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Annette  Schloss - Research Scientist
Contact Info:

University of New Hampshire
446 Morse Hall
Durham, NH 03824
Phone: (603) 862-0348
Fax: (603) 862-0188

Website: Click here

Annette Schloss
Research Scientist
University of New Hampshire

Participating Scientist

Primary COSEE Affiliation: Ocean Systems

Other affiliations:

Interaction with COSEE Network:

Participant at the COSEE-OS Informal Educator-Scientist Collaborative Workshop at the Seacoast Science Center (June 2009)

Background with Respect to Ocean Sciences Education:

Ph.D./M.S. in Zoology, University of New Hampshire (1990/1997); B.A. in Biology and Chemistry, University of Southern Maine (1986)

Selected Publications:

Dargaville RJ, Heimann M, McGuire AD, Prentice IC, Kicklighter DW, Joos F, Clein JS, Esser G, Foley J, Kaplan J, Meier RA, Melillo JM, Moore B, Ramankuty N, Reichenau T, Schloss A, Sitch S, Tian H, Williams LJ, Wittenberg U (2003) Evaluation of terrestrial carbon cycle models with atmospheric CO2 measurements: Results from transient simulations considering increasing CO2, climate, and land-use effects, Global Biogeochemical Cycles, 16:1092-1099.

Schloss, AL, DW Kicklighter, and the participants of “Potsdam ‘95” (1998) Comparing global models of terrestrial net primary productivity (NPP): Comparison of annual net primary productivity and climatic drivers, Global Change Biology, 5:25-34.

Melillo, J. M., A. D. McGuire, D. W. Kicklighter, B. Moore III, C. J. Vorosmarty and A. L. Schloss (1993). Global climate change and terrestrial net primary production, Nature, 363: 234-240.

Schloss AL and JF Haney (2006). Clouds, shadows or twilight? Mayfly nymphs recognize the difference, in press, Freshwater Biology

Schloss AL and JF Haney (2002). Direct observations of the activity responses of mayfly nymphs to relative light change and light intensity, Archiv für Hydrobiologia, 154: 353-374.

Schloss AL, S Most, D Mountain, T Shyka, The Gulf of Maine Ocean Data Partnership – building a region-wide information system from the bottom up. American Geophysical Union Meeting, San Francisco, CA, USA, Dec. 2005.

Schloss, AL, Ledley, TS, Gould, AD, Blaha, D, Freuder, R, Two Approaches to Making a Large Institutional Earth Science Data System Accessible to Educators and Students, American Society for Limnology and Oceanography Meeting, Honolulu, HI, Feb. 2004.

Schloss, AL, et al., Beyond Infrastructure: EOS-WEBSTER and WebCOAST add Polish, Packaging and Pizzazz to Data Distribution, American Geophysical Union Meeting, San Francisco, CA, USA, Dec. 2004.

Schloss, AL, Building a Regional Node for the Integrated Ocean Observing System, 3rd Earth Science Portal Meeting, Princeton, NJ, June 2004.

Schloss, AL, An overview of remote sensing applications for water resource management, North American Lakes Management Society Meeting, Mashantucket, CT., Nov. 2003.

Schloss, AL, et al., Using Landsat TM data to aid the assessment of long-term trends in lake water quality in New Hampshire lakes, IGARRS02, Toronto, Ontario, CANADA, June 2002.

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