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The COSEE Content Management System (CMS) was developed by Raytheon Systems in association with the COSEE Web Working Group (WWG) to provide the Network and Centers with an easy to use methodology for creating and maintaining individual websites.

Five Centers and currently use the CMS, which resides on a single server so that assets can be shared. Each site has a similar look and feel to promote cohesiveness within the Network, but contains variable content unique to its owner.

New Centers are welcome to join the CMS. Please contact Annette deCharon, Chair of the WWG, for information on installing the CMS and accessing files.

How to Use This Tutorial

This tutorial will take you through the steps necessary to populate and maintain your web pages using the COSEE-Ocean Systems (COSEE-OS) website as our main example.

To use this tutorial, roll your mouse over the images on each page to access any tips or rollover graphics. At the bottom of each page, Click "Next" to advance to the next page, "Previous" to access the previous page, and "Contents" to return to the Table of Contents.

Links to the Centers currently on the CMS are provided at the top of each page to allow easy access to individual websites along with keys to view the elements of the Home and Admin pages.

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