Embed Widget

The Embed Widget allows you to embed a concept map into a web page. Visitors to your page will then be able to:
  • View assets (movies, pictures, news articles, and resources) assigned to concepts and concept descriptions.
  • Zoom and pan.
  • Turn concepts on and off by color.
  • Turn color blocks and scale bar on and off.
  • Center or fit map to window.
  • Create code to embed your map in another web page.
  • Open map in the Concept Map Viewer.
  • Copy map to their profile.
  • View map content.
The concept map at right was created by Dr. Gary Lagerloef and Dr. Yi Chao for a webinar they presented on the Aquarius Mission. Their map is embedded into this web page. View another example of this map embedded on the COSEE-OS website.

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