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Working With Assets

Assets consist of movies, pictures, news articles, and resources that have been added to our Ocean Climate Interactive (OCI) database by COSEE-OS scientists and educators. In Build Mode you can use the asset search icon (magnifying glass) to search for assets and add them to the concepts on your map.

Asset search icon
The Asset Search button opens a keyword search text box for assets. After typing in a keyword (see image at right), click the magnifying glass icon to initiate the search. Any assets found will appear in a list on the left side of your screen.

To add assets to a concept, click on the asset and drag it out of the asset list and drop it onto a concept. When you release your mouse, the asset will attach to the concept.

Tip: If your concept is not viewable (i.e., it is under the asset list) reposition your map so that you can see it, then drag and drop the asset onto it.

Close the asset list by clicking on the circled x in the upper right.

To preview assets attached to a concept, hover over a concept to enable asset icons (if there are no assets attached to the concept, no icons will appear). In this example there are three assets attached to the Surface Runoff concept (one picture, one news article, and one resource). Click on one of the asset icons to open the asset list.

Use the slider bar on the right side of the asset window to view the entire list of assets.

Click on the title of an asset to preview. Use the navigation arrows at the top left to move to the next asset. To remove an asset from the concept, click on the small x located to the right of the asset title.

Asset icons
Click on the asset icons in the left margin to toggle between asset types.

Close the asset list by clicking on the circled x in the upper right.

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