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When you click on a map in your maps list or in the list of public maps, a page will open with a detailed preview of the map (see image at right). From this page, you may use the buttons above the map to:
  • Edit the map in the Concept Map Builder
  • Present the concept map in the Concept Map Viewer
  • Submit the map for publication
  • Add the map to a folder
  • Share the map with another user
  • Delete the map
These buttons may change slightly depending on the status of your map. For example, the globe icon to submit a map for publication is missing on the map at right as this map has been submitted for publication and is currently awaiting approval.

You can move around within the map by clicking anywhere on the map and dragging it to the desired location. You can also zoom in and out of the map by using the zoom tool to the left.

By placing your mouse over a concept, you can see if it has attached assets by the appearance of one to four icons (for movies, pictures, news items or resources; see icons adjacent to the green Hydrothermal Vents concept in this example).

Click on an icon in the Asset list to view the attached assets. Click the circled x to close the list and return to the concept map.

Tool drop-down icon
Click on the blue wrench in the upper left corner to display the following additional commands:

  • Open full map viewer
  • Copy map to My Maps
  • Center map to window
  • Fit map to window
  • Toggle color blocks
  • Toggle scale bar

Note that copying a concept map, such as a public map, to your profile reassigns the creator's name to yours so that you may edit it. The map shown here was originally created by Dr. Peter Girguis for a ROLE Model webinar, then copied to a COSEE-OS administrator's profile for use in this tutorial.

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