Research-Based Online Learning Event (ROLE) Model Webinar
Webinar Topic: Gulf of Mexico Impacts
Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Diagram of oil breaking down
The first webinar in the ROLE Model series featured the team of Gulf scientists Karen Orcutt and Kjell Gundersen discussing the impact of the recent Deep Horizon oil spill on the marine communities in the region of their research. Focusing on bacteria's role and the "biological pump" that occurs in the Gulf, dead zones and other potential impacts were discussed.

For the second portion of the webinar, educators from Bangor High School presented the different ways they've used concept mapping with students in science courses. Ted Taylor showed several maps made by students in an oceanography course built with a starting template that he provided them at the beginning of the course. Ted required that the concept maps be modified as they added new content, and were checked at points through the course to determine student progress. Chemistry teacher Michele Benoit also used concept mapping with her students, but first invited them to create a class map about an upcoming unit on nuclear chemistry. As a final assessment for the course, the students turned in their own maps illustrating their understanding of the course content.

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