Center for Ocean Sciences Education Excellence

Sharing Resources

Resources can be pushed (shared) to other COSEE centers and for posting on their websites. Once a resource is pushed, the recipient can post it or not. Please check the intended recipient's website before sharing to make sure they haven't posted the resource already, keeping in mind that they may have used a different title.

To share a resource, click on the link for List All Resources located under RESOURCES on the Admin page, then click on the title of the resource you wish to share to open the Show Resource page (see image at top right for the Show Resource page for the COSEE-OS resource "Mapping the Oceans - Helping Students Make Connections").

Click on the orange link for Distribute This Resource located at the top of the page to open the Distribute Resource page (see image at bottom right).

Check all sites that you'd like push your resource to, then click the Submit button.

Once an item has been shared with another website, it cannot be re-shared. On the image at right, there is no box for, because this resource was pushed there earlier.

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