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Presenting Attached Assets

To view assets in Present Mode, hover over a concept to display the asset icons attached to that concept (if there are no assets attached to the concept, no icons will appear). In the image at right, the Vent Ecosystems concept contains four asset types (seven pictures, two movies, four news articles, and ten resources) and an information icon. Click on one of the asset icons to open the asset list.

Use the slider bar on the right side of the asset window to view the entire list of assets.

Click on the title of an asset to view that asset in detail.

Navigation arrows icon
Use the navigation arrows at the top left to move to the next asset in the list or use the slider bar to find and select one.

Stand alone icon
Use the standalone icon to open an image or movie asset in a separate tab or window.

Click on the asset icons in the left margin to toggle between asset types.

Grid icon
Click on the grid icon to display assets in thumbnail view.

List icon
Click on the list icon to return the display to list view.

When you have finished viewing the assets, click on the circled x to the top right of the asset list window to return to your concept map.

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