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The line editor is used to add a line to your workspace.

Line icon
Click on the Line button to create a line. Select the line type from the drop-down menu (straight, curved, or forked), then double click anywhere in the workspace to insert the first endpoint of the line. Move and double click the workspace again to finish your line. A text box for your linking phrase will appear in the center of the line.

To edit a line, click on the line once to open the Line Editor window. Properties that my be edited are:
  • Opacity
  • Thickness
  • Color
  • Line style (curved or straight)
  • Arrowhead (present or not and direction)
To edit a linking phrase, click the phrase once to open the Text Editor window. Properties that my be edited are:
  • Font size, style, and color
  • Opacity, color, and location of the text box along the line
  • Opacity, thickness, and color of the text box outline
To snap a line to a concept, drag the end of the line over the desired concept and then release it. When snapped correctly, the outline of the concept will flash red. To unsnap a line, drag the end of the line away from the concept. A message will appear when the line is unsnapped.

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