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Are you looking for ways to get involved in Education and Outreach?

These pages will introduce you to scientists who are achieving broader impacts for their research through their involvement with the Centers for Ocean Science Education Excellence (COSEE). COSEE is known as the "go to" place to find a well-documented portfolio of proven Education and Outreach programs, and these pages will show you how to get involved. Whether you are an early career scientist, grad student, or senior scientist, these thirteen portraits will give you plenty of specific ideas.

How To Use These Pages
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  2. Interested in a project addressing a specific topic or audience? Use the Projects tab at the top of the page to watch specific videos or to go to complete project descriptions.
  3. What's it really like to do Education and Outreach? Get answers here! Check out the answers to the top ten questions that our scientists have addressed within their case studies. Use the Top Ten tab at the top of the page.