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My Maps Manager

On the My Profile Details page, click on the blue Manage My Maps button to open the My Map Manager page (see image at right). Here you may view maps and folders and review the status (published or pending) of your maps. You can also create folders for map storage, share maps with other CLIMB users, delete maps, and create new maps.

To view all of your maps in one list, click on the All My Maps button on the light blue bar. View All, in the upper right corner, performs the same function.

To view folders, click on the All Folders button.

To view the status of maps you have submitted for publication, click on the Published/Pending Maps button.

To view maps you've shared with other registered users, click on the Shared Maps button. In this example there are two shared maps pending receipt. Note that the number of shared maps in parenthesis denotes the number of maps that have been received (pending maps are not counted).

To view a list of the images you have uploaded, click on the My Images button. In this example one image has been uploaded.

Help on this page icon  
For help and how to information, click the Help on This Page button.

Search my maps icon  
To find a map on a specific topic, enter keywords in the white text box and click the Search My Maps button.

Create new map icon  
To create a new map, click the Create New Map button. You will be taken to the Concept Map Builder (CMB).

Create folder icon  
Click the Create Folder button to create a new folder.

To use the other tools (add, share, and delete) select the desired map(s) by checking the blank box to the left of each map thumbnail and then click the appropriate tool.

Status Icons:

Concept map icon  
A concept map icon in the Status column denotes a personal (unpublished) map.

Magnifying glass icon  
A magnifying glass icon denotes a map that has been submitted for publishing and currently awaits approval.

Publish icon  
A globe icon denotes a published map.

Actions Icons:

Edit icon  
The Edit Button in the Actions column opens a map in the CMB for editing.

View icon  
The View Button opens the map in Present Mode where you can also view assets.

Publish icon  
The Publish Button takes you to the Publish My Map page, which guides you in the process publishing a map.

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