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Annette  deCharon - COSEE-OS Director
Contact Info:

University of Maine
193 Clark's Cove Road
School of Marine Sciences, Ira C. Darling Marine Center
Walpole, ME 04573
Phone: (207) 563-8176
Fax: (207) 563-3119

Annette deCharon
COSEE-OS Director
University of Maine

Principal Investigator

Primary COSEE Affiliation: Ocean Systems

Other affiliations:

Interaction with COSEE Network:

Member of COSEE Council (Chair 2008-09) and involved with several COSEE Working Groups (i.e., Evaluation, Governance, and Web); attends COSEE meetings and represents the Network at professional conferences (e.g., NMEA, AGU)

Background with Respect to Ocean Sciences Education:

M.S. in Oceanography, Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR (1988); began career in ocean education / outreach at the NASA Jet Propulsion as Education lead for the TOPEX/Poseidon Mission; Education manager for NASA's Aquarius satellite, launching in 2011 to measure global ocean salinity

Selected Publications:

deCharon, A (2010). COSEE-Ocean Systems: Collaborative mapping to clarify concepts in ocean observing, The Earth Scientist: Journal of the National Earth Science Teachers Association, 26(1), 29-30.

Herren, C., A. deCharon, J.T. Repa, A. Holt Cline, C. Companion, and D. Goodwin (2010). Baiting the hooks: scientist-educator team development through concept mapping and online tools, Eos Transactions AGU, 91(26), Ocean Sci. Meet. Suppl., Abstract ED33A-06.

Perry, M. J. and A. deCharon (2010). Using concept maps to teach biological oceanography, Eos Transactions AGU, 91(26), Ocean Sci. Meet. Suppl., ED31A-02.

Repa, J. T., A. deCharon, and C. Herren (2010). Meeting ocean scientist’s needs to improve the communication of their science research: What COSEE-OS has learned, Eos Transactions AGU, 91(26), Ocean Sci. Meet. Suppl., ED24A-06.

deCharon, A., J. Albright, C. Herren, A.H. Cline, and J. T. Repa (2009). Online tools help get scientists and educators on the same page, Eos Transactions, AGU, 90(34), 289–290.

deCharon, A., J. Cannon, A.H. Cline, C. Companion, B. Costa-Pierce, C. Cramer, R.Y. Morse, D. Payne, S. Ryan, and N. Wolff (2009). Recommendations to the Northeastern Regional Association of Coastal and Ocean Observing System (NERACOOS) from the Education and Outreach (EO) Team based on survey data, NERACOOS.

G. Lagerloef, F. Colomb, D. Le Vine, F. Wentz, S. Yueh, C. Ruf, J. Lilly, J. Gunn, Y. Chao, A. deCharon, G. Feldman, and C. Swift, 2008, “The Aquarius / SAC-D Mission: Designed to Meet the Salinity Remote-Sensing Challenge,” Oceanography, v. 21(1), 68-81.

C. Strang, A. deCharon, and S. Schoedinger, 2007, "Can you be science literate without being ocean literate?," Current: The Journal of Marine Education, v. 23(1), 7-10.

A. deCharon, S. Etheridge, T. McDonnell Wysor, and M. Sieracki, 2006, "HAB outreach using multimedia: integrating ocean research and education," African Journal Marine Science, 28(2): 459-463.

A. deCharon and J. Ryan, 2006, "Phytopia: Upwelling Zones" (

A. deCharon and M. Sieracki, 2003, "Phytopia: Discovery of the Marine Ecosystem", educational CD-ROM

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