Density lab experiment
Erin Macro
COSEE-OS has worked to bring together graduate students from the University of Maine (UMaine) School of Marine Sciences and local science teachers as part of their School District Collaboration (SDC) program. The SDC program aims to:
  • Follow educators into classrooms to help integrate ocean topics
  • Bring real science into the classroom
  • Create lasting partnerships between teachers and grad students
  • In the future, work with teachers to create new curriculum for teaching and integrating ocean concepts into classrooms
At the beginning of this project (January 2012), UMaine graduate students participated in a one-day workshop where they became familiar with hands-on classroom activities illustrating ocean concepts, gained access to tools and tips for successful teacher-student interactions and created unique concept maps based on their graduate research projects using the COSEE-OS Concept Map Builder. Then, with the help of COSEE-OS, the students teamed up with three teachers from James F. Doughty Middle School in Bangor, ME and headed into the classroom. Graduate students tackled topics ranging from the physics behind rockets to ocean acidification, climate change, and its impacts on the ocean.