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From "white-knuckle" plane flights to the soothing swirl of cream in your coffee, turbulence is an ever-present part of our daily lives. But how much do you know about it?

Join us as we feature three eminent scientists who study this amazing phenomenon… all from the comfort of your own home or office.

Designed for physics, math and science educators, these webinars will contain information on the physics of turbulence as well as its effect on life. Each webinar will feature an interactive concept map filled with resources for use in the classroom, including videos, images and other resources.

This three-part series focuses on several different topics:

  1. The fundamentals of turbulence and why it is important
  2. The effect of turbulence at different scales (and on different organisms)
  3. Living with turbulence as a microscopic organism
Donald Webster
What is Turbulence and Why Do We Care?
Presented by Dr. Donald Webster - January 23, 2013
Armed with some math and physics, Dr. Donald Webster introduces us to turbulence - how it works in the world, and how it is observed and measured.

Jeannette Yen
From Cosmos to Copepods - How Does Turbulence Impact Different Scales?
Presented by Dr. Jeanette Yen - January 30, 2013
In Part II, Dr. Jeanette Yen (Georgia Tech) discusses the effects of turbulence at different scales - from the cosmos to copepods.

Pete Jumars
How Does Turbulence Shift Advantage for the Tiniest Ocean Creatures?
Presented by Dr. Pete Jumars - February 6, 2013
In Part III, Dr. Pete Jumars (University of Maine) discusses some of the ocean's tiniest inhabitants, and how turbulence and fluid dynamics affect their chances for survival.

This webinar series was supported by the National Science Foundation grant #OCE-0724744 “CMG Collaborative Research:  Interactions of Phytoplankton with Dissipative Vortices.” PI: P. Jumars, Co-PI Karp-Boss.