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08.29.2007 Low Oxygen In Coastal Waters Impairs Fish Reproduction ScienceDaily Basic Full Text
10.17.2007 Climate change: What's in the rising tide? Nature Basic Full Text
09.07.2007 Acid Rain Has a Disproportionate Impact on Coastal Waters Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute Basic Full Text
12.19.2007 Gulf of Mexico paying price for ethanol boom Earth News Basic Full Text
02.15.2008 Emergence of Anoxia in the California Current Large Marine Ecosystem Science Basic Summary
03.20.2008 Corn quandary Nature Reports Climate Change Basic Full Text
03.12.2008 Nitrogen cycle: Out of reach Nature Reports Climate Change Basic Full Text
03.28.2008 Diversity predicts stability and resource use efficiency in natural phytoplankton communities Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America Expert Summary
07.09.2009 'Hotspots' Of Human Impact On Coastal Areas Ranked ScienceDaily Basic Full Text
07.27.2009 Smaller than expected, but severe, dead zone in Gulf of Mexico EurekaAlert Basic Full Text
07.30.2009 Long-term biological effects of coastal hypoxia in Corpus Christi Bay, Texas, USA Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology Expert Summary
06.03.2010 How Will the Oil Spill Impact the Gulf's Dead Zone? Scientific American Basic Full Text
07.12.2010 Marine hypoxia/anoxia as a source of CH4 and N2O Biogeosciences Expert Full Text
09.03.2010 New Report Warns of Expanding Threat of Hypoxia in U. S. Coastal Waters NOAA News Basic Full Text
09.21.2010 NOAA Project to Investigate Impacts of Shallow Water Hypoxia in Chesapeake Bay NOAA News Basic Full Text
09.03.2010 Dead zones a coastal threat San Diego Union-Tribune Basic Full Text
01.05.2011 Widespread Ancient Ocean "Dead Zones" Challenged Early Life National Science Foundation Basic Full Text
04.08.2011 Atlantic 'dead zone' grows Seas At Risk News Basic Full Text
06.01.2011 Historical trends of hypoxia in Changjiang River estuary: Applications of chemical biomarkers and microfossils Journal of Marine Systems Expert Summary
05.26.2011 Mississippi flood renews Gulf coast anxieties New York Times Basic Full Text
06.16.2011 Ocean's harmful low-oxygen zones growing, are sensitive to small changes in climate University of California Basic Full Text
07.24.2011 Alarming 'dead zone' grows in the Chesapeake Washington Post Basic Full Text
08.02.2011 Eels point to suffocating Gulf floor ScienceNews Basic Full Text
11.17.2011 Algae poisons Gulf The Battalion (Texas A&M University) Basic Full Text
12.14.2011 Blue marlin blues: Loss of dissolved oxygen in oceans squeezes billfish habitat EurekaAlert! Basic Full Text
10.06.2011 Phosphorus cycle: A broken biogeochemical cycle Nature Expert Summary
01.24.2012 Clean up world seas to boost economy, U.N. body says Reuters Basic Full Text
02.16.2012 An ocean short of oxygen Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich Basic Full Text
03.20.2012 Damage to world's oceans 'to reach $2 trillion a year' Chicago Tribune Basic Full Text
07.25.2011 Keeping Heads Above Water National Geographic News Basic Full Text
05.10.2012 Tracking nutrient pollutant in Chesapeake Basic Full Text
07.01.2012 Sediment-water fluxes of dissolved inorganic carbon, O2, nutrients, and N2 from the hypoxic region of the Louisiana continental shelf Biogeochemistry Expert Summary
01.17.2012 Ice Age Findings Forecast Problems: Data from End of Last Ice Age Confirm Effects of Climate Change On Oceans ScienceDaily Basic Full Text
06.19.2012 Suffocating waters Science News for Students Basic Summary
03.29.2012 Reducing Uncertainty in Understanding Ocean Oxygen and Nitrogen Cycles Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory (NOAA) Basic Full Text
06.20.2012 Gulf of Mexico 'dead zone' predictions feature uncertainty NOAA News Basic Full Text
06.18.2012 Oceans of pollution Aljazeera Basic Full Text
05.01.2012 Net anthropogenic nitrogen inputs to watersheds and riverine N export to coastal waters: a brief overview Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability Expert Summary
08.02.2012 Texas suffers hypoxic areas of its own making Texas Sea Grant Basic Full Text
09.24.2012 Study finds that ocean acidification is accelerated in nutrient-rich areas NOAA News Basic Full Text
02.18.2013 Jurassic records warn of risk to marine life from global warming Plymouth University Basic Full Text
02.02.2013 Chesapeake Bay's dead zone shrinks, scientists say The Virginian-Pilot Basic Full Text
