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Links can be added to your content page in two ways: typing LINK in double brackets [[LINK]] or manually adding the link yourself. Both are shown in the image at top right for the xTest2 example page.

If you've elected to use the [[LINK]] tag, the CMS will display the Edit Links page (middle image at right) when your content page is submitted. The fields on this page are described below. Roll your mouse over the down arrows to preview choices in existance on the COSEE-OS website when this tutorial was made.

Link Title. The text that will be underlined as a link. This text should only be entered here, and not in the overall text content on the preceding page.

Link Target. A drop-down list that allows you to choose if the link opens in a new window or the same window.

Link to (choose ONE):

•  URL. The URL for a web page not located on our server.
•  Page. A drop-down list that allows you to select a content page on your website to link to.
•  News Item. A drop-down list that allows you to select a news item from your database to link to.
•  Resource. A drop-down list that allows you to select a resource from your database to link to.
•  Document. A drop-down list that allows you to select a document on your server to link to.

Upload New Document? If you wish to upload a new document instead of selecting from the drop-down list of existing documents, click on the Browse button to find that document on your hard drive. Your document will be uploaded to the server when you submit the page.

New Document Title. If you are uploading a new document, you may enter a title name here. If you leave this text box blank, your document will be given the same name as your link title.

Tooltip. The text contained in a popup that will display when the link is moused over.

Submit/Cancel. To submit your input, click on the Submit button. To cancel your input and return to the Show page, click on the Cancel button.

You may enter more than one link at a time. The CMS will display as many Edit Links pages as required, one at a time, beginning with the first [[LINK]] it encounters. The text surrounding the link will be posted at the bottom of the page in dark orange for reference.

The bottom image (above right) shows the content page after the Edit Link page was submitted. The [[LINK]] tag has been replaced with [[LINK||||COSEE-OS home page||||target=']], which directs the CMS to display a link for the COSEE-OS home page. The link entered manually remains the same.

Click here to see the completed xTest2 Show page.

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