Scientist at work along a New England coastline
COSEE-OS researches, tests, and builds systems to improve how scientists can contribute to the education enterprise. We have offered scientist-lead professional development workshops for educators designed to reach inland audiences with ocean content. Additionally, we have developed a college course to help young marine scientists to more effectively communicate their subject; encourage science majors to pursue professions where they simultaneously serve science and education; and create a greater awareness among young scientists about the need for outreach.

Based on experience from these and other COSEE-OS initiatives, we have crafted a new model for workshops that includes specific professional development for scientists including use of pedagogical techniques such as concept mapping and on-line collaboration tools that promote sustained interactions with educators and students. A key goal of COSEE-OS is to offer these "Scientist-Educator Workshops" at various venues and train facilitators at other COSEE Centers to implement the workshops. Visit our workshops page for information on past events; for upcoming workshops, click here.

COSEE-OS engages audiences in free public webinars to help scientists and ocean science content reach broader audiences. Since 2010, COSEE-OS has pioneered several webinar models, and continues to test the application of webinars to different audiences. All that is needed to participate in a scheduled webinar is a phone and an internet connection. Participants can ask questions and participate, making the session both interactive and informative.

Perhaps our most ambitious and innovative achievement has been development of the Ocean Climate Interactive which highlights fundamental sciences concepts as well as their "big picture" connections. This software tool ties directly to hundreds of resources, including those for college-level audiences. Some of these resources have undergone extensive review by teams of scientists and educators.

For more information, please contact Annette deCharon.