02.05.2013 Trace Element Profiles in Sediments as Proxies of Dead Zone History; Rhenium Compared to Molybdenum Environmental science & technology Expert Summary
02.14.2013 The Impact of Global Warming and Anoxia on Marine Benthic Community Dynamics: an Example from the Toarcian (Early Jurassic) PLoS ONE Expert Full Text
04.23.2013 Study: source of organic matter affects Chesapeake Bay water quality Virginia Institute of Marine Science Basic Full Text
03.04.2013 Hypoxia in the changing marine environment Environmental Research Letters Expert Summary
03.01.2013 New Study Reveals How Sensitive U.S. East Coast Regions May Be to Ocean Acidification innovations report Basic Full Text
06.02.2013 Researchers document acceleration of ocean denitrification during deglaciation Oregon State University Basic Full Text
06.24.2013 Biggest Dead Zone Ever Forecast in Gulf of Mexico National Geographic News Basic Full Text
06.27.2013 Large Dead Zone Forming In The Gulf Texas A&M University Basic Summary
07.08.2013 'Dead Zone' Impacts Chesapeake Bay Fishes ScienceDaily Basic Full Text
07.29.2013 NOAA-supported scientists find large Gulf dead zone, but smaller than predicted NOAA News Basic Full Text
08.02.2013 Can Coastal Marshes Rise Above It All? Science Expert Summary
08.21.2013 Real-time Monitoring Pays Off for Tracking Nitrate Pulse in Mississippi River Basin to the Gulf of Mexico U.S. Geological Survey Basic Full Text
09.19.2013 No significant changes in the status of the Gulf of Finland's coastal waters compared to last year; oxygen situation on deep open-sea bottoms has deteriorated Baltic Sea Portal Basic Full Text
12.06.2013 Ocean 2050: How to sustain our biggest ecosystem BBC News Basic Full Text
01.01.2014 What can an ecophysiological approach tell us about the physiological responses of marine invertebrates to hypoxia? Journal of Experimental Biology Expert Full Text
01.01.2014 Impact of dissolved inorganic carbon concentrations and pH on growth of the chemolithoautotrophic epsilonproteobacterium Sulfurimonas gotlandica GD1T Ocean Acidification (Ocean Acidification International Coordination Centre (OA-ICC)) Basic Full Text
02.25.2014 New Research Defines Origin and Dynamic Behavior of Gulf of Mexico Dead Zone National Centers for Coastal Ocean Science Basic Full Text
02.01.2014 Hypoxia in the Baltic Sea: Biogeochemical Cycles, Benthic Fauna, and Management AMBIO Expert Full Text
04.14.2014 Chemical fertilizers chasing fish away: National Institute of Oceanography director Times of India Basic Full Text
04.16.2014 Spring Flood Outlook Has Implications for Gulf of Mexico and Chesapeake Bay Hypoxia NOAA National Ocean Service Basic Full Text
05.22.2014 Glider Implementation Plan Provides Blueprint for Improved Monitoring of Gulf of Mexico Dead Zone National Centers for Coastal Ocean Science Basic Full Text
06.25.2014 NOAA and Partners Issue Dead Zone Predictions for Gulf of Mexico and Chesapeake Bay National Centers for Coastal Ocean Science Basic Full Text
06.30.2014 Scientists from Twelve Land-Grant Universities Forge Partnership with Mississippi River/Gulf of Mexico Watershed Hypoxia Task Force Basic Full Text
08.07.2014 Ocean's most oxygen-deprived zones to shrink under climate change University of Washington Basic Full Text
08.26.2014 Workshop Explores Fisheries Management in Face of Mississippi River Diversions and Hypoxia National Centers for Coastal Ocean Science Basic Full Text
09.09.2014 Shift in Arabian Sea Plankton May Threaten Fisheries Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory (Columbia University) Basic Full Text
10.15.2014 Microfossils reveal warm oceans had less oxygen, Syracuse geologists say EurekaAlert! Basic Full Text
10.09.2014 Migrating animals' pee affects ocean chemistry University of Washington Basic Full Text
12.04.2014 Hypoxia Task Force Makes Progress to Reduce Runoff Fueling Gulf of Mexico Dead Zone National Centers for Coastal Ocean Science Basic Full Text
11.10.2014 Ocean Dead Zones Are Getting Worse Globally Due to Climate Change Smithsonian Basic Full Text
12.01.2014 Baltic sea: Climate change counteracts decline in eutrophication ScienceDaily Basic Full Text
01.23.2015 This Gorgeous Picture Spells Doom for Hong Kong's Sea Life Mic Basic Full Text
01.26.2015 USDA-private projects affecting 4 Deep South states SFGate Basic Summary
02.26.2015 Scientists Tackle a Dual Threat: More Acid, Less Oxygen in the Ocean KQED Science Basic Full Text
