Embedding a Map in a Web Page

In CLIMB, go to My Maps and click on the title of the map you wish to embed. Click on the wrench icon in the upper left corner of your map for a list of options, including "Embed Map":


Click on the "Embed Map" link (try it on the embedded map to the right).

In the pop up window, enter a map size (width and height). The default, in pixels, is 600 wide (w) by 600 high (h). Or, click on a light blue box for a standard size (400w x 400h or 600w x 400h or 400h x 600w). As an example, the map here is 450w x 450h while the map here is 750w x 400h.

Copy the code in the white text box and insert it on your web document, between the body tags, at the location you want your map to display.

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