: Linking Infaunal Injury and Ocean Literacy Using Integrated Concept Mapping at the Annual Meeting of the Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology in Seattle, WA this week which summarizes her work on worms through the COSEE-OS concept mapping process.  MORE >>
12.21.2009 - The June 2009 Informal Educator-Scientist Collaborative Workshop was made up entirely of participants who work in informal education settings such as museums, nature centers and aquariums - a first for COSEE. Visit our workshop pages to access participant videos and hear what they had to say about their collaborative experience.  MORE >>
12.02.2009 - Concept maps are designed to help teachers and their students understand the connections and relationships between climate and oceanography. For scientists, concept mapping helps them share their understanding of connections in the earth system. For educators, concept maps can be powerful tools for exposing and clarifying topics in the classroom.  MORE >>
11.30.2009 - COSEE-OS visited four general chemistry classes at Bangor High School to present the COSEE-OS Ocean Climate Interactive and Concept Map Builder to 39 11th and 12th grade students.  MORE >>
11.12.2009 - COSEE-OS is pleased to announce the addition of two new staff members to our Center: Carla Companion and Medea Steinman.  MORE >>
10.12.2009 - Diana Payne, Assistant Professor in Residence at the University of Connecticut and Education Coordinator for Connecticut Sea Grant hosted the COSEE-OS Educator-Scientist Collaborative Workshop on Ocean-Climate Connections at the University of Connecticut's Avery Point campus this weekend.  MORE >>
09.29.2009 - COSEE-OS has launched a new blog to update the COSEE-OS community on happenings associated with the October 2009 Educator-Scientist Collaborative Workshop, scheduled for October 9-10 at the University of Connecticut.  MORE >>
09.10.2009 - On March 13, 2009, 12 informal educators and 5 ocean and climate scientists from the University of New Hampshire met at the New England Center to improve their collective understanding of Earth's major ocean-climate systems.  MORE >>
09.01.2009 - Written by scientists and educators funded by COSEE-OS, Teaching Physical Concepts in Oceanography: An Inquiry Based Approach is now available in hardcopy and online.  MORE >>
08.31.2009 - The 25-Aug-09 issue of Eos, Transactions, American Geophysical Union includes the article, Online Tools Help Get Scientists and Educators on the Same Page. Contributed by COSEE-OS, this article addresses research and development of concept mapping techniques and related multimedia software.  MORE >>
08.20.2009 - COSEE-OS has two full-time job openings: Marine Education Associate and Research Associate. Both positions will be based at the Marine Education and Outreach Program, University of Maine School of Marine Sciences, Darling Marine Center in Walpole, Maine.  MORE >>
07.10.2009 - Jennifer Albright and Amy Holt Cline presented Linking our Ocean and Climate: Learning Connections Through Hands-on Activities and Innovative Web-based Tools at the 2009 National Marine Educators Association Conference in Pacific Grove, CA on June 30.  MORE >>
06.11.2009 - COSEE-OS is Center of the Month on the Network newsletter, COSEE Network News.  MORE >>
06.04.2009 - COSEE-OS presented their Informal Educator-Scientist Collaborative Workshop at the Seacoast Science Center in Rye, New Hampshire on June 1-3, 2009. Our collaborative workshops provide specific professional development for scientists including use of pedagogical techniques such as concept mapping and on-line collaboration tools that promote sustained interactions with educators and students.  MORE >>
03.16.2009 - COSEE-OS presented their Educator-Scientist Concept Mapping Workshop on Ocean-Climate Connections at the New England Center on the University of New Hampshire Campus on March 13-14, 2009. For this event, 12 educators were matched with 5 ocean and climate scientists from the University of New Hampshire to improve their collective understanding of Earth's major ocean - climate systems.  MORE >>
11.24.2008 - COSEE-OS held their Educator-Scientist Climate Change Workshop on Ocean-Climate Connections at the Darling Marine Center this weekend. Workshop topics ranged from the influence of watersheds on climate change, an explanation of ocean aerosol models, exploring seasonal changes in the Gulf of Maine, factors influencing ocean acidification, and the idea of observable changes in plants as an indicator for climate change.  MORE >>
11.18.2008 - Concept maps are designed to help teachers and their students understand the connections and relationships between climate & oceanography. These maps are created through discussion and collaboration and are ideal instruments in revealing their authors' understanding of a topic.  MORE >>
11.15.2008 - The annual Adobe MAX Awards is a global awards program that recognizes the best uses of Adobe software for creating engaging experiences. The COSEE-OS Concept Linked Integrated Media Builder has been selected as an Honorable Mention for the 2008 Adobe MAX Awards. This application has increased our effectiveness as an education and public outreach organization by allowing us to construct a visually appealing, customizable environment for our audience.  MORE >>
10.18.2008 - The new COSEE exhibit had its debut at the 2008 annual meeting of the Society for the Advancement of Chicanos and Native Americans in Science. This annual meeting brings together scientists, graduate students, undergraduate students, teachers, and high school students in a highly interactive environment. The COSEE exhibit was well received and many undergraduates stopped to speak with us about careers in ocean science research.  MORE >>
07.07.2008 - The third COSEE-OS affiliated Summer Ocean Observing Educator Workshop - Understanding Seasonal Change in the Ocean Using Ocean Observing Data - begins this week at the University of New Hampshire.  MORE >>
05.09.2008 - UMaine faculty Lee Karp-Boss, Herman Weller, and Emmanual Boss will team with COSEE-OS to present their third summer workshop on teaching sciences by ocean inquiry at the Darling Marine Center this summer.  MORE >>
01.07.2008 - UMaine faculty Lee Karp-Boss, Herman Weller, and Emmanuel Boss, and Jenny Albright from COSEE-OS, will teach a semester course on teaching physical sciences by ocean inquiry at the University of Maine this spring.  MORE >>
08.05.2007 - The second COSEE-OS affiliated Summer Ocean Observing Educator Workshop (Climate and Oceans - Using Ocean Based Data), was held this week at the University of New Hampshire.  MORE >>
06.30.2006 - COSEE-OS, the UNH Coastal Observing Center, and GoMOOS held their first Ocean Observing Educator Workshop - Seasons in the Sea: Understanding Change in the Gulf of Maine Through Buoys, Boats, and Satellites - at the University of New Hampshire this week.  MORE >>