03.12.2015 Global Warming May Boost Dead Zones in Oceans Scientific American Basic Full Text
02.19.2015 Climate science: The future of coastal ocean upwelling Nature | News & Views Expert Summary
03.30.2015 Massive study is first to explore historical ocean response to abrupt climate change California Academy of Sciences Basic Full Text
02.02.2015 Climate change likely to worsen U.S. and global dead zones NOAA Basic Full Text
04.30.2015 Gulf of Mexico Offshore Dead Zone Linked to Mississippi River Nutrient Inputs National Centers for Coastal Ocean Science Basic Full Text
05.01.2015 Influence of wind and river discharge on the hypoxia in a shallow bay Ocean Dynamics Expert Summary
04.02.2015 Spatial and Temporal Patterns of Benthic Respiration and Net Nutrient Fluxes in the Atchafalaya River Delta Estuary Estuaries and Coasts Expert Summary
04.30.2015 'Dead zones' found in Atlantic open waters European Geosciences Union Basic Full Text
06.22.2015 Gasping for air: nutrients, warming trigger ocean oxygen deficit Smithsonian Science News Basic Full Text
06.23.2015 Scientists expect slightly below average Chesapeake Bay 'dead zone' this summer National Centers for Coastal Ocean Science Basic Full Text
06.17.2015 NOAA, partners predict an average 'dead zone' for Gulf of Mexico National Centers for Coastal Ocean Science Basic Full Text
06.11.2015 Hypoxia Leads to Pathological, but Reversible, Changes in Fish Brains National Centers for Coastal Ocean Science Basic Full Text
08.04.2015 2015 Gulf of Mexico dead zone 'above average' NOAA News Basic Full Text
07.30.2015 NCCOS Hypoxia Forecasts Prove Accurate National Centers for Coastal Ocean Science Basic Full Text
08.30.2015 Algae Bloom's Psychedelic Swirls Captured in New Photo Discovery News Basic Full Text
06.30.2015 Climate mediates hypoxic stress on fish diversity and nursery function at the land-sea interface Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America Expert Summary
09.22.2015 Research uncovers microsopic key to reducing ocean dead zones EurekaAlert! Basic Full Text
10.06.2015 NOAA awards more than $1.3 million to predict coastal acidification impacts to commercial species and vulnerable habitats NOAA News Basic Full Text
10.26.2015 New FY 2016 Research Funding Opportunity Available for National Hypoxia Programs NCCOS (National Centers for Coastal Ocean Science) Basic Full Text
11.18.2015 Low-oxygen 'dead zones' in North Pacific linked to past ocean-warming events Oregon State University Basic Full Text
12.21.2015 Hidden biosphere in an oxygen-deficient Atlantic open-ocean eddy: future implications of ocean deoxygenation on primary production in the eastern tropical North Atlantic Biogeosciences Expert Full Text
01.15.2016 Seasonal dynamics and long-term trend of hypoxia in the coastal zone of Emilia Romagna (NW Adriatic Sea, Italy) Science of The Total Environment Expert Summary
02.01.2016 Editorial: Eutrophication and hypoxia and their impacts on the ecosystem of the Changjiang Estuary and adjacent coastal environment Journal of Marine Systems Expert Summary
02.22.2016 Should desalination play a bigger role in California's water future? Pasadena Star-News Basic Full Text
11.01.2014 Quantifying the effects of nutrient loading on dissolved O-2 cycling and hypoxia in Chesapeake Bay using a coupled hydrodynamic-biogeochemical model. Journal of Marine Systems Expert Summary
04.04.2016 Leading ocean scientists recommend action plan to combat changes to seawater chemistry EurekaAlert! Basic Full Text
03.14.2016 How does the ocean garden grow? Nitrogen fixation is key Florida State University Basic Full Text
04.11.2016 Fertilizer's legacy: Taking a toll on land and water Arizona State University Basic Full Text
05.04.2016 Wave of dead sea creatures hits Chile's beaches, experts blame El Nino ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) Basic Full Text
04.27.2016 Evidence points to widespread loss of ocean oxygen by 2030s National Science Foundation Basic Full Text
04.04.2016 West Coast prepares for 'double whammy' threat to ocean health NOAA News Basic Full Text
06.08.2007 Caribbean's Reef-Building Coral at Risk Environmental News Network 1 Basic Full Text
02.14.2008 Map shows toll on world's oceans BBC News 1 Basic Full Text
02.17.2007 Wind shifts devastate ocean life BBC News 2 Basic Full Text
03.08.2007 Climate change brews ocean trouble Christian Science Monitor 3 Basic Full